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Included with your lifetime CoachVille membership is RealAudio-based training in the CoachVille Coaching System of which there are 5 elements, as illustrated below.  This self-learning process is now available to all CoachVille members.

The 5-Element CoachVille Coaching System
Explanation is below.

Key Points

About the CoachVille Coaching System
After 20 years of research, we have developed an open-architecture, yet highly focused way to coach virtually all types of clients with a variety of needs.  We call this the CoachVille Coaching System and it consists of 5 interrelated elements, as described below.  Superior coaching can result when coaches use this system and adapt it to their own styles.  And, also important, the learning curve/time it takes to learn how to coach can be  reduced by up to 90%.  What used to take years to learn and be effective with, now takes mere months.  

The 15 Coaching Proficiencies
The Coaching Proficiencies are the engine of the coaching process; this is what the coach spends 90% of his/her time doing during a typical coaching call.  The list of the proficiencies is here.

The 15 Listening Clarifiers
In order to know which of the proficiencies to use at any given time, the coach needs to know, and sort through, what they are hearing.  Thus the 15 Clarifiers which help the coach know the nature of what they are hearing and guides them to select the most important element of what they are hearing.  Once this is clear (it can take just a millisecond), the coach naturally choose the most fitting proficiency.  The list of the clarifiers is here.

The 15 Deliverables
Deliverables are what the coach delivers.  Which is distinct from the outcomes that the client may have or cause as a result of the coach's deliverables.  (Deliverables vs outcomes is a key distinction in coaching.).   The list of the deliverables is here.

The 15 Life Frameworks
Frameworks are places that the coach (and client) come from in their thinking, perception, behavior and attitudes.  Frameworks expand thinking, which can result in clients moving forward more quickly and with less effort.  Think of a space ship being launched. It needs the thrust of booster rockets to break the inertia/gravity/weight to get the rocket beyond the pull/heaviness of Earth's atmosophere so that it can play effortlessly in space, where there is no resistance.  Something similar happens to the client when their frameworks are expanded.  Blocks to success are reduced and progress accelerates. The list of the frameworks is here.

The 15 Communication StylePoints
How you come across and interact/relate with your client can accelerate or slow down the coaching process. We've identified 15 aspects of communication that we call the StylePoints.  Each of these 15 StylePoints can help you become more effective coach by tweaking your coaching communication style.  The list of the StylePoints is here.

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