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Biz-academy-v2-gifA Revolutionary Approach to Learn, Play and Win the Game of Business

The CoachVille Business Academy for Professional Coaches is dedicated to providing you with the PERFECT environment to thrive in the world as a professional coach with a profitable business of your own design.

The purpose of this page is to:

1) Introduce you to the Business Academy for Professional Coaches in general and

2) Specifically tell you about Level 1 for Coaches currently earning from $0 - $4,000 per month in revenue; You can join any time! The next session begins on April 27th 2009.

Level 1 has two powerful programs:
Getting to YES! The ultimate new client enrollment method for coaches AND
Be Known as THE Coach - Branding and visibility strategies for the new coach

3) Provide you with a place to register for the program and make this BIG investment in yourself!

4) And encourage you to listen to a preview call for the Business Academy
(see the audio player in the right hand column)

DB-maven-2Hey Coach!
Coach Dave Buck here.
I’m going to get right to the point here by sharing something very personal.

My purpose in life is to co-create a world
where EVERYONE with a burning desire
to play a
BIG game in life
has a great coach
to help them win.

It’s not quite correct to say that ”I HAVE” this purpose. It is MORE accurate to say that “IT HAS ME”. It has had me in one form or another for as long as I can remember and has taken many different forms along the way. Starting with organizing the 1st grade world series when I was 6; coaching pee-wee soccer when I was 17; to coaching thousands of people in the games of life and business over the past 12 years.

I am guessing that it has YOU too!
That is why you are here searching
for just the right environment
to fulfill your purpose -
OUR purpose. 

The way I see it, we are already on the same team! Now we just need to start playing together. I believe that in the right environment of support AND challenge, with the right mix of learning skills and putting them into action, YOU can learn to PLAY in business and thrive as a professional Coach.

It all starts with burning desire. 
If you have that, keep reading.

Back to OUR purpose, the way I see it, to co-create a world where EVERYONE has a Great Coach for their BIG GAME in life, we will need A LOT of thriving coaches.

To thrive in this case means to run a profitable and sustainable business so it is one thing I have REALLY focused on over the past 8 years. I started my coaching practice in 1997 and by 2001 I had made it into the six figure range. I figured I was doing something right that I could share with others.

I have NEVER been good at selling
so that was not the key to my success. 
I had something else going for me -
I LOVE to Coach and that was my fuel.

  • My initial focus was on personal branding and creating visibility and relentless demand by flaunting your quirks. The programs were wildly popular.
  • Next came the Full Practice Marketing program that Thomas and I created; including a 2-day training that packed houses everywhere we went.
  • After that there was the “Your Winning Season” program that Bea Fields and I created together. Over 1,000 coaches participated in it at some level. Bea is amazing and we had some great successes.

With each step I have helped A LOT of coaches AND learned what is effective and what is NOT so effective in teaching a coach how to thrive in business.

NOW… The Business Academy for Coaches is the culmination of everything WE have learned as a community. 

The purpose of this page (letter)
is to share with you a revolutionary approach
to learning, playing and WINNING the game of business.

Here is an outline of what you will find here, with links so that you can jump around and find exactly what you need.

1) Business Academy Level 1 (jump here)
Business Academy Level 1 is for Professional Coaches currently earning
between $0 - $4,000 / month in revenue.
There are two programs in included in Level 1:

Getting to YES! The ultimate new client enrollment method for coaches AND
Be Known as THE Coach - Branding and visibility strategies for the new coach

2) The BIG idea (jump here)
Business is a game not an exam. There is a tried and true way to get good at playing a game and it is different than the way you would prepare for passing an exam. 
HInt: gathering information is NOT the way to win the business game.

3) Become a great player (jump here)
Learning a game has 4 elements: skills, game plan, energy flow, environmental design

4) Final details and registration (jump here)
What you get, the investment details, how to register

1) Business Academy Level 1
For Coaches earning $0 - $4K / month

The academy is organized by revenue level for two reasons:
1) The skills, game plans, challenges and environments are different for each level of the game. You won’t have to figure out what applies to you and what does not. EVERYTHING covered in the Level 1 programs is something you MUST master before you can move up to level 2 ($4k -> $8,334/month).
2) People learn best when they are with colleagues who are around the same level. Yes, there will be some who are a little more advanced than others but the gap won’t be so big to create disconnects. It will be fun and valuable for everyone.

