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Building a thriving coaching business is an incredibly challenging and rewarding endeavor. We’ve got some of the best ideas and resources ever created to help you do just that.




Stand Up and Step Out
Start Your Coaching Business Right!

Clarity = Clients is the mantra for this program. In this 6-week tele-intensive you will transform your life experiences into a compelling coaching brand. Whether you are just thinking about becoming a Coach OR you have been coaching for a while, this one of a kind program is essential to your success.
Part of the Business Academy for Coaches.

Price: $495 | details


Business Academy For Coaches

The Business Academy for Coaches
You Can Win the Business Game

by Coaching Maven Dave Buck, MCC

We’ll show you how.
Finally a business development program that speaks the truth: you can only win if you know how to play! We will teach you the essential business skills and you will practice them every week in a team game. In this environment you will get better each week and build your business step by step.

Module 1: Business Foundation - Talk about coaching with Power
Module 2: Expect YES! - Master the CEO method of recruiting paying players
Module 3: Step Up and Stand Out - Build Your Coaching Brand
Price: $495 / Module | details


Full Practice 100 eCourse
by Thomas Leonard & Dave Buck
Possibly the most comprehensive marketing program for coaches ever assembled.100 lessons organized into 20 sections with 5 lessons each. Sections on coaching services, building a network, building a reputation, building a website and much much more.
This program provides detailed explanations and examples of the top 100 things you need to know to build a practice. Pick 20 and go after them.
Price: $99 | buy now | details here

Pro Coach Membership
Includes the complete Full Practice 100-Day program for just $99 per year! Upgrading your membership is a great way to get immediate access to this program. Details Here


Corporate Coaching Practice Building eCourse
by Wayne Jones & Coral Jones
Have you been considering becoming a corporate or executive coach? Maybe you already have one or two corporate clients and would like to really gear up for some great work in this area.

The program gives you everything you need to build a corporate coaching business with confidence.

You will learn from real examples of what corporate coaches actually work on with their clients, how companies choose the coaches they work with externally or internally and what types of issues corporate clients most often want to work on with you (again, real examples only, so you get first-hand accounts of the complete process of change). We'll also dispel the major myths about corporate coaching and give you a snapshot of the fees, contracts and entry points into the corporate coaching arena.

Includes 25 hours of audio plus notes and learning guides
Price: $199 | buy now | details

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