Coaching Practicum
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Option #1: Full Participant
The coaching practicum is a unique opportunity to coach, be coached and observe coaching under the guidance of an ICF certified coach. As the coach you will be asked to coach one of your peers in the circle. Upon completion the Certified Coach will provide an oral review of the Proficiencies and Core Competencies demonstrated. As an observer you are expected to listen carefully for the usage of proficiencies and core competencies and describe what you heard following each coaching session. Following the practicum the Certified Coach will provide a written evaluation of each coaching session.

To receive your certification from CV (and from the ICF) you must have 6 observed coaching sessions with a written critique. The Coaching Practicum provides you with a great opportunity to receive a written critique AND benefit from observing your colleagues. 

AND you get the benefit of being the coachee in a session as well - always a plus. You LEARN a lot about coaching while being coached.

NEW! Option #2: Coaching Practicum Observer!

Observing coaching and listening to the critiques is an extremely powerful way to improve your coaching skills! You get to listen in to the entire process and you will have a few opportunities to share your observations as well.

For Participants: Your Critique will include
2-4 Hours ICF CCEU - depending on how many coaches are in the practicum. You receive one CCEU for each hour where you are the client or observer. You do not get CCEU credit as the coach.

You will be critiqued on your use of the Coaching Skills

  1. Establishing trust & intimacy with the client
  2. Coaching presence
  3. Active listening
  4. Powerful questioning
  5. Direct communication
  6. Creating awareness
  7. Designing actions
  8. Planning & Goal setting
  9. Managing progress & accountability

And on the 15 Certified Coaching Proficiencies:

  1. Proficiency #1: Engages in Provocative Conversations
  2. Proficiency #2: Reveals the Client to Themselves
  3. Proficiency #3: Elicits Greatness
  4. Proficiency #4: Enjoys the Client Immensely
  5. Proficiency #5: Expands the Clients Best Efforts
  6. Proficiency #6: Navigates Via Curiosity
  7. Proficiency #7 Recognizes the Perfection In Every Situation
  8. Proficiency #8 Hones In On What Is Most Important
  9. Proficiency #9: Communicates Cleanly
  10. Proficiency #10 Shares What Is There
  11. Proficiency #11: Champions the Client
  12. Proficiency #12 Enters New Territories
  13. Proficiency #13 Relishes Truth
  14. Proficiency #14: Designs Supportive Environments
  15. Proficiency #15: Respects the Clients Humanity

This detailed critique which provide you with a good understanding of what you need to practice next to continue toward mastery.

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Additional Course Information

ICF CCEU - This course qualifies for Continuing Coach Training with the International Coach Federation

Course Hours: 3-5
Price: $295 Participant
Price: $79 Observer
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