1001 Tolerations
Here's a master list of things to stop tolerating.
Note: Only 200 are listed below. We are still editing our raw list of 2000+ toleations and will upload them here (by category) when available, hopefully by December 29, 1998.

I don't have enough storage space for all my office files.
My desk is full of stacks of papers.
My wallpaper is peeling in the bathroom.
My husband is not unconditionally constructive with my daughter.
I am 15 pounds overweight.
My webpage needs updating.
My hair doesn't look good unless it is set.
My guest bedroom needs cleaning up (it looks like a storage room).
Hubby's office is a mess -clothes on the floor
The kitchen needs a dishwasher (and it shouldn't be me!)
I don't schedule enough time to dream.
I am not spending enough time in the garden.
I don't set time aside to meditate.
I am not saving $2000 per month.
I am not getting paid on time from all my clients.
Clients who cancel appointments at the last moment.
Excessive clutter in my office.
Storage shed that is so full you can't get into it.
Investments that should be reevaluated but haven't been.
Needing a water conditioner.
Fixing the solar panels on the roof.
House walls need painting.
Kitchen floor needs new tile.
Not having a key for the t-tops of the car.
Not having a well pump for the well.
-- Joeann Fossland, joeann@joeann.com
I am tolerating the fact that I must park 4 blocks from work.
I am tolerating the non-leadership style of my boss.
I am tolerating a half-finished kitchen.
I am tolerating the fact that I trip over my dog's toys throughout the house.
I am tolerating the fact that I have to get up each morning before the sun rises.
I am tolerating evening telephone solicitations.
I am tolerating the fact that my car has limited trunk space.
I am tolerating mortgage and car payments.
I am tolerating negative attitudes of people with whom I work.
I am tolerating needy relatives.
I am tolerating poor customer service and inadequate responses from vendors.
I am tolerating the fact that I cannot eat food with sugar or salt.
I am tolerating low levels of reserve.
I am tolerating too many possessions that need to be cleaned.
I am tolerating a backyard that is an eyesore.
I am tolerating the fact that the need for home maintenance and repairs is constant.
I am tolerating the wonder of e-mail and the Internet along with their invasiveness.
I am tolerating the refusal of my bank to return my calls.
I am tolerating my lack of a creative outlet.
I am tolerating the fact that Christmas decorations are appearing in stores before Halloween.
I am tolerating a profession whose goals and standards I can no longer relate to.
I am tolerating the fact that all of my debt will not be paid off until March 2008.
I am tolerating the fact that I have an inadequate retirement fund.
I am tolerating the demands on my time of three children.
I am tolerating a former spouse who does not contribute time or money to help raise our children.
I am tolerating the inanity of television newscasts.
I am tolerating ego-based, spendthrift state and federal governments.
I am tolerating the fact that I do not have replacement belts for my vacuum cleaner.
--Kristin Flierl, KRISTINF@prodigy.net
Mildew in the grout in the tiles high in my shower.
Mildew on the plastic shower curtain.
A crack in the sealer around the base of the shower (that's already been fixed once.)
The pink tile in the bathroom.
Missing lights on the medicine cabinet because one of the glass lampshades needs to be replaced.
Spider webs in a corner of my kitchen near the floor where the empty orange juice bottles that need to go to the recycle bin are, along with cleaning supplies that won't fit under the sink.
Drinking glasses on top of my fridge that have sand and wax in them because they were used as candle holders for caroling when I had a Christmas party 10 years ago.
The elusive wisps of dog hair that the minute I clean them up in one place they show up somewhere else.
The fact that I have to keep the end table by my chair cluttered in order to put my coffee cup on it because if it's cleaned off the cat will lie on it, leaving no room for my coffee cup.
I no longer have a kitchen table because it's the only surface big enough to keep the cat food on so that the dog won't get in it.
New slipcovers that looked really great in the store, are a great concept, but just aren't quite the right shade of yellow.
Nice white cotton area rug that gets dingy in a hurry, doesn't match the new slipcovers, is currently graced by a dark brown spot where a cat barfed on it, but it sure brings a lot of light in the room
Thirty-year-old wall to wall carpeting in what was once royal blue and resists cleaning attempts.
