The Need to Belong is a superpower

you can use to live your dream... NOW!


Obsessed with overcoming obstacles while struggling alone


Co-Create your environment of belonging and success ecosystem

A 9-Step Method to Co-create Winning Environments

The World Power Method is a powerful 9-step process where you transform the “9 Environments of YOU TM into a personal success ecosystem using  Power Patterns for the player and their Dream.World Power Method to Create a Winning Environment

Transform your story as a player…

From: the world around you is an obstacle to be overcome or tolerated

To: You can play with your world and design a personal success ecosystem that ENSURES your sustainable success

The Environment Always Wins – this is the provocative mantra of this life-changing program. You will learn how to get the environment on your players’ team to inspire Personal Evolution. If you are coaching the player but NOT redesigning their environment, you are only doing half the job!

Transform your story as a Coach…

From: Use command and control  to overcome obstacles in the environment

To: Guide your players to co-create and be influenced by their 9 environments.

You will learn how to co- create power patterns with your player and then replicate the pattern in each of the 9 Environments.  This is a fun and highly creative process. You will also learn how to identify and shift pattern language dissonance in each environment.

*This Course Qualifies for 24 ICF CCEUs when done via live teleclass

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From the Gamecard!

Linda Hamilton

I have had a client who has been stuck the last couple of calls on moving forward in an area, instead of creating an action plan at the end of this call, I brought up this whole idea of experimenting and environments, the light bulb went on, my client shifted in that moment to a much more resourceful, powerful, expansive, creative, energized place. It was incredible!

Rena Hedeman

I love the idea that willpower will eventually run out but if you can change someone’s environment they will flower. I have always been a person who used willpower to get through tough situations – you know the old “mind over matter” mantra. But after this class, I realized how important the right environment is and just how many types of environments there are! Maybe if I had realized this earlier in life, I wouldn’t have felt the need to “tough it out” so often – perhaps I would have experienced more “flow”!

Lorenda Phillips

The environment always wins.  Unbelievably impactful.  I have been trying to alter some work behaviors, and will power has not been winning over environment.  I see the same for clients.  Brilliant

Uplevel Your Environments

From the Play Life Manifesto…

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker

Coaching Question: Who do you need around you to become great?

Industrial Control Culture – You are an isolated unit of work.
The environment is something we control

Connected Freedom Culture – we realize that we are in a relationship with the world – and especially people around us – ALL the time.
The environment is something we can influence AND be influenced by.

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3 Key Points

1) The Environment Always Wins

Environmental design is essential to masterful coaching because the environment  always wins! If you want your players to win the games of their lives then you  MUST help them to design winning environments – environments that support them, inspire them and bring the game to life.World Power Method to design a personal success academy

An environment that is full of obstacles or missing essential support will make it  impossible to sustain a winning effort.  In fact, a poorly designed environment  is what makes most games unwinnable in the first place.

You will learn and practice several powerful methods for environmental design that will significantly expand your coaching mastery AND your players results.

2) Personal Evolution and the 9 Environments of You

The 9 Environments of YOU – originally created by Thomas Leonard – is a powerful way to see and design the world around you.  We know that humans are always adapting to the world around them while at the same time creating the world as a reflection of themselves.  What if you could design the world around you so that you could become who you desire to be AND evolve in unexpected often delightful ways?

Well it is possible and in this course you will learn how to do this with your players.  In the Environmental Design Method Coaching program you learned how to design environments for sustainable success.  In this program we go beyond results to Personal Evolution.

In this program you will have a real hands-on experience of the 9 Environments.  You will work with a partner throughout the program as their coach – designing every aspect of their environment for sustainable success (and yes, they will be designing yours too)  You will explore the nuances of each of the 9 environments.

3) Fundamental Environmental Design Theory

It is essential to realize that environmental design is the key to sustainable success in life and in coaching! The environment must be re-designed for the game the player is playing now. For most people the environment is a reflection of the games they used to play.

Why is this? People have a two-way relationship with the world around them: they are adapting to what is there while at the same time the world around them is becoming a reflection of who they are. BIG INSIGHT: The adaptive process is fast and somewhat transient while the reflective process is slow but more substantive.

In other words, over time, the world around you becomes an accurate reflection of who you WERE are on the inside; this may or may not be good news! While in a new environment, quick change may occur, typically people return to the way they were before when they leave that new environment.

So in order to create sustainable change, the coach must use their creativity, design sense and awareness of workability to help the player make immediate changes to the outside world that reflect the changes made on the inside. Then the adaptive process works FOR positive change rather than against it!  The player becomes more aware of the world around them and more connected to it.  This leads to sustainable results.

The 9 Environments of You

  • Memetic Environment – Ideas
  • Financial Environment – Money, Wealth and Budget, Freedom and Security
  • Relationship Environment – Close friends, family and close colleagues
  • Network Environment – Professional Connections, Greater Community
  • Physical Environment – Places and Things
  • Body Environment – Your Energy, Appearance and Clothing
  • Self Environment – Strengths, Talents and Character
  • Spirtual Environment – Deep Connections and Sacred Spaces
  • Technical Environment – Electronic Devices, Equipment, and Virtual Spaces


Each week between classes you will play a fun and challenging game
where you earn points for:

  1. sharing about what you have learned – BONUS points for sharing on Facebook
  2. inspiring your classmates AND being inspired
  3. completing exercises that help you become a better coach
  4. playing BIG in your own life
  5. conducting coaching sessions where you use what you are learning
  6. connecting with your class partner/coach
  7. acquiring BIG WIN feedback letters from your players
  8. making a BIG WIN happen in your life

Center for Coaching Mastery Students need a minimum number of points to graduate


How this program will make you a better coach

1) Your confidence as a transformational coach will increase dramatically because you KNOW you have the tools to create sustainable success

2) The Toleration-free method is one of the BEST coaching techniques ever – players LOVE it

3) Understanding the power of the 9 Environments will give you endless new territory with a wide range of players

4) The distinction between will-power and world-power can bring powerful awareness and transformation especially for high-achieving (or burned out) players

5) The designing experiments coaching technique can often bring a light and creative approach to situations that may dire or overly difficult

6) Becoming more masterful with pattern language will enable to you coach in extremely high-end situations

7) The Environmental scan will give you a powerfully robust view of your player’s situation in a very short period of time.  This will dramatically reduce the times you are coaching in a dead-end situation (where the environment is so over powering that nothing else matters) and give you an immediate path to change by redesigning that environment with your player.