Extreme Self Care Program
VERSION 1.0 8/96
Living in today's world places many demands on your body, mind,
heart and spirit. The purpose of this program is to guide you as you focus
on yourself in order to strengthen your balance, well-being and quality of
I've been working on this program since coming up with the notion of Extreme
Self Care in 1994, but completed the design in August 1996, 2 months after
finding the need to exercise some Extreme Self care of my own, being out of
balance after having built up my company, Coach University, to be the premier
virtual school in the world. An exciting accomplishment, albeit a
physically, spiritually and emotionally expensive one.
The key word in the program title is Extreme. For me, self care was always a
good idea, but I couldn't get very interested in it until I could get a
picture of how to make a comprehensive -- and for me -- radical change.
During the transition, I was supported by 10 health care professionals --
including a physician, coach, nutritionist, therapist, Rolfer and others.
Everyone has their own way of working this program, so please adapt it to
meet your needs.
The Extreme Self Care Program consists of 100 items which, when completed,
will likely result in balance and well-being for you. The 10 areas of the
Program are:
1. Stress elimination
2. Environment/Family
3. Pleasure
4. Well-Being
5. Special Care Items
6. Support/Experts
7. Ingestion
8. Appearance
9. Sustainability
10. Daily Rituals
Scoring and tracking instructions are at the end.
Thomas Leonard
Dedicated to coaches Cheryl Richardson and Stephen Cluney who model this program naturally.
Copyright 1996 Coach University, Inc. $25 Shareware. May be duplicated if shareware fee paid. 1-800-
48COACH, info@coachu.com, www.coachu.com
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
(maximum 100)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
10 |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
9 |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
8 |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
7 |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
6 |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
5 |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
4 |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
3 |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
2 |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
1 |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
(see instructions at end of program)
1. Stress Elimination
Note that the section title is Stress Elimination not Stress Reduction. I
say that if you focus on Stress Elimination, you'll end up with Stress
__ __ 1. If my job, business or profession is harming me and I can't seem
to make it completely stress-free, I have quit, sold it or am changing
__ __ 2. I have made a list of the 10 promises that I have made to others
that are causing me stress, even if it's stress that I can handle.
__ __ 3. I have revoked all 10 of these promises and have worked something
__ __ 4. I have identified the 3 sources (people, roles, expectations of
others) of my current stress.
__ __ 5. I have completely eliminated these 3 items.
__ __ 6. I have cut out most volunteer activities,unless they directly
support all of my life.
__ __ 7. I have a house cleaner.
__ __ 8. My errands are run by someone else.
__ __ 9. All bills, paper and administrative tasks have been outsourced
and are electronically handled and/or I have an assistant who handles
everything administratively,automatically.
__ __ 10. Any legal, tax or financial clouds or problems have been
completely resolved.
_____ TOTAL !
2. Environment/Family
We are such a product of our environment. And, we have the option of
designing and educating our environment(s) to be exactly what's best for us.
__ __ 11. I live in a nurturing home environment.
__ __ 12. My computer is backed up, weekly.
__ __ 13. My pets (if any) add energy to my life.
__ __ 14. My spouse (if any) adds energy to my life.
__ __ 15. My children (if any) add energy to my life.
__ __ 16. There is absolutely no clutter/messes in or around my home or
__ __ 17. Everything is fully and properlyorganized and filed in my home
and office. (Everything!)
__ __ 18. I'm fully aware of every aspect of my physical environment and draw energy from it.
__ __ 19. I fully respond to my environment. If something goes wrong, I
quickly learn from the experience and immediately grow.
__ __ 20. If I don't like something, I fix it, now.
_____ TOTAL !
3. Pleasure
You know what makes you feel great, so please write down your top ten
favorite personal, whimsical, intellectual and entertainment pleasures
__ __ 21. _____________________________________
__ __ 22. _____________________________________
__ __ 23. _____________________________________
__ __ 24. _____________________________________
__ __ 25. _____________________________________
__ __ 26. _____________________________________
__ __ 27. _____________________________________
__ __ 28. _____________________________________
__ __ 29. _____________________________________
__ __ 30. _____________________________________
_____ TOTAL !
4. Well-Being
The list below contains physical and emotional well-being steps.
__ __ 31. I have "given up" the future; I am living in the here and now
and I am not chasing anything.
__ __ 32. I have complete physical exams every 1-3 years.
__ __ 33. I have had a complete blood testing work-up and discussed the
results with a licensed nutritionist.
__ __ 34. I exercise daily for at least 30 minutes,even if I have to hire
a trainer to keep me on track.
__ __ 35. If I react to others or to problems, I have gotten to the source
of the emotional reaction.
__ __ 36. I have excellent posture, move naturally and my body is
well-balanced and integrated.
__ __ 37. If I am not eating perfectly, I have arranged nutritionally
correct prepared food to be delivered twice-weekly.
__ __ 38. I am calm. I am adrenaline-free.
__ __ 39. I have arranged to be lovingly touched or held several times per
week, each time for as long as I need it.
__ __ 40. I know what motivates me.
_____ TOTAL !
5. Special Care Items
On the lines below, please write in the special needs or wants that you have
that you haven't seen elsewhere in this program. Use your imagination and,
of course, be very, very selfish.
__ __ 41. _____________________________________
__ __ 42. _____________________________________
__ __ 43. _____________________________________
__ __ 44. _____________________________________
__ __ 45. _____________________________________
__ __ 46. _____________________________________
__ __ 47. _____________________________________
__ __ 48. _____________________________________
__ __ 49. _____________________________________
__ __ 50. _____________________________________
_____ TOTAL !
6. Support/Experts
Extreme Self Care is made possible by the investment you make in all areas of
your life and also the investment you make in the services of experts.
