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Welcome to CoachVille, the premier community for coaches. Our mission is to improve the quality of coaching worldwide; our (not so) secret desire is to be a harbinger of human evolution and force in the world for peace. Click here for the rest.

In its finest form, coaching is a highly evolved form of relating. It is also the most amazing process for personal development ever invented – you naturally grow in wonderful ways when you coach others. Whether you pursue coaching executives or little leaguers, as your profession or as part of your job, you are someone who has dedicated a part of your life to adding value to others. We want you to play a part in our growing community.

Why Hire a Coach?
There are a million reasons to hire a coach. But there is one that is universally urgent – the harsh (thrilling) reality of the talent-based economy. (Read more...)

Becoming a Coach
Coaching is the act of helping someone – through expanding awareness and sharing experience – leverage their talents to do/be/have something MUCH faster than they could do alone. Anyone can benefit from becoming effective as a coach!

The Schools of CoachVille are the most comprehensive, innovative, and accessible coach training anywhere.

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Resource Center
FREE for all CoachVille members! The CV resource center holds a wealth of tools, recordings, ecourses, programs and learning guides to help you improve your coaching skills and build thriving coaching business.

Coaching Critiques – listen in on live coaching sessions with comments from Thomas and others.

Full Practice eCourse – 100 ideas to help you build your coaching business – everything from winning websites to strengthening your reputation.

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Community Center
CoachVille is a warm and supportive community. We have many ways for you to connect, collaborate, and express your talents with other coaches.

CoachVille Communities – We have user-based communities here for everything coaching related! You can also start your own community!

Join the Member Advocacy Team – We want to leverage your social capital.

Find a local chapter – NEVER BORING! – Hang out with other CoachVille members and learn cool things.

Find a local study group – a great way to practice your coaching and business-building skills.

Teach a TeleClass at CoachVille or the SOC – We welcome experienced coaches, as well as non coaches who are experts in their field, to contribute to our schools and to our members' learning experience.

Thomas Leonard Tribute
Learn all about our visionary founder – the man whose vision started an industry and changed the world.

Get Your Seatbelts On!
For those of you that have been waiting for the next rollout of the $0-60k Program…Here it is.

We’re beginning the next groups in June!

Click here for some statistics from the first months of the $0-60K Program!

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Wish You Were Here!
This year's general conference is wrapping up at the Walt Disney World Hilton in sunny Orlando, Florida.

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4/11/04 - Special Notice to All CoachVille Ezine Subscribers

3/27/04 - You Asked, We Listened: New CCI Teleclasses!

3/11/04 - Special Notice to All CoachVille Ezine Subscribers

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