There are two core programs in level 1. Both are essential to get to the 4K per month level.

Getting To YES!
The ultimate new client enrollment method for coaches

  • The master key to business success – make an offer that gets a response of: YES! 
  • Learn the 7 Yes’s of the new client enrollment process;
  • Establish your basic approach to Coaching and introducing yourself to people.
  • You will learn how to talk about what you do as a Coach in a way that builds credibility and sparks a desire for people to want more.
  • Create your compelling exploratory session method that builds certainty and inspires prospects to hire you.
  • Get clear on pricing, structure, delivery and organizing your life to Coach
  • Wrap all of this into a systematic business building method
  • BIG POINT: You are going to DO IT (not just talk about it)

Here is the teleclass schedule for Getting to YES!

Monday Sep 14 -> Oct 19 2009 2:30 - 5:00 PM ET
(6 sessions total)

Be Known as The Coach
Branding and Visibility Strategies For Coaches

  • Become known in your community as a Coach in a way that builds credibility and inspires potential clients and referrals to call you.
  • Build a compelling and memorable brand that creates a demand for your services by being BOLD about your unique qualities. 
  • Learn the key distinction: you are RECRUITING PLAYERS vs. Marketing
  • Learn a template for a basic email list and
  • Learn a template for a basic web site.
  • Create a system for meeting new potential players (clients) for the games you Coach
  • Wrap all of this together in a business visibility method
  • BIG POINT: You are going to DO IT (not just talk about it)

Here is the teleclass schedule for Be Known as The Coach:

Monday April 27 -> June 27 2009 2:30 - 5 PM ET
(no session May 11; 8 sessions total)
Monday Oct 26 -> Nov 30 2009 2:30 - 5 PM PM ET
(6 Sessions total)

2) The BIG Idea:
Business is a game

It is no secret that building a profitable business is one of the most challenging things you will ever do - and one of the most rewarding. In my opinion, business is one of the best games in town for demanding personal growth. Either you step into your greatness, or you don’t win. Another way I often express this sentiment: You MUST face yourself of face failure. It sounds harsh but it it completely true.

With the right information and some inspiration you will succeed... WRONG
Most business programs are based on the theory that with the right information you will succeed. They tell you EVERYTHING you need to know. They share great stories. They are often quite entertaining. You get so excited. Then...

In most classes
and what does happen
does not last

Why? Because information is not enough. It is important, but not enough for most people to get a business off the ground. And motivation is great but it does not last. If information was the key to success in business all the librarians and college professors would be entrepreneurial millionaires. They are not. 

Business is a game - You can win! - We will show you how.
When you look at business as a game, everything changes. First of all, your approach will change dramatically because YOU already know that the only way to master a game is by PLAYING; you would not attempt to get good at basketball solely by reading a lot of basketball books would you?

The Business Academy Approach...

Since we KNOW that business is a game - rather than an exam - instead of filling you up with lots of information and ideas that you may never use we create an environment where you will learn something essential to your success and then use it right away. We know that the best way to learn a game is to observe others, practice and then play.  Adding a little friendly competition also adds A LOT of juice to the learning process.


Here is what will happen...

2.1) Weekly 2.5-hour phone based training session
Each week we will have a two and a half hour phone meeting that will be more like a team practice and training session than a class

  • We will share wins and learnings from the previous weeks game to spark your desire
  • We will talk about a fundamental business theory, method or skill
  • Your Coach will demonstrate the skill so that you can observe it in action
  • Then we will break out into groups with your team so that you can practice the skill with your colleagues in a safe space. Often we will have a few more experienced coaches who will call into your team meeting and listen in and offer immediate feedback.

