As a coach, your TEAM is everyone who shares your DREAM!

Your customers, your employees, your colleagues, your boss (if you have one), your advocates, your community members, your friends and your family.

We encourage you to think broadly, boldly and generously when you imagine the team that will live into your dream and love it as much as you do!

TEAM CoachVille

All of our amazing CV Members around the world. Together we co-create powerful resources for coaches in pursuit of humanity playing better! Learn about TEAM CoachVille here.


We are thrilled to introduce you to our TEAM of players here at CV.

Together we serve our global team of over 38,000+ Members and 4,000+ Alumni transforming the world with great coaching!

Leadership TEAM

CoachVille Coach Training Leadership Team Dave BuckDave Buck, MBA, MCC, Head Coach

Super Power = Enthusiasm

Dave is the Chief Celebrant at CoachVille.  Enthusiasm and infectious energy are the original hallmarks of Coach Dave. He holds a deep desire to change the world through coaching and empower coaches and leaders worldwide.

He sees a way beyond bureaucracy, beyond rules to a way of truly living. He is inspiring and challenging coaches worldwide to become masterful, game changing coaches and leaders.

His superpowers: champion of the spirit of play, life changing conversations and profound transformation. He is here to lead you from Industrial Age thinking to the Connected Age of Purpose and Play.

He is a Master Certified Coach and MBA, founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council  and of course, the CEO of CoachVille.

Coordinates: New York City (with occasional outings to his lakeside cabin in Hopatcong, NJ)

Coach Dave detailed BIO here

CoachVille Coach Training Leadership Team Deanna StullDeanna Stull, PCC, Chief Experience Officer

DREAM = to create a space where people learn to live courageously from a deep place; and climb BIG mountains.

Super Power = Courage

When you talk to Deanna, it is inevitable that you will get “wound up” about life and it’s infinite possibilities.

Deanna is a champion of bold self-expression. Her superpowers include: creating Profound Belonging in a single conversation; relentless energy and a freakish sense of timing.

She is our new student adviser and interviewer.  Nobody gets into our school until they talk to Deanna first!  And it could be one of the most transformational conversations you ever have.

Deanna has a wild entrepreneurial background:  she was the “founding mother” of the infamous School of Rock.

Coordinates: Barto, PA in close proximity to artists, organic farms and cows!

Satellite School Leaders

Ales Vrana CoachVille Czech RepublicAles Vrana, PCC

CoachVille Czech Republic

Super Power = Mutation

Ales has a big dream to transform the Czech Republic with coaching and the spirit of play. And he is going to do it!

His super power is mutation!  He has the ability to look at a challenge or a limitation and transform it into a fun growth opportunity.

Ales is passionate about teaching others how to see life as a game and then play with an ALL-IN mentality.  Ales brings this passion to some of the most innovative firms in the Czech Republic.  His enthusiasm for life is infectious.

Coordinates: Brno, Czech Republic (in the Summer; the rest of the year… The World; currently in residence in the Canary Islands, Spain)


CoachVille Faculty Rivers BlakeRivers Blake, PCC

Super Power = Healing Presence

Rivers is compassionate, caring and has a true desire to help you become a truly masterful coach. He presence is healing and kind, and she listens deeply to who you are and sees beyond to what is possible for you as a coach. She supports and challenges beautifully.

She is wanting more for you, but is always mindful of your vision and ways of being. Her super power is her healing presence, even in the face of challenge. She is here to help you master coaching, from a deep, thoughtful space.

Rivers Blake coaches in the Health Field. With over 25 years in the field from providing nursing care to designing programs and coaching nurses, doctors and social service providers…clients, patients and their families through the maze of choices in the health structure.

Coordinates: A beach in Hawaii (VERY Smart)

Lance Secretan CoachVille FacultyLance Secretan

Super Power = Inspiration

Lance is the voice of inspiration and truth at CoachVille. His strength and unwavering faith in a more loving and authentic way of being asks us all to be more every day.

He is masterfully direct and deeply loving and it is in this rare combination that many have life changing awareness which lead them to their true reason for being on this planet. His super powers are inspiration, truth and love.

Dr. Lance Secretan is widely acknowledged as one of the most insightful and provocative leadership teachers of our time. He is the former CEO of a Fortune 100 company, university professor, award-winning columnist and author of 15 books about inspiration and leadership.

Lance is an expert skier, kayaker and mountain biker

Coordinates: , He divides his time between homes in Ontario and Colorado.

Member Services

CoachVille Member Service Linda DrakeLinda Drake

Super Power = Patience

Linda is the master of student services. Her desire to be sure that every student feel certain about their experience a CoachVille creates a profound sense of belonging. She she’s so deeply connected to our student body that she has nearly every student on speed dial. She goes to great lengths to ensure our students feel at home, feel included and understand what’s next for them in their cultural journey. Her compassion and caring way is influential for all of us. She is the superhero of inclusion, as no one CoachVille ever left behind thanks to Linda. She is here to be sure you feel like you are part of our connected and amazing CoachVille family, the ultimate team in the pursuit of human greatness.

Linda is behind the scenes at CoachVille and has been supporting members for many years. She’s a speech therapist by education and a ‘Jill of all trades’ by passion. Linda’s an avid lifelong learner and a college football fan. She also enjoys the NFL and MLB as well as photography and historical preservation.

She brings to the team her years of life experience and a BIG heart! She’s a California native, raised in South Pasadena, and is a big fan of personal growth and the possibility that all people can create the lives of their dreams.

Coordinates: Los Angeles, CA