Thomas J. Leonard was a key player in the field of personal and business coaching.

--Founded, in 1992, Coach University, a leader in coach training with over 7,000 coaches operating in 38 countries. Visit for more information.
--Founded, in 1994, the International Coach Federation, a large association of professional coaches with over 130 chapters worldwide.
--Started, in 1998,, a virtual university with over 20,000 students, offering over 100 classes during any given week, delivered via conference call and RealAudio.
--Wrote 28 personal and professional development programs, including Personal Foundation, Certified Strategist, Toleration-Free, Clean Sweep and SuperSensitive Person, A Perfect Life, Certified Critical Eye which are used by coaches, training firms, and Fortune 100 companies.
--Authored 6 coach-related books since 1998: Working Wisdom, The Portable Coach, Becoming a Coach and Simply Brilliant, and the Coaching Forms Book (6th edition) and The Distinctionary, along with 14 internally published works available exclusively to the coaches at Coach University.
--Was featured on over 100 hours of commercially available audiotape sets demonstrating techniques and processes of coaching.
--Developed a popular website called, which contains over 1,000 Top 10 Lists on all subjects.

Thomas also...
--Was the CEO of, the largest network and trainer of coaches worldwide with 20,000 coaches a members and graduates from 85 countries.
--Was the founder of the Graduate School of Coaching, the most comprehensive coach training school (1000 courses in development), with 1400 students from 35 countries.
--Was the founder of the International Association of Certified Coaches, the largest professional coaching association worldwide.
--Was the publisher the Today's Coach, the largest-circulation ezine in the coaching industry (30,000 subscribers).
--Conducted TeleClasses on coaching and professional development topics.
--Conducted workshops and conferences for coaches throughout the year.
--Worked on a number of creative projects.
--Was the owner/publisher of EzineVille, a collection of 20 ezines with 2 million unique subscribers.

Thomas was 47 years old, single and travelled most of the year in his RV and worked out of his studio in Phoenix, AZ.  He was a former financial planner (20 years ago). He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He, along with the coaching profession he helped to pioneer, was featured in over 200 media outlets since 1996, including Newsweek, Time, Fortune, NBC Nightly News, Los Angeles Times, and The Times (London).

His website at contains a current listing of coaching- and writing-related projects. 

Thomas enjoyed his life.

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