2.2) Weekly game that challenges you, engages you and teaches you
Each week you will play a game that puts your new skills and understanding into ACTION in the BIG GAME, the REAL GAME -> YOU building your coaching business. As you play you will accumulate points for your actions and even more points for your positive results. For example in the early phases of the game you will accumlate points for talking to people about what you do as a Coach, even more for booking an exploratory session, and even more for signing paying clients to your Coaching business.

Playing your business game each week
as a part of a team is WAAAAYYYYY
more risky, more fun AND more
effective than struggling
at home alone!

2.3) You will be a part of a team of 4 players

  • The entire group will be organized into teams of four that will play together for the entire program (or season as we refer to it)
  • You and your team mates will support and challenge each other to take the actions needed and get the results desired to accumlate points in the game each week
  • Each week, one of the teams will be declared the winner and prizes will be awarded.

YES! There will be prizes.
Engaging in a friendly competition
Adds A LOT of juice to the experience

2.4) You will learn what it REALLY takes to win
Each week we will go deeper into the game and how to play it. You know that there is more to the game than simply taking skillful action - A LOT MORE!

  • We will talk about strategies that work in the Coaching Business game
  • We will explore the techniques for Super Conductivity so that you can power up your game and your results with FLOW.
  • We will talk about winning environments so that you can design your world for business success.

2.5) End of season review - play again or play bigger
Games have levels. And it is best when you play with other players that are at your level. Then when you master a level you should move up to play in bigger more challenging games with better players. This is how you continue to grow in mastery.

  • At the end of the season we will review your financial results - the ultimate scoreboard
  • If you have reached the financial results for the level you are playing, we will recommend that you move up.
  • If you have not reached the financial results for the level you are playing, we will recommend that you play the game again at the same level next season
  • Here is the BIG thing: You can play the game for your level as many times as you need to without paying any more. 

When you purchase a Business Academy level,
you keep playing until you have mastered it
at no additional financial investment.

3) Become a great player
To become a great player is the desire of every player of every game. To reach a place where you know what you are doing in the game and have confidence in your ability to get results and win. 

Skills + Game Plan + Flow + Environment = You WIN!

3.1) Practice and master the fundamental skills

A skill is the ability to perform an activity in a way that produces the desired result.There are several specific skills that you must practice and master in order to thrive in the coaching business. There is no way around this. Here are a few examples of the skills you will learn in Level 1:

  • You must learn how to create visibility in a community and become known for what you do
  • You must learn how to meet people who could potentially hire you to Coach them
  • You must learn how to talk about what you do in a way that sparks desire in the other person
  • You must learn couragious / relentless follow through
  • You must be able to make an offer for an exploratory session that the other person says YES to.
  • You must be able to deliver an exploratory session in a way that has the other person say: YES! I want to hire YOU to Coach me
  • You must learn how to deliver a series of Coaching sessions that creates winning players / satisfied clients (note: this is not a Coach Training program but we will offer suggestions on how to organize and deliver your sessions)

In each weekly session in level 1 we will expand your mastery of one or more of these basic skills

3.2) Develop a personalized game plan

To win in business you MUST have a plan that is personalized to your situation. Here are a few examples of what you need:

  • You need to know what games you coach and HOW you coach them
  • You need a plan for consistantly meeting people who are playing the games you coach
  • You need a clear sequence of offers that leads a potential player down the path toward hiring you

3.3) Super Conductivity (Get into the FLOW)

Playing the business game will challenge you on many levels – MOSTLY YOUR INNER GAME. With our Super Conductivity Coaching Method we will guide you to POWER UP your game with a FLOW of action and results.

  • Most people have resistance to being well known in the community
  • Most people have resistance to speaking boldly about what they can do
  • Most people have resistance to dealing with large amounts of money
  • Most people have resistance to offering or selling

We will explore all of these common energy conflicts that block the FLOW of action and results. As we play the game together each week these blocks will emerge for almost everyone. They are universal NOT personal. We will coach our way through them.

3.4) A winning environment

Playing a winning game on a consistant basis will require a LOT more than will power. In fact you probably know by now that will power will only last for a few days, three weeks max.
At some point you need an environment that challenges you AND supports you to keep playing and play better. This program is just that environment.