__ __ 51. I am working with a Personal Coach who has a track record of
helping others practice Extreme Self Care and who walks the talk.
__ __ 52. I have worked with a chiropractor or similar who has removed any
energy blocks.
__ __ 53. I have been Rolfed, or similar.
__ __ 54. If needed or beneficial, I am in therapy with an expert in my
area of primary concerns.
__ __ 55. I have been to a dermatologist and had the skin on every part of
my body thoroughly examined.
__ __ 56. I have a supportive relationship with God (or the equivalent for
__ __ 57. I am expertly massaged twice a month.
__ __ 58. I have a friend or family member who is always a source of
unconditional support and love for me.
__ __ 59. If I have money concerns or problems, I have worked them out
completely, using an expert or team of experts.
__ __ 60. I have a Rolodex of 100 experts that I can call on for
assistance. (See the Team 100 checklist for a list of 100 experts.)
_____ TOTAL !
7. Ingestion
Open mouth, insert Extreme Self Care.
__ __ 61. I drink at least 1/2 gallon of spring water each day.
__ __ 62. I take time-release Vitamin C (500-1000 mg) daily, if recommended.
__ __ 63. I take odorless garlic daily.
__ __ 64. I do not smoke.
__ __ 65. I rarely drink alcohol or use drugs.
__ __ 66. I do not use caffeine.
__ __ 67. I have eliminated most meat and dairy (if medically appropriate for you) from my diet.
__ __ 68. I take a nutritionist-recommended multivitamin daily.
__ __ 69. I rarely eat sugar.
__ __ 70. I treat my body as the temple that it is.
_____ TOTAL !
8. Appearance
Extreme Self Care includes the outside part of you, not just the inside.
__ __ 71. I have tossed every single article of clothing that does not
make me look great.
__ __ 72. My hair is styled and/or colored exactly as I most like it.
__ __ 73. I have my nails professionally manicured.
__ __ 74. I have had my colors done and my wardrobe colors flatter my skin
__ __ 75. If I want/need hair removed, I am seeing a licensed electrolysis
expert (or similar).
__ __ 76. I've had a hair transplant/weave or similar if I am sensitive
about the amount of hair I have.
__ __ 77. I have (or give myself) facials at least monthly.
__ __ 78. I only wear great shoes.
__ __ 79. My body is in excellent shape, toned and exercised regularly. I
am proud of my body.
__ __ 80. My teeth look great and I smile broadly at every opportunity.
_____ TOTAL !
9. Sustainability
Part of the Extreme Self Care process is to integrate the changes that you
are making so that they become natural behavior for you, not just a temporary
__ __ 81. I am working on the Personal Foundation Program (available from
Coach University).
__ __ 82. I am working on the Irresistible Attraction Program (available
from Coach University).
__ __ 83. I've gotten my needs met completely.
__ __ 84. I have restructured my finances (cut expenses, increased income)
so that I have absolutely no financial concerns and money does not drive my
__ __ 85. I have worked through all of the parent/sibling/upbringing
issues in therapy. I am not living/being blindly guided by the past.
__ __ 86. I have resolved and healed from whatever damage that was done to
me prior to today.
__ __ 87. I say No!, easily.
__ __ 88. As a part of the Extreme Self Care process, have radically
raised my personal standards.
__ __ 89. Everyone around me is on a similar Extreme Self Care track as I
am. No one is sabotaging me or my efforts.
__ __ 90. I know what my strengths are and I have installed support
systems to do for me what I can't, won't or don't do for myself.
_____ TOTAL !
10. Daily Rituals
Extreme Self Care is a daily process, not just a one-time program.
__ __ 91. I stretch daily.
__ __ 92. I have a relaxing pre-bedtime ritual (reading, music, touch,
etc.) so I fall asleep with a smile on my face.
__ __ 93. I floss well, twice daily.
__ __ 94. My routine upon rising is nourishing and deliberate; it's not
influenced by pressure.
__ __ 95. I make sure that my days are spent doing what I most want to do,
not what I should be doing or what others expect of me.
__ __ 96. I underpromise, consistently -- I don't get caught up in the
performance/catch up trap.
__ __ 97. I have something wonderful to look forward to, each evening.
__ __ 98. I have specially-identified time just for me, in my schedule.
__ __ 99. I am physically active each day.
__ __ 100. I don't lose touch with myself during the day.
_____ TOTAL !
There are 4 steps to completing the Extreme Self Care Program.
Step 1
Answer each question. When you've begun or have partially finished
the item, please fill in the X blank. When you've completed and integrated
the item completely, please fill in the ! blank. You get "credit" for only
the ! blanks, not the X blanks..
Be a tough grader. Don't go for the points, go for the truth. However, if
the item does not fit for you, doesn't apply or you don't agree with it,
please just re-word or change the item so it does work for you.
Step 2
Summarize each section. Add up the number of filled-in ! blanks in
each of the 10 sections and write those amounts where indicated, at the end
of each section.. Then add up all 10 sections and write the current total in
the box/area located at the beginning of this program. The max score is 100.
Step 3
Color in the Progress Chart on the front page. If you have 9 !
blanks filled in under the Stress Elimination section, for example, color in
the bottom 9 boxes of column 1 of the Progress Chart, and so on. Or you can
fill in the boxes that "match" the statement you get credit for. So, if you
just completed the ! blank for item #48, fill in the box in row 8 in the 4th
column of the Progress Chart.
The goal is to completely fill in the chart. In the meantime, you have a
current picture of how you are doing in each of the ten areas.
Step 4
Keep playing until all blanks are filled in. You can do it! This
process may take 30 or 360 days, but you can achieve a perfect score on the
Extreme Self Care Program. Use your coach or a friend to assist you. And
update once a year.
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as long as you make no changes or deletions of any kind.
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