Super Conductivity Coaching For Inner Awareness
Power UP Your Life with FLOW!
Six 2.5 hour teleclass sessions on consecutive weeks; $495

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superconductivity-gifIn the Super Conductivity Coaching for Inner Awareness program you will learn the powerful Super Conductivity Coaching Method TM. Super Conductivity is the state of flow: where energy is aligned and flows freely to POWER UP your life’s intentions, goals and purpose. 

What this means in practical terms is that you are FREE to act powerfully in the moment in a way that is creative, resilient and resourceful. You are fluid and get MUCH better results, more often with less struggle. This is what we want for our players - and for ourselves!

This program is method-based. 
In this program
the somewhat mysterious and elusive state of flow
will be readily accessible through a step-by-step approach. 
This is a major break trough in coaching!
and in LIVING

Humans have three fundamental forms of energy: thoughts, feelings and actions. These energies flow in patterns; we call these energy patterns. (novel, I know) When these energy patterns are aligned, your desired results happen quickly and with relative ease. When they are flowing in different - even opposite - directions, seemingly undesired things happen with regularity. And we have the experience of feeling stuck or blocked.

At the same time, energy is bi-directional. Our energy flows out and at the same time we receive energy - this is often called attraction or magnetism. When our thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned we attract energy - in many wonderful and sometimes surprising forms - that supports the fulfillment of our desires. When they are not aligned, well, we attract all sorts of things that slow us down. 

With this method you will coach more confidently
in a WIDE range of situations.


Program Benefits & Outline

The Course Method

This program is delivered to you using our breakthrough super learning method: you will learn through dialogue, observation, practice and debrief. In every session you will:

> Dialogue with your instructor and colleagues about the key theories and methods behind super conductivity. 

> Observe a real coaching session using the Super Conductivity Coaching method

> Conduct a coaching session with a colleague using the method - And YOU will be coached using the method as well. 

YES! You will Coach in EVERY class.

> Debrief on what you have learned from actual experience

Session 1

1) You will learn how to explore your players game (life) for game changing (critical) moments. You will learn exactly what questions to ask and what to look for.

2) You will learn how to identify and name the key energy patterns in common life experiences: frustration, isolation, overwhelm and confusion. This will give you great confidence in coaching a player through challenging situations.

3) You will learn how to talk about energy conflict as a catalyst for growth with your players.

Session 2

4) You will learn the first part of the Super Conductivity Coaching method: Replay the Game.
This is a powerful visualization technque that will reveal energy blocks. We will show you exactly what to say and ask to create BIG awareness.

5) You will learn about the natural flow of experience any time ANYONE plays a bigger game in life. We call it: The spark of desire creates chaos. (based on the chart you see above) When you see these patterns many of your life and coaching experiences will take on new depth. This is often a BIG Ah ha moment.

Session 3

6) You will learn the second part of the method: Feel the Energy in Your Body.
You will learn how to guide your player step-by-step through the shift from resisting to allowing;
From overwhelm to freedom to act.

Session 4

7) You will learn the third part of the method: Make Your Mind Your Ally
You will learn how to guide your player step-by-step through the shift from reacting to responding; from isolation to openness.

Session 5

8) You will learn the final part of the method: Find the Perfection in the Situation
You will learn how to guide your player step-by-step through the shift from controlling to co-creating; from frustration to trust. 

9) You will learn how to talk about the dynamic balance between support and challenge which has the effect of boosting your players self-worth. This in turn will greatly enhance their ability to play the game and get results. This is true for any player in any game at any level; from beginners to super stars; including YOU and me!

Session 6

10) Bring it all together by doing a complete Super Conductivity Coaching Session using all four parts of the method.


This program is a real eye-opener - and a heart and mind opener too. You are going to love it. And I know that you are going to enjoy Coaching your players (clients) even more than you already do when you have this method.

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A Few Details to Further Spark Your Desire

Expanding awareness of energy patterns

An overview of the concept of expanding awareness and coaching. The 3 fundamental Energy Patterns of feelings, thoughts and action. A brief discussion of pattern recognition as essential to the coaching process.

The spark of desire creates chaos

An overview of the natural life cycle of a new game:
1) It always begins with a spark of desire to play a new or bigger game
2) the new game creates chaos in the players life
3) life experiences will follow through the path of getting stuck by controlling, reacting and resisting,
4) with coaching the player will shifting the energy by allowing, responding, and co-creating acting with the universe
5) Which leads to fulfillment; ease in the game and a sense of order
6) Then after some time in “order” we have a spark of desire for a bigger game which starts the process all over again. ahh life - AND a BIG reason Coaching exists in the world today.

Conflict: the catalyst for growth

We will explore the nature of conflicting energy patterns. A conflicting energy is any pattern of feeling, thought or action which does not support the players’ current intention or objective. This is an essential part of the coaching process because EVERY new goal will create conflict with the players’ current way of operating.

Replay the Game: Part 1 of the Super Conductive Coaching Method

As a life coach most of the time you are unable to observe your player in action / or lack of action. So we have developed a powerful technique for the coach to get a clear picture of what is happening in the game for your player - it is called Replay the Game. With this method you explore the actions of the game and identify the ones that are presenting difficulty for your player. This is where the method begins.

Techniques for shifting body energy patterns

The techniques for shifting energy in the body involve expanding the capacity to feel. We will learn a variety of effective guided visualization techniques for exploring the physical sensations that are triggered by life’s experiences. Feeling physical sensations and noticing without reacting to the emotions that surround them is often a life changing experience. Using these techniques shifts the player from a place of resisting to one of allowing. It shifts the energy from overwhelm to freedom.

Techniques for shifting mind energy patterns

The techniques for shifting energy in the mind involve integrating logic and emotion. There are several techniques for thinking clearly about a situation that include emotions but are not dominated by them. We will learn a technique called: Make Your Mind Your Ally which makes powerful use of judgment-free awareness. Using these techniques shifts the player from reacting to responding resourcefully in the moment. It shifts the energy from isolation to one of openness.

Techniques for shifting action energy patterns

The techniques for shifting the energy action involve seeing the perfection in the situation. Finding the perfection requires seeing yourself in the big picture of your life, the community, the world and even the cosmos. There are a variety of guided visualizations and guided inquiries that enable the coach and player to see from this perspective. Using these techniques shifts the player from a place of control to a place of co-creating with everything that is happening. It shifts the energy from frustration to trusting the universe and life itself.

NOTE. As mentioned earlier, Super Conductivity means that energy is flowing in alignment and free of resistance. While this program covers the inner side of Super Conductivity, the Environmental Design Coaching program deals with reducing blocks in the world around us. The two programs are like the hand and the glove and work beautifully together.

The Super Conductivity Coaching method TM is a collaboration between Coach Dave Buck and Coach Lise Janelle. You can learn more about Coach Lise at: GetAVibrantLife.com


Clicking this link will take you to a page on the CV Site where you will see all of the upcoming Super Conductivity Coaching teleclasses. 
You will see the eCourse as well.
Remember too, that when you sign up for the teleclass, you get immediate access to the complete eCourse so you can get started right away.
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Additional Course Information

ICF CCEU - This course qualifies for Continuing Coach Training with the International Coach Federation

DTMOPP - This program is delivered using our super learning method

Course Hours: 15; 6 weekly 2.5 Hour sessions

Additional study and practice time recommended: 3-5 hours / week

Teleclass Price: $495
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