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Environmental design is essential to masterful coaching because the environment always wins! If you want your players to win the games of their lives then you MUST help them to design winning environments - environments that support them, inspire them and bring the game to life. 

An environment that is full of obstacles or missing essential support will make it impossible to sustain a winning effort.  In fact, a poorly designed environment is what makes most games unwinnable in the first place.

In this program you will have a real hands-on experience of the 9 Environments. You will work with a partner throughout the program as their coach - designing every aspect of thier environment for sustainable success (and yes, they will be designing yours too) You will explore the nuances of each of the 9 environments. You will learn and practice two powerful methods for environmental design that will significantly expand your coaching mastery AND your players results.

With these techniques your player will become Super Conductive - free of obstacles that block the natural flow of energy going from and coming toward your player. When the world is free of blocks energy flows freely and results happen quickly with relative ease. This program is a companion course in Super Conductivity with the Inner Awareness Coaching program; where you explore the inner world and how it effects the flow of energy.

There are five major themes of the course:

1) The fundamental Environmental Design theory: Humans are are adapting to the environment AND making the environment a reflection of themselves at the same time.

2) Learn the nine environments of YOU and how to scan them for obstacles, assets and “missings”.

3) Basic environmental design method for super-conductivity: ZAP “Tolerations” and become a Toleration-Free Zone.

4) Basic environmental design method for inspiration: Who will you become?

5) Transformation from Willpower to World Power

1) Fundamental Environmental Design Theory
It is essential to realize that environmental design is the key to sustainable success in life and in coaching! The environment must be re-designed for the game the player is playing now. For most people the environment is a reflection of the games they used to play. 

Why is this? People have a two-way relationship with the world around them: they are adapting to what is there while at the same time the world around them is becoming a reflection of who they are. BIG INSIGHT: The adaptive process is fast and somewhat transient while the reflective process is slow but more substantive.

In other words, over time, the world around you becomes an accurate reflection of who you WERE are on the inside; this may or may not be good news! While in a new environment, quick change may occur, typically people return to the way they were before when they leave that new environment.

So in order to create sustainable change, the coach must use their creativity, design sense and awareness of workability to help the player make immediate changes to the outside world that reflect the changes made on the inside. Then the adaptive process works FOR positive change rather than against it! The player becomes more aware of the world around them and more connected to it. This leads to sustainable results.

2) Introduction to the 9 Environments of You
Success becomes sustainable: When the environments support success AND make you feel fully alive. Being fully alive allows you to play a much bigger game in life. And through these BIG GAMES you evolve to your optimal potential and new levels of beauty, grace and greatness. This class will support you in taking the first crucial steps in the direction of living an inspired life each and every day where you work and play.
The 9 Environments of YOU:

  1. Memetic Environment - Ideas
  2. Financial Environment - Money, Wealth and Budget
  3. Relationship Environment - Close friends, family and close colleagues
  4. Network Environment - Professional Connections, Greater Community
  5. Physical Environment - Places and Things
  6. Body Environment - Your Energy, Appearance and Clothing
  7. Self Environment - Strengths, Talents and Character
  8. Spirtual Environment - Deep Connections and Sacred Spaces
  9. Nature Environment - The Great Outdoors

3) The Environmental Scan and Toleration-Free Coaching Method
Have you ever wondered why your players do not get the results they desire even though they are putting in tremendous effort? Are you sometimes wondering if a new strategy will even make a difference?  You need more information to guide your efforts, and you know the secret to beginning this process rests in the world surrounding your player.  This class will introduce the Personal Environments Scan, a comprehensive method which gathers information on the current strengths, tolerations and conditions in your players 9 environments.

4) Discovering Who You Really Are
Your world is a reflection of you so take a look around. What do you see? What you see is both who you are AND who you will become. This is true for your players too of course. Do you like what you see? The good news is that you can redesign it. As your player grows into a the new and bigger games you inspire them to play, you can help them create a picture of who they desire to become in the world. 

5) Transformation from Willpower to World Power - The Super Conductive Way
History is full of stories of individuals who achieved greatness by overcoming the environment. Through these stories we get the idea that the environment is something to be overcome through willpower. While this is possible, it is NOT efficient - MOST of the time, the environment wins and the individual does not.

In this program you will learn a transformational framework - World Power. World Power means that you design an environment with the just the right balance of support and challenge for your player to grow and get results. It means that you see yourself as part of the environment and play with it and within it. 