A dining room table that is currently covered with a computer printer, an purse I'm not currently using, a camera, and a myriad of magazines and pieces of mail that I don't know what else to do with.
Having whites that have yellowed because of hard water.
A humidifier that needs a new filter to work properly.
An inherited chest of drawers that has a piece of the veneer broken off from when I was vacuuming and the hose caught on the already loose wood and broke it off.
An attempt to fix one toleration but putting a window shade in a window only to have it become a new toleration because it doesn't quite cover the edges properly.
A cat that thinks it's necessary to lie on my wrists when I'm working on the computer.
A living room window that is cracked, needs a new rope, and is so dirty I can't see out it when the sun is shining.
A very nice floored attic that is difficult to get to because the steps are falling apart.
Having a job where I type about people with malignant cancer all day.
Spending 8 hours a day in a room with no window.
A co-worker who has more tolerations than I do (!) and spends all day talking about them.
Being the office dumping ground because I'm such a good listener.
Having a sugar and caffeine addiction.
Taking Prozac and experiencing more severe PMS symptoms that before.
Taking Prozac and gaining weight because I can't seem to care about changing my eating habits anymore.
Being 40 pounds overweight and hating myself in the mirror.
Having chin hairs like an old lady when I'm in my late 30's.
Wearing only what's comfortable (i.e. elastic waist pants and sensible shoes) and looking like a slob because I can't bear tightness of any kind anymore.
The squirrel who at this very moment is getting in the bird feeder just outside the aforementioned living room window.
Having gotten very good at acting patient and hating every minute of it.
Not making art or music or crafts because I just want to stay in that mode forever and really not deal with all these tolerations.
Water stains on the walls of my utility room.
A roof that is only half re-shingled because the tenant in the house next store that was supposed to do it 3 or 4 years ago never did and has since disappeared.
Rusty iron porch railings.
Trim on the house that almost has no paint on it anymore.
Wide, 1960's, white siding.
Loving Iowa for its serenity and quiet beauty and the fact that it's home, hating the fact that it's a fourteen-hour drive to the mountains.
Having found someone to organize and handle my debts before I went bankrupt, but still skating on thin ice every month with no end in site.
Not having a coach because I can't afford one.
Being frustrated at not being able to do much about most of my tolerations because they need money to resolve.
Not having a state of the art stereo and not being able to replace my 20-year-old stereo receiver.
Having a wonderful state-of-the-art synthesizer that I've dreamed of having since high school and needing an engineering degree to use it as it was intended to be used (and I'm good with things like computers normally).
Having a saddle and riding boots and no horse.
The fact that I don't know when I'll next be able to take a trip somewhere and that's what I live for.
The fact that I can't seem to come up with a concrete way to describe what I'm doing as a coach.
Having so many talents and interests that I'm constantly being pulled in lots of directions.
Not ever having been very good at maintaining acquaintances, just a handful of close friends, being clueless about how one builds a network and not being to able to figure it out in a way that isn't too overwhelming.
Being easily overwhelmed and trying to act like I'm not.
Being surrounded by nice, hardworking, decent people that think following your dreams is a needless, self-indulgent activity.
Watching people throw away money on collector Barbie dolls.
Being from and living in a state where it's ingrained in the collective consciousness that the more you're tolerating, the more righteous you are. (Double that for the Amish communities).
Hating the way animals are "processed" for food, and yet not being able to give up eating beef because it's comfort food for an Iowan such as myself.
The fear that if I move to someplace I love to visit, it will be ruined forever.
The fact that I'm an only child and when the time comes that my parents need to be cared for, it's all going to fall on me.
I can't afford to move anywhere even if I got brave enough to do it.
Knowing that techniques like affirmations, self-hypnosis, guided imagery work for me and still not doing them every day.
That I don't have 20 clients like my one wonderful client who will pay me $200 a month (or more).
Not having a garage for my car.
Large parts of my lawn being covered in Creeping Charlie.
