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Wisdom to go! Continuing to grow as a person is essential to your ongoing success as a coach. The programs available here are packed with insights, inspiration, ideas and wisdom that will serve you AND your clients..




The Attraction Program by Thomas Leonard
Before “The Secret”. “Before Abraham”. Before it was “popular”. There was a Coach who mastered the Principles of Attraction. He lived them. He wrote about them. He taught them to thousands of coaches who then lived them and created the life-coaching industry from nothing.

This man was Thomas Leonard. His ground breaking work is available here in its complete and unedited form. The 28 Principles of Attraction are probably the most practical teachings on the subject ever created.
BONUS! Includes 6 hours of Thomas teaching the 28 Principles

Preview: Attraction Principle #2 - Unhook Yourself From the Futured
For a coach this program is a MUST.

Price: $99 | buy now | details here

Fan Membership Includes the complete write up on Principles #1-4 and the list of all 28 Principles

Coach Membership Includes the entire program!
Includes extended writings on the 28 principles including models, quotes and top 10 lists.And 40 strategies for using attraction including the Zen of Attraction (one of my favorites!)


A Perfect Life by Thomas Leonard with Dave Buck
This incredible program is based on the radical premise that you CAN live your life on your own terms. Using a powerful process that combines clarity, gratitude and the perspective that perfection only exists in the present moment, you will craft a perfect life using language that sings to your heart. The program includes 12 original recordings by Thomas (priceless) and a complete 6-hour program recorded by Dave.

This extremely provocative program will inspire you and challenge your thinking in so many ways and greatly deepen what is possible for you as a person AND as a coach.

Price: $99 | buy now | details here

Coach Membership Includes over 30 forms and 3 hours of recordings with Thomas and Dave


The Personal Evolution Program by Thomas Leonard
As anything evolves is can create a higher organization - a higher life form. So, as one evolves they become more sophisticated, more complex. Life can become richer because there is more to notice and more things to port to / connect with. As a person evolves, they then integrate? Or perhaps, as a person integrates, they evolve...

Expanded Awareness

In this course you will greatly expand your awareness; both inner awareness and of your environments. Exanded awareness is essential to living life fully. And if you are a Coach, expanding and deepening your awareness is a job requirement. This program is all about awareness and it will serve you well for many years.

Price: $99 | buy now | details here

Coach Membership Includes a sample of recordings of Thomas, coach Sid Smith and many forms and posters.


Toleration Free Program by Thomas Leonard
The physical universe never lies is the mantra for this deceptively powerful program. The definition of a “Toleration” is anything that you are putting up with. Tolerations distract our attention; eg. “I really need to fix that...” and siphon our energy.

But wait! Just fixing or handling things alone is not the answer. Our tolerations are there for a good reason and it is essential that we learn from them first otherwise they will come right back.

Coach Membership Includes TONS of compelling resources and a complete 6-hour audio.


Best of Thomas Leonard selected by the CV Team
Thomas Leonard - known as the father of the life coaching industry - was one of the most provocative thinkers of our time. Thomas’ teleclasses were always compelling because of the depth of the wisdom AND excedingly practical because of his ability to put things into steps. Every Coach should have a little of Thomas wisdom in their learning path.

Price: $149 | Buy Now | details here


525 Life Models by Thomas Leonard & company
Studying this massive collection of Venn Diagrams will expand your thinking about life in wonderful ways. Each model depicts a desired result, three fundamental components that contribute to creating it as well as 3 valuable byproducts of the process.

Fan Membership 25 models

Coach Membership Includes the entire set of 525 models to expand your thinking

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