A closer look at the Nine Environment

1) The Memetic Environment

The world is full of ideas. The issue is, which ones are you getting in to your mind? And an even bigger issue is how do these ideas impact your ability to play your new game at your best.

2) The Financial Environment:  Assessing Your Financial Environment

Nearly any game your player can play will be affected by their financial situation.  How healthy is your players wealth? Do not know? Hmmm... maybe it is time for you to take a close look at their money situation. It is important that YOU and your player have a realistic picture of their current financial health. If necessary you must help them develop the basic money skills required to finance the games they are playing and possibly move in a direction of financial freedom.

3) The Relationship Environment: The mirror to your self

If you want to know someone really well, simply get to know their five closest relationships. Everyone in a persons life acts as a mirror to some part of themselves.  AND we become like the people we spend time with; This is a simple and powerful truth of the Relationship environment. The majority of human beings are aware of the importance of their intimate relationships but rarely use this awareness as an Environmental Design tool.

4) The Network Environment: Designing a Resourceful Personal and Professional Network

As your game changes your network environment must evolve and grow. Through network design, your player will discover ways to team up with others and create a supportive and thriving network. Your players network can play a powerful role in helping them achieve great success in the games of their life. We will provide you with ways to coach your client in designing a network to create supportive partnerships.

5) The Physical Environment: Does Your Physical Space Inspire You?

Creating physical spaces with great style, beauty and efficiency is no simple task. What we know is that the yearning for the design of our physical spaces is much deeper than the eye can see. In your players heart what they truly want is to be able to walk into places and spaces that nurture them on every level. They want spaces that provide warmth and relaxation, safety, and security, and most of all, a place that expresses their true personalities and one that makes them come alive! The goal of this class is to provide you with an introduction to create with your client, physical spaces that stimulate spiritual energy and a feeling of: Ahhhh, this is me! I have truly come home.

6) The Body Environment: A source of strength and energy

It may seem strange to think of the body as an environment but it is.  You are NOT your body, your body is something you have and so, it can be designed.  The Body environment also includes clothing, hair and energy. Is your clients body a source of inspiration to them? Is it strong, flexible and graceful?  A positive body image is one of the most important aspects of happiness and well-being, yet it is an area which often seems to be a challenge for many.  A holistic approach to strength, energy and well being through daily practices is essential for the player who wants to win the games of their life.

7) The Self Environment: Using Your Strengths, Talents, Character and the Authentic You

The Self is another element of the environment that not often thought of as such. But it is. You can help your client design new strengths, abilities and character. You can help them tap into the deep resources on the inside that can be reflected in the world around them. Are there old patterns that are restricting your players’ full self-expression.

8) The Spiritual Environment: The Power of Pure Potential and Sacred Spaces

Are your clients getting their energy from low vibrations or negative points of power€ such as control, overwhelm, clutter, addictions, force, manipulation, and anger OR from high vibrations or positive points of power such as love, truth, oneness, beauty, a giving spirit, and thankfulness. As with all design choices, your clients can choose to get energy from the highest of sources, which ultimately come from living in way that honors the soul. We will explore how to assist your client in designing sacred spaces in their home or office for creating high vibrations of love, truth, thankfulness, and positive points of power. We will also explore the potential for designing spiritual practices.

9) The Nature Environment: Designing "Everyday Nature" with Inspiration In Mind

Our spirits so lifted by beautiful flowers, a shining rainbow, or stars shining brightly in the clear night sky. We are drawn so dramatically to a panoramic view and to the sound of crashing waves on a sandy shore. There are deep and compelling reasons for our connection and love of nature. Our connection to nature has the potential to be a constant source of inspiration.  No matter what games we are playing in life, connection to nature can bring us to life and restore our natural sense of wonder and mystery.


Section Environmental Design for Flow-101309-02P
Oct 13,20,27, Nov 3,10,17 2009 2:00-4:30 PM ET
Instructor: Joshua Hornick, PCC
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Oct 13,20,27, Nov 3,10,17 2009 7:00-9:30 PM ET
Instructor: Allan Fried, CVCC
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Additional Course Information

ICF CCEU - This course qualifies for Continuing Coach Training with the International Coach Federation

DTMOPP - This program is delivered using our super learning method

Course Hours: 15; 6 weekly 2.5 Hour sessions

Additional study and practice time recommended: 3-5 hours / week