Writing a weekly column for the local newspaper for 7 months and, although I volunteered to do it in exchange for being published, I'd like to be paid for it now, especially since I hear that's what people are reading first, and not knowing what to do about it.
The fact that my laptop computer has needed a new battery for months.
Having an old desktop computer that needs to be taken to a re-sale shop but not being able to face going in and sorting through the e-mail files on it.
Being so intent on being true to myself that it gets in my way.
That I don't have enough time to read and understand all that I want to.
Being an introvert in an extroverted world and believing it when I'm told I need to become an extrovert in order to be successful.
Spending 95% of my waking hours struggling with frustration of some sort or another.
Being hungry right now and not wanting to stop writing these tolerations until I feel like I'm finished.
Having more books that bookshelves.
Being a clerical worker.
Almost all of the people I call friends are 10 to 20 years older than I am.
Not knowing how to ask for space from people without getting snippy because I've waited too long.
Having health insurance that doesn't pay for massage therapy or other alternative therapies besides chiropractic.
Having lower back problems from sitting in a non-ergonomic chair all day.
Having one of those combination copier/scanner/answering-fax machines when I really need a flatbed scanner and copier for copying from books and finding out the computer re-sell stores won't take it.
That my mom still thinks she can tell me what to do, especially as far as leisure activities go, even though she knows that she's never been able to tell me what to do since I was a baby.
That I don't know how to tell my Mom to cut it out without hurting her feelings.
The feeling that if my parents died tomorrow, it would be catastrophic for me, even though I think I've been trying to plan ahead.
Living in an uninsulated house in place where it frequently gets below 0 in the winter.
Being designated the keeper of the family mementos and antiques.
Being really sentimental.
Having a poorly remodeled kitchen where there isn't really room to work.
Having a neat looking 1950's stove/oven that only half the burners and one of the ovens works on.
Needing to go to my parents if I want to do any serious baking because the kitchen was designed for that.
Being crabby a lot.
Not having a friend in the same town that I can just call up on the spur of the moment to go to the movie or hiking or something.
Feeling like I don't really have time to do pointless things that are just fun.
Being four hours away from any good sized city (Chicago, St. Louis) that I could visit for museums, specialty shops, like-minded organizations, etc., but wanting to live in a small town.
Living with a constant inner sense of deep frustration.
The lack of sunlight in winter.
Fear of ice on the sidewalks.
Living only 500 feet above sea level.
Beating myself up because I can't seem to apply all the things I know to myself.
Not getting enough of deep belly laughing every day.
The feeling that the Universe is playing a cruel joke on me by giving me lots of brains and talent but no means of making a living from them.
Feeling victimized and helpless a lot and hating myself when I see others doing the victim thing.
Experiencing lots of synchronicity with tiny things every day, but not with the big important things.
Not having a life plan that seems do-able.
Forty-year old bright pink carpet in my bedroom and using my grandmother's bedroom set. Auuugh!
The pile of stuff on top of the dresser than I can't seem to throw away but don't know why I have it, either.
Not having those lovely plastic organizers for my Christmas decorations, just a disorganized mess in my most used closet.
A brown splotch on the wall from where I smashed a centipede.
Having centipedes show up every now and then high on my bedroom walls where I can't reach them, or if I do reach up to kill them, they have a tendency to fall towards me. EEK!
Having invasions of first ants and then flies every summer.
Visible dust collected on the top of the ceiling fan in the bedroom.
Not being able to see my clock/radio without my glasses.
--Gretchen Little, glittle@netins.net
My partner chews her food noisily.
My partner hates living in England.
My bedroom has no table light.
I have no reserve of income.
I have not taken a holiday for 6 years.
I have owed my mother money for over 2 years.
I have not been able to visit my mother for nearly 2 years.
I have not replaced my shoes, even though they are worn.
The car needs washing.
The back bumper needs replacing.
I am dissatisfied with the quality of all my trousers.
The main road which runs outside of the house.
The difficulty in building community in Southern England
No sport in my recreation life
Not going dancing regularly.
