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9 Environments Coaching for Personal Evolution
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The 9 Environments of YOU is a powerful way to see and design the world around you. We know that humans are always adapting to the world around them while at the same time creating the world as a reflection of themselves. What if you could design the world around you so that you could become who you desire to be AND evolve in unexpected often delightful ways? 

Well it is possible and in this course you will learn how to do this with your players. In the Environmental Design Coaching program you learned how to design environments for sustainable success. In this program we go beyond results to Personal Evolution.

In this program you will have a real hands-on experience of the 9 Environments. You will work with a partner througout the program as their coach - designing every aspect of thier environment for personal evolution (and yes, they will be designing yours too) 

To create environments for Personal Evolution we will explore the following themes:

1) The Evolutionary Coaching Method: designing experiments and entering new territories
2) Using Pattern Language to Design Environments: Find the phrase that captures the feeling, then replicate!
3) Using Pattern Language to identify conflict and dissonance in the 9 Environments fo You
4) The Memetic Environment (Part 1): The Magical Powers of Replication: Leverage our natural capacity for imitation.
5) The Memetic Environment (Part 2): The Conscious Selection of Memes: Choosing what influences you
6) The Patterns of Complexity and Simplicity: Abandon the non-essentials and watch your player grow!

Here are the themes of the program:

1) The Evolutionary Coaching Method
Evolution is fostered by designing experiments and entering new territories. This is how you facilitate rapid growth for your player in their game and as a person. In this program you will learn how and when to design experiments that foster Personal Evolution.

Did you know that your players way of thinking, behavior, capacities, skill sets and paradigms are not just limited to developing (linearly) over time but can evolve in unexpected ways. This means that they can become more complex and take on a different life far beyond what they may have been planned for. There is a wild adventure beyond personal development; Development means more/better of the same while evolution means something new added to the mix that fundamentally changes its nature.

This class will delve into how to design experiments which stimulate your client in surprising ways. Personal evolution is a very different game, it is about using everything in your midst to move to higher and higher levels of truth about life, people, nature, and the connection to a much higher power in the universe.

2) Using Pattern Language to Design Personal Environments

What games are your players playing? Are they games of business, career, romance, family, health, athletics or a spiritual quest? Through the use of carefully designed pattern language, it is very possible to design a world which is perfect for the games your player is playing; a world that brings the game to life! This class will teach you a method for designing environments using pattern language as a tool. With this tool you can develop dramatic new solutions to old and tired problems, create exciting new possibilities, and have success come in the games your client is playing with much less effort and willpower.

3) Using Pattern Language to Identify Conflict and Dissonance in the 9 Environments of You

Have you ever noticed that the environment is creating a source of conflict and frustration? This is a common experience when your client is playing a new game because your clients world is a reflection of the games they used to play. And many of those games were outgrown years ago! Through the use of pattern language you will identify elements of your clients world that are not designed for the new game. This goes deeper than tolerations that were identified in module 1. Here we get into the depths of your clients world and create new patterns. 

For example, your player says that they want interdependent relationships yet they continue to attract people who are needy. Or, they say they want to live a clean and organized life, and they continue to collect clutter. Each and every thing in the environment is filled with energy. Every aspect of life is riddled with patterns...patterns of inspiration and patterns of drag or stuck-ness. Our players can want to win desperately, yet they may never get there due to patterns of self doubt. This is where the inner game and Environmental Design come together. This class will explore how conflicting intentions are reflected in the 9 Environments of you and how to articulate the pattern language to create freedom and possibility. 

4) The Memetic Environment (Part 1): The Magical Powers of Replication

As humans, imitation comes naturally to us. As infants, we learn to say “No,” learn to wave good-bye, and learn to smile as we see others greet us with an ear to ear grin. Each time we imitate someone else something is passed on and passed on again and again. Tunes that you cannot shake, catch-phrases, clothes and fashion, religious beliefs, the invention of the internet, the profession of coaching, and ways of designing buildings are all memes. This class will provide you with an introduction to the memetic environment…those ideas, behaviors, styles, or usages that spread from person to person within a culture and have a profound effect on your client.

5) The Memetic Environment (Part 2): The Conscious Selection of Memes

A good part of who your player is, is influenced by what comes into their lives and how they respond to it. Is your player fueling up from sources that completely support them? We will look at the sources that influence what we think, why we think what we do, and what we can do about it to create optimal conditions to flourish. The places your player gets and the degrees to which they are influenced by memes may surprise and astound you and them!

6) The Patterns of Complexity and Simplicity

Ahhh...give me the simple things in life. Now that your client has experienced the 9 environments of you and the strategies for personal evolution, it is time to begin looking closely at how to support your clients in discovering the environmental patterns of both complexity and simplicity. Abandoning the non-essentials and struggles in life leaves much more room for evolution, and your client will begin to move in the direction of their truest, closest to the heart dreams. This class will provide you and your client with a blueprint to begin designing their lives built on a foundation of simplicity, beauty, and clean open spaces. Your players spirit is about to soar!


Section 9 Environments - 090109-2P
Sep 1,8,15,22,29, Oct 6; 2009 2:00-4:30 PM ET
Instructor: Allan Fried, CVCC
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Section 9 Environments - 090109-7P
Sep 1,8,15,22,29, Oct 6; 2009 7:00-9:30 PM ET
Instructor: Joshua Hornick, PCC
register-button-v1-gif Invest: $495 | register-button-v1-gif 2 Payments of $249


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Additional Course Information

ICF CCEU - This course qualifies for Continuing Coach Training with the International Coach Federation

DTMOPP - This program is delivered using our super learning method

Course Hours: 15; Six 2.5 Hour sessions

Additional study and practice time recommended: 3 hours / week