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> Bye bye administrivia...
The Cyber Course taught me dozens of tips and tricks that reduced time spent on administrivia by a couple hours per week. As a delightful bonus, I’ve shared several tips with my corporate clients, thus adding VALUE to our relationship in unexpected ways. This course alone returned my $79 investment many times over. Jim Smith, SPHR
A resource for talented Leaders who want to become Sensational!

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> a thank you...

These lessons have moved me from a novice computer user to a novice plus computer user. Integrating these a little at a time has given me time to process, growing my effectiveness continually. What elegant simplicity! Thank you!
Diane Norland 

I just LOVE these Certified Cyber Lessons!
They are quick, clear and easy.  I save each one of them to a file in a folder called CYBER COURSE, and any time I hit a techno-brick wall, I check the folder and the answer is often waiting for me. LOVE IT!  Thank you!
CoachVille Member Linda Brakeall
Success Strategist and co-author of "Unlocking The Secrets of Successful Women in Business"

Tired of being delayed and frustrated by what you don't yet know cyberskills-wise?
Wish there was a free and immediate online resource that you could turn to get step by instructions on everything from FTPing, to designing an Ezine to clearing the cache on your browser.
Wish you had an easy way to answer cyber questions that your clients pose to you from time to time?

If any of the above are true, then you'll just love the 50 CyberSkills lessons we have created for you as a CoachVille member.  Our members rave about how clear the step by step instructions are and how the screenshots/illustration really make the learning process easy and fast.

The CyberSkills ecourse/site access is a CoachVille exclusive.

The 50 Cyber Skills 

CyberSkill #1. How to upload files via FTP   
CyberSkill #2. Having the most current readers/players   
CyberSkill #3. Selecting the website to appear   
CyberSkill #4. Blind carbon copying   
CyberSkill #5. Having multiple identities in email   

CyberSkill #6. Creating an HTML ezine   
CyberSkill #7. Having the right surge protector   
CyberSkill #8. Saving a webpage or website   
CyberSkill #9. Merging emails into a single text file   
CyberSkill #10. Backing up Outlook   

CyberSkill #11. Your first webpage   
CyberSkill #12. Capture images using SnagIt    
CyberSkill #13. Creating PDF files   
CyberSkill #14. Creating a logo  
CyberSkill #15. Setting up a shopping cart   

CyberSkill #16. Setting up a reminder system   
CyberSkill #17. Virus protection   
CyberSkill #18. Spiffing up your email signature   
CyberSkill #19. Audio taping a conference call   
CyberSkill #20. Earning money from affiliate programs   

CyberSkill #21. Setting message filtering rules in Outlook   
CyberSkill #22. Adding interactive goodies to your website   
CyberSkill #23. Maintaining a list of all of your passwords   
CyberSkill #24. Sending email to a group of folks   
CyberSkill #25. Setting up free teleconferences/bridges   

CyberSkill #26. Inserting images in your email without attaching   
CyberSkill #27. Knowing where to turn for cyber help   
CyberSkill #28. The subject line as your message   
CyberSkill #29. Using Instant Messenger  
CyberSkill #30. Adding Sounds to Incoming Email   

CyberSkill #31. ZIP'ing and unzipping (compressing) a file   
CyberSkill #32. Creating RealAudio files   
CyberSkill #33. Finding/Installing Software After Downloading   
CyberSkill #34. Clearing Cache and other browser tricks   
CyberSkill #35. Adding software links to your task/menu bar   

CyberSkill #36. Creating quasi autoresponders with Outlook   
CyberSkill #37. Using the right mouse button   
CyberSkill #38. Mouse button settings   
CyberSkill #39. Launch programs automatically when computer starts up   
CyberSkill #40. Listening to RealAudio files via your stereo  
CyberSkill #41. Setting up an ezine   
CyberSkill #42. Finding a PDF you viewed   
CyberSkill #43. Backing up your computer files   
CyberSkill #44. Knowing where to download utilities and free software   
CyberSkill #45. Resizing and tweaking gif and jpg image files   
CyberSkill #46. Using the Google Search Engine   
CyberSkill #47. Weekly housekeeping functions   
CyberSkill #48. Building a firewall and more   
CyberSkill #49. Creating links in Front Page   
CyberSkill #50. Using Character map   

Format and Availability 
All 50 CyberSkills are available for immediate access.  They are in html/gif and PDF formats (the latter for easy printing).  And, if you wish, you can arrange to have a lesson emailed to you twice week so that they prompt you to learn, but that's optional (it's free/included, either way).



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