CoachVille was founded in 2001 by the late Thomas Leonard. Thomas started the professional coaching movement in the late 1980s by synthesizing the ideas of counseling, consulting, life planning, ministering, advising and mentoring and by declaring that an individual can earn a living by adding value to the lives of others in the capacity of a coach.

While all of CoachVille could be considered a Thomas Leonard tribute, here are few links to give you just a taste of this amazing man.

Here is Thomas describing the big vision for Coachville (CoachVille Member News, August 29, 2002).

He was an amazing photographer too...(

Thomas loved making venn diagrams and had a special web site programmed so that other people could make them too at

He loved communicating and sharing about what was going on with his projects.
The Coachville "Report" on the First 100 days is a great example.

He was always creating HUGE personal development programs, such as CharacterU ( In particular, check out the mission statement...
The mission of Character University is to help individuals build their character deep enough to carry them through life successfully and effortlessly. We do this by:
Offering programs such as the ClassAct Program, to the public, via TeleClasses.
Training coaches and others in the ClassAct Program. They, then, deliver this program to their clients.

Maybe his best work ever, the Attraction Program (

How Thomas Is Able to Create as Much as He Does is a great class from the Schools of CoachVille where Thomas shares his productivity secrets. Anyone (you don't have to be an SOC member) can access it here. (It's also a great preview of what the SOC has to offer!)

And finally, there was his love for technology and living a "virtual" life.

Equipment, Software, Phone Systems I Use
Updated July 8, 2002
I've included pricing, fyi

Sony Viao laptop, PCG-F390, with CD-R drive ($5000)
Sony Viao laptop, SRX77P (2 pounds, goes anywhere!) ($1700)
USB light (for typing while i'm camping at nite ($20).
HP 970cse inkjet printer ($300) (has duplex printing)
Casiopedia PDA ($700)
20 gig PCIMCA card-based hard drive for back up ($500).
Canon Elura (digital video camera) ($1500)
Shure microphone (audio recording) ($150)
Sony Picture Book C1X laptop ($2500)
Nikon Coolpix 990 (digital still camera) ($1000)
Nikon D1 (professional digital still camera) ($5000)
HP Scanner (tba) ($300)
Sony MD Recorder ($400)
Rio Riot MP3 Player ($350), 20 gig (10,000 songs)
Olympus CD1.5X2 digital recorder ($250) for taping conference calls).

Adobe Acrobat (pdf files) ($250)
Adobe Acrobat Reader (free)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition (photo tweaking) ($75)
AOL US & AOL Canada (internet access) ($20/mo)
Dreamweaver (webpages) ($400)
Fireworks (animated gifs) ($100)
Flash 4 (flash files) ($400)
JFax (fax by email) (free)
Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet) (office 2000)
Microsoft Explorer (web surfing) (free)
Microsoft Front Page (home pages) ($150)
Microsoft Media Player (audio/video player) (free)
Microsoft Outlook (email) (office 2000)
Microsoft PhotoDraw (graphics) ($200)
Microsoft PowerPoint (power point presentations) (office 2000)
Microsoft Reader (file reader) (free)
Microsoft Windows 98 (operating system) (included)
Microsoft Word (word processing) (office 2000)
QuickTime Player (audio/video player) (free)
RealPlayer (audio/video player) (free)
RealPresenter (slideshow creation software) ($100)
RealProducer Plus (real audio/video recording) ($150)
Snag It (screen capture) ($40)
Swish (mini flash file creator) ($30).
WebStar on a Mac G4 (website hosting) ($700)
WinZIP (zip and unzip files) (free)
WS FTP (ftp files to server) (free)

Hosting & Programming Services
WebValence for ezines,, programming:
Cicada Consulting for, teleclasses,, programming:
Playstream for RealAudio hosting:
NetServers for bulletin boards:
AOL for Internet access
MSN Broadband from Qwest for DSL service
AT&T Long Distance (7c a minute).

Motorola StarTac Digital I with AT&T Digital One Rate (I use this one for calls) )$150/mo for 1500 minutes)
Motorola StarTac Dual Band with Verizon One Rate (I use this one for internet access with my laptop (14.4K max). This new phone and CDMA service from Verizon lets you plug this cell phone into your serial PC card modem needed. ($200/mo for 2000 minutes)
Fellowes "Professional headset" for cell phone (incredible quality/totally comfortable; get 'professional model') ($40). Office Depot.
Upcoming: Either Ricochet or DirectPC satellite internet access (early 2001). Both offer MUCH faster surfing speeds

Connecting While On the Road in an RV
1. Most of the higher end RV parks have overnight phone connections at each site and/or a common modem line in the clubhouse.
2. Many truckstops have RJ-11 jacks (standard phone/modem jack) in the restaurant or driver's lounge.
3. An increasing number of standard pay phones now have RJ-11 jacks built-in especially at airports.
4. You can always stop by a Kinko's and use their RJ-11 jacks for your laptop, usually for free. (I've spent hours there if they are not busy.)
5. You can always check into a Motel 6 for a couple of hours to do email/conference calls.
6. You can use Sharp's PocketMail mini computer (email only), $150 to buy, $10/mo unlimited emails. It has a built-in acoustic coupler that fits on any phone handset (including payphones), so this is your best bet if you want ultra inexpensive email connectivity on the road.
7. If I have to, I conduct most of my TeleClasses by cellphone (don't tell anyone!), but only if I'm in a VERY strong location.
8. I conduct all client calls on my cell phone.

Stay Organized, and Sane
1. All my snail mail goes to a Mail Boxes Etc place in Florida (has for 8 years). They FedEx it once or twice a month when I call them.
2. My bills go directly to PayTrust or they get paid automatically via my VISA check card from my account at Fidelity.
3. Best long distance calling card is the one from (1c/min)
4. I have a chart of all my vendors and payees (75 of them) even including Car License/Reg. I have expiration dates for anything that expires and have cross referenced bills being paid by my VISA check card to that card's expiration date, so nothing slips through the cracks.
5. I have an account at Fidelity and I use their visa check card for most of my purchases; no bill to pay, pulls from my money market account like a debit card, even though it works like a credit card.
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