tolerationfree-giftoleration free program
by Thomas Leonard

This program is deceptively simple yet VERY powerful. It as based on the idea that your energy is the bigest factor that determines your success and joy in life. AND that your energy is being drained right now by things in your environment that you are tolerating.

Are you sailing through life?
Or is your anchor still in the water?

Every little thing in your life matters. And when you add up a bunch of little things that just are not quite right, they weigh you down and keep you stuck just like an anchor does for a boat. If you want to be stuck, then that is a good thing. But most of the time being stuck is not the best way to go.

With just a small investment in time and awareness to notice and clean up what you are tolerating, you will experience an immediate boost in yuor energy and results. When you pull the anchor up out of the water, the boat can go a LOT faster.

This program can become a powerful framework for keeping your life running smoothly AND it is a GREAT place to start with new clients - especially those who feel slightly or greatly drained by life.

The program includes recordings of two seperate versions of the Toleration Free teleclass taught by Master Coach Alicia Smith. And notes from the original version taought by Thomas Leonard

This extremely provocative program will change the way you look at everything around you.

Become Toleration Free. life is waiting.

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Program Contents

The Toleration Free Program is a complete self-study course that includes:

  • 12 Audio recordings with Master Coach Alicia Smith
    A step-by-step process for identifying and zapping tolerations
    Including ideas on how to use the process with clients.
  • 15 Top Ten Lists and resources to deepen your understanding of tolerations
  • Toleration free index - a walk through every area of your life to find everything draining your energy right now
  • Resoures to help you use this program with your clients
  • The 1,000 toleration bank to give you ideas

What you will “get”

  • A sophisticated method to boost your energy flow
  • Tips for bringing this idea to your family, friends and clients
  • A perfect method to use with new clients - expecially clients you are stuck, overwhelmed or drained

Outline of the 6 Alicia Smith Sessions
A step-by-step process for becoming Toleration Free

Session #1
Understanding tolerations; how to use the toleration index
Session #2
Focus: Home & Office.

Session #3
Focus: Relationships & Family

Session #4
Focus: Car, Appliances & Equipment.

Session #5
Focus: Work & Clients/Customers

Session #6
Celebration! What have you learned?

15 Provocative Toleration Free Zone Lists

  1. Top 10 Basic Points About Tolerations
  2. Top 10 Points About Tolerations
  3. Top 5 Waysto Reduce Tolerations In Your Relationships and Family
  4. Top 4 Sources of Work Tolerations
  5. Top 5 Other Key Points About Tolerations
  6. Top 19 Benefits/Payoffs of Tolerating
  7. Top 10 Benefits of Reducing Tolerations
  8. Top 10 Strategies for Reducing Tolerations
  9. Ten Step Process of Working on Tolerations
  10. Top 10 Steps to Becoming a Toleration-Free Zone
  11. Top 10 Ways You Know You Are Making Progress With Tolerations
  12. Top 12 Things That Cause Tolerations
  13. Top 29 Reasons Why We Tolerate In Our Relationships
  14. 15 Reasons Why Tolerations Can Be Good For Us
  15. 100 Things You Can Do To Eliminate 80% of Your Tolerations


  • The Toleration 100 Index: 
  • The Toleration Bank: A list of 1000 tolerations to give you some ideas! 
  • The Toleration 100: (Create Your Own version) (viewable here)
  • BONUS: Toleration-Free Grid (viewable here)

More Trainer Resources

  • Top 10 Ways to Introduce the Subject of Tolerations to a Client
  • Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Client
  • Top 5 Mistakes Coaches Make When Working with Tolerations
  • Outline of the Toleration-Free Game (Corporate)
  • 4 Ways to Reduce/Eliminate Tolerations Among Your Coworkers
  • 9 Distinctions Related to Tolerations
  • 6 Quotes Related to Tolerations

Are you ready to become a toleration free zone?


Are you ready to become a Toleration free Zone?





Top 10 Basic Points About Tolerations

1. The physical universe never lies.

2. Our tolerations are a mirror of what's going on inside us.

3. A toleration is a request to focus on the present; they pull us out of the
past or future and have us be right in the moment.

4. A toleration can be the grain of sand in your oyster that creates a pearl:

5. Tolerations give you something to move beyond and that helps you grow.

6. Tolerations give you excuses... they protect you. e.g. "I can't have a

dinner party; my house is too small." when the truth is "I can't have a

dinner party because I don't want to.

