Welcome to our truly remarkable Coach Education Experience!


Watching a series of instructional videos and then talking to people about their problems & tasks. BLAGH!


Playing together will change our lives; guiding others to play better for their dreams… will change the world

Hello! Coach Dave here with you.

Welcome to our truly remarkable Coach Education program: The Center for Coaching Mastery.

In our environment of proactive co-creation and guided practice you will become a good Transformation Coach REALLY FAST and a masterful Transformation Coach in a slower, savory experience.

We have a lot to share with you. Explore to your hearts content… AND… you don’t need to read all of it!

As Thomas Leonard often said: Navigate via curiosity!

and ENJOY!!!

Our Coach Education Program

Our Coach Education Program, the Center for Coaching Mastery, is both ICF Accredited, transformational AND FUN! (A truly remarkable combination)

You can learn about the incredible features, income-based scholarships, intense curriculum and the steps of the student journey… AND MORE…

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Here are the two certifications you can earn in our program!


Our Coaching Philosophy

We want to share with you some of the big foundation ideas that have influenced the design of our program.

Our purpose in sharing this with you – most schools don’t have a page like this – is for you to feel that you have found a place where you belong and get excited to begin your “become a coach” adventure!

Quick facts about our program

Here are a few quick facts that will assist you in understanding our program:

  1. Our school was launched in 2001 by Thomas Leonard – the founding father of the coaching field – as “the Graduate School of Coaching” – It’s now called the “Center for Coaching Mastery”.
  2. We have had over 3,500 students.
  3. The program includes everything you need to achieve ICF Certification; And we prepare you to pass the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) test with ease!
  4. We have 3 start dates for live classes each year; (January, May, September) You can register anytime and get immediate access to the entire curriculum, recordings and playbooks.
  5. The Coach Education Program takes about 1 year to complete.
    The Business Education Program is also 1 year. The Business Program is essential because you need paid coaching hours to earn your Certification!
    You can overlap, but most do them sequentially.
  6. We have a SUPER Flexible path to graduation. We don’t do cohorts. Complete the program in a way that fits in your life!
  7. The program prepares you to earn the CoachVille Professional Certified Coach (CVPCC) prior to when you can apply for your ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) (after 500 hours of coaching).
  8. The program prepares you to earn the Certified Transformational Coach (CTC) designation.
  9. The program is delivered 100% by dynamic group conference calls using Zoom. While zoom classes are the norm now, we have been co-creating awesome online class experiences since 2000! This is where we live.
  10. If you have any questions, you can call us! 866-548-6516 (Call any time 24 / 7)

FULL Tuition

The full tuition is $15,000

This includes everything: materials, classes and mentoring & certification process.
+Lifetime Access

Payment Plan

$ 1,375 per month for 12 months
You pay a little more, but it could ease cash flow. Includes everything you need.
+ Lifetime Access



Income-Based Scholarships.
Up to $12,000 available.
Plus early registration specials.
EASY application..

The Enrollment Journey

Step 1: Explore until you FEEL the “yes, I belong here”.

Step 2: Send an email to Deanna

Step 3: Indicate if you desire an income-based scholarship.

Step 4: Set up Exploratory Call

Step 5: Register!

Step 6: Set up Student Orientation call with Linda

Step 7: Start Class. Yeah!!!


Sales Pitch


Profound Belonging

Environment to become a Transformation Coach

The best way to grow – and enjoy the experience – is to immerse yourself in a safe space of practice, exploration, ideas and people; like the Juilliard Academy for musicians.

We have invested 20+ years in co-creating exactly this. You are going to love it.


A few skills and magical thinking


A relentless pursuit of AWESOME!

CoachVille Dynamic Class Experience

CoachVille classes are fast paced and fun… and you learn a TON!

In our program you learn the way humans are meant to learn: by observing, by playful practicing in a safe space, by engaging in meaningful conversations. An environment where you can become the next version of you day after day; an environment where you feel profound belonging.


Industrial School: Lectures and Tests


Dynamic Learning Experiences based on Human Nature

CoachVille Coaching Guides

The Coaching Guides give you a fast start…on your way to awesome!

The reality of growth is that when you do something the first few times it doesn’t go so well.

And the LAST thing you want to do is feel lost as a coach in your first sessions… NOT FUN!!!

At CoachVille we have the solution!!!


Struggling as a beginner; hesitant to coach anyone


Confident from Day 1; with players loving it!

CoachVille Player Programs

Players LOVE Coaching Programs with a personal touch!

Most people who invest in coaching prefer a program or a package to random sessions. We have created 4 amazing 12-session coaching programs that you will participate in AND learn to deliver as part of the program. (each beautiful package includes playsheets, a player playbook and player prep audio) You will look like a PRO from Day 1.


Random coaching sessions that lead to frustration


Reliable path to the results your players desire (and pay for)

CoachVille Amazing Curriculum

In our amazing curriculum you will learn a collection of transformation coaching techniques that you will use on a regular basis. You will learn the essential coaching superpowers. And you will learn 3 Transformation Coaching Methods that will provide the foundation for your coaching life… and your coaching business.

The curriculum is designed so that our four core concepts – Social Play, Human Nature Superpowers, Energy Alignment and the Human Journey – are baked in.


Mostly boring classes based on the Industrial teaching model


Highly dynamic co-created classes that harmonize for humanity!

Being a CoachVille Transformation Coach…

You will become a wise soul with deep understanding and awareness of Human Nature.

You will become a “go to guide’ and leader because you foster personal growth, peak experiences and desired results.

You will become a happier and more playful person. For real.


Center for Coaching Mastery Program

In the Center for Coaching Mastery Program the curriculum is organized with classes that focus on each of the essential superpowers of human nature; so you will gain in depth knowledge.

You will become a master at guiding the Human Journey by unleashing the unique power within each and every individual.


Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Philosophy

Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Program

You Are Invited to Call Us

If you have any questions…CoachVille Coach Training Leadership Team Deanna Stull

about professional coaching,
about how you can play BIG in the world as a coach OR
about our program…
PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact us and set up a call with Deanna Stull, PCC (that’s her on the right) our New Student Adviser and one of our awesome program leaders.

By email: newstudentadvisor@coachville.com
By phone: 866-548-6516 (Call any time 24 / 7)

We would love to talk with you.
In fact an application conversation is required for registration in the Complete Certification Program.