Underselling myself
Shelves waiting to go up.
New light fittings waiting to go up.
Cupboard door hanging off
Sock drawer broken.
Upstairs room still waiting to be upgraded.
Only room in the kitchen for one person at a time.
Carpet very grubby
No regular income coming in currently
Few visitors to the house.
Currently weak networks.
Non partying opportunities.
--Martin Perry, KAPOW53987@aol.com
I am tolerating credit card debt.
I am tolerating a lack of discipline in myself.
I am tolerating an echo in my phone line.
I am tolerating not knowing where I'm going to live in 7 months.
I am tolerating my spouse's tone of voice when he talks to me.
I am tolerating a client who changes appointments frequently.
I am tolerating too much e-mail!
I am tolerating an extra 8 pounds on my body.
I am tolerating my frying pan - everything sticks!
I am tolerating my headset - the mouthpiece keeps slipping down to my neck!
I am tolerating a 60-day payout on my invoices with one client.
I am tolerating a lack of consistent income.
I am tolerating my wife's lack of appreciation.
I am tolerating telemarketing calls at inconvenient times.
I am tolerating my cell phone - the battery needs recharging too often.
I am tolerating a stack of magazines - not enough time to read them.
I am tolerating a lack of support in my local professional group.
I am tolerating my tenant's late payments of rent.
I am tolerating a lack of closet space in my home.
I am tolerating too much television in my home.
I am tolerating a lack of communication with my contact at one account.
I am tolerating too much paperwork for me to comfortably handle.
I am tolerating a lack of an up-to-date business plan.
I am tolerating fleas in my house.
I am tolerating a lack of clients.
I am tolerating my fax software that doesn't work.
I am tolerating my studio being messy.
I am tolerating my website not reflecting me.
I am tolerating dandruff on my scalp - and everywhere else!
I am tolerating cooking dinner every night when I don't want to.
I am tolerating a news media obsessively focused on the Clinton - Lewinsky matter.
I am tolerating a president whose behavior has created a crisis for the country.
I am tolerating an independent counsel who has gone beyond the bounds of decency.
I am tolerating a political system that focuses on politics and elections more than on issues and solutions.
--Siobhan Murphy. SMMCoach@aol.com
I am tolerating a dent in the front door of my car.
I'm tolerating an overcrowded filing cabinet.
I'm tolerating not having a newer, lower mileage car.
I'm tolerating not having a bookshelf in my bedroom.
I'm tolerating feeling depressed and not taking enough action.
I'm tolerating my dissatisfaction with my sexual relationship with my wife.
I'm tolerating unsorted boxes of stuff in my closet.
I'm tolerating holding on to clothes I don't really like in my closet.
I'm tolerating gophers tunneling under my new front lawn.
I'm tolerating termite damage to the eaves of my house.
I'm tolerating a hardwood floor that needs refinishing.
I'm tolerating a broken sun visor in my car.
I'm tolerating holding on to some stocks that have lost me a lot of money.
I'm tolerating my fear of analyzing my investments and taking the steps I need to get on the right track.
I'm tolerating doing without an office assistant to help me organize my paperwork.
I'm tolerating a habit of not getting enough sleep to feel rested.
I'm tolerating my attitude that I should be able to handle my ADD on my own, even though I see that I can't.
I'm tolerating my wife's criticism.
I'm tolerating not making enough money for several years to afford what I want.
I'm tolerating a garage so full of stuff I can hardly move around in it.
I'm tolerating single-pane windows in our house that "sweat" in the winter, leaving a mess on the windowsill.
I'm tolerating a garden shed that is rusting and needs replacing.
I'm tolerating mildew on my roses.
I'm tolerating lack of flowers in front of the house.
I'm tolerating bedroom furniture that is no longer up to our standards.
I'm tolerating a headset that has a faint hiss.
I'm tolerating a backyard that needs landscaping.
I'm tolerating not working out at least 3 times a week.
I'm tolerating a neighbor's cat that poops in my yard.
--Ray Charland, charland@cruzio.com

more to come...

copyright ©1998, thomas j. leonard