7. Toleration free zone is NOT toleration war zone.

8. We can become a TFZ by broadening our perspective, by becoming more
empathetic and compassionate for where others are coming from, so they don't grate on us. Strong boundaries + broad perspective = TFZ.
You will have to grow and become an even bigger person than one who knows how to eliminate tolerations and make requests & requirements of others.

10. Controlling your tolerations is about controlling your own choices &
behavior... it's not about "FIXING" everyone around you.


Top 10 Bigger Points Regarding Tolerations

1. Tolerations are things you are putting up with.
These include people, situations, behaviors, yourself, your body, your environments, feelings, reactions, problems, pressures, expectations, restrictions, stress, inadequacies, 'missings' and events. We all put up with stuff. Thus, we're all tolerating.

2. Calling something a toleration gives you better control over it.
When something is a problem, reaction, issue, annoyance, irritant or something else we're putting up with, we tend to see it as connected to us or a part of us. It's an extension of ourselves, it's OUR problem, WE caused it or it's 'just the way things are' in MY life. In other words, we've personalized it. But by labeling something as a toleration, you depersonalize it. You compartmentalize it (in a good way). You change the item's packaging from being Velcro to having a convenient handle that allows you to carry it or toss it out -- your choice. And, that's the point, tolerations give you choice.

3. We tolerate for a number of 'good' reasons.
These include cultural norms, ignorance/unawareness, unmet needs, external pressures, emotional stresses. A coach and/or therapist can help you reduce the causes of your tolerations. We also tolerate because the friction we get often stimulates us, much like the grain of sand in the oyster irritates the membranes to produce a substance that eventually turns into a beautiful pearl. In fact, some of us cannot create cool stuff with stress, irritants or pain (a.k.a. tolerations). So, tolerations are normal, natural and CAN work quite well for you. However, there IS a price to pay for them.

4. Tolerations are expensive.
When you are tolerating you incur two types of cost. The first type is called immediate costs, such as discomfort, emotional reactions, loss of energy, down-ness, friction, effort, etc. The second type is called opportunity costs. In other words, because you, your body and your mind are too busy 'dealing with' tolerations (even subconsciously), you don't have the cpu or bandwidth to see and fully respond to personal and business opportunities which are occurring all around you. You are missing these opportunities because you are too busy or too ignorant/numb/unaware of them. The opportunity cost of tolerations is incredibly expensive.

5. Reducing tolerations energizes a person.
This because tolerations are drains or source of friction/resistance. You feel energy because you are improving your alignment with what's true now and what is best for you now.

6. Come to understand the toleration before you eliminate it.
It's great to eliminate tolerations but don't get caught up in the elimination mode unless you are also coming to understand why the toleration is/was there in the first place. Remember, tolerations are here for a reason. Better to know the reason and use that information to know yourself better than to just eliminate the toleration without knowing.

7. There are 3 basic strategies to prevent tolerations from reoccurring.
Once you eliminate a toleration, you probably want to prevent it from happening again. The three ways to do this are sensitization, systems and support. The more sensitized you are, the less you'll put up with things. Reducing alcohol, tv, bad food will automatically sensitize you. By systems, I mean automation, better filters, delegating, outsourcing, etc. By support, I mean having people around you who are on a similar toleration-free track so that you can support each other in a world that tolerates so much.

8. Boundaries, standards and reserves also help to prevent tolerations. As you extend your boundaries, fewer bad stuff gets near you. As you raise your standards you rise above the muck of life. As you build time and financial reserves, you can see life as it occurs and thus respond much faster to things that might turn into tolerations.

9. Tolerations are a simple, practical place to start with a client.
Start with 25 things the client is putting up with. Have them choose, but you can provide the categories to prompt them.
As the client identifies and works on tolerations, they empower themselves and use you in a more advanced way.

10. Becoming a Toleration-Free Zone is possible.
When you first start eliminating tolerations, you may find that you discover more and more of them, so it might seem a little overwhelming. But after six or 12 months, you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and you glimpse the possibility of being a Toleration-Free Zone. I can and does happen, but it tends to take 1-2 years. It's worth it!

Become Toleration Free. life is waiting.

Price: $99 | buy now
Special Price: $49 through Monday 1/26/09




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