  • You will play on a team. There will be a friendly competition each week between the teams and your team will want to win. Your team will be pulling for you and YOU for them.
  • The game itself is a structured environment. You will know exactly what you need to do each week. No guessing.
  • We will organize all-team calls during the week to celebrate wins. These quick but powerful conversations will keep fueling your desire throughout the program.

As you play and build your capabilities in each of these four areas, your confidence will grow. You will find that as your confidence grows your revenues grow too; gradually - sometimes dramatically .

Here are 2 more benefits that really help...

5) You keep playing until you win
6) The more you play, the better you coach

3.5) Keep Playing Until You Win

This is BIG. The business game takes time to learn and master. You can keep participating and playing until you reach the target revenue for that level. This is not a one-shot thing. Or the typical experience where you get jammed with way too much information and you tell yourself the familiar lie that you will utilize all of this information later when you are ready. By now, we all know that it will not happen that way.

Instead.... You keep playing; each season with a new team, with accumulated experience, with better results each time. If you ever slip back you can come back any time to refresh by playing again.

3.6) You will Coach better too

In this coaching and playing environment designed to expand your business skills, your Coaching skills will increase as well. This is because when you are around great coaching and great playing, you coach better.

Also, when you are really engaged and learning and playing outside your comfort zone, YOUR clients / players will feel that energy and want to play better for you as their Coach. the ripple effect in this situation will be HUGE!

The Results...
YOU - thriving as professional Coach

4) Final details and registration

  • Level 1 costs $995
  • Each level has two programs. 
  • Each season you can participate in one program or two depending on how much playing time you have available. Your Choice.
  • Each teleclass session is 2.5 hours in length.
    The calls take place on Mondays 2:30 - 5 PM ET
  • There will be additional all-team bonus calls for open bridge coaching.
  • Level 1 is for Coaches earning $0 - $4,000 / month in revenue
  • Level 2 is for Coaches earning $4,000 - $8,334 / month in revenue
    Level 2 will launch in September 2009.
  • The two programs in Level 1 are:
    Getting to YES! The ultimate new client enrollment method for coaches AND
    Be Known as THE Coach - Branding and visibility strategies for the new coach
  • There are three playing seasons each year. You can join any time. You can even join mid-season; The three seasons are:
    January - March;
    Mid April - Early July;
    September - November
  • As you can probably see, there is a small spring break, a summer break and a holiday break. There will be some optional informal calls scheduled during the breaks to provide off-season support.
  • At the end of the season we will review your financial results. If you are ready for the bigger game then you invest in the next level and start playing bigger. If you are not, then you can play at the same level again in the next season.
  • It will probably take 2 - 4 seasons to master each level.


Put me in Coach!

Level 1 is just $995!
A GREAT Investment in YOURSELF and your business.
Register For Level 1 Here -> register here


Level 2 Programs (to whet your appetite ;-)
For Coaches earning $4K - $8,334k/ month
Launches in January 2010

Expand Your Funnel and Build with Alliances.

Create a series of coach-centric offers that build your credibility and create a waiting list of prospects. Master the CEO method – connect – engage – offer.

Learn how to build powerful community alliances with the Team 20 method. Build a valuable database of customers and prospects.

Filling and Leading Public Events

To build a thriving business over time you must have a comprehensive visibility plan which includes opportunities for people to meet you on YOUR turf. Your event can be in-person or by teleclass. The key is that you are public, available and demonstrating who you are and what you’ve got.



(C) CoachVille LLC 2008 All rights reserved | Duplication only with attribution


Listen to a preview call.

On the call you will explore:

1) How to thrive in business by playing a game

2) The Power of Team Play - Why it is essential to play business FOR yourself, NOT BY yourself

3) BEING in business in the Inspiration Economy. Learn the 5 key areas you must master.

4) Face Yourself or Face Failure!
The five key areas of inner resistance you MUST resolve NOW!

5) I will also reveal how the weekly games will be played so you can get an idea of how the learning environment of friendly competition will challenge and support you to greatness.