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There Is Only One Way To Become
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Dear Coach:

Dave Buck, CEO of CoachVille, here.You know that there are big changes happening in the way we coach. For coaching to evolve, remain relevant and expand into a global marketplace, we need to redefine what coaching means and how we do it.

Easier said than done! You want to be a master coach, but something is missing for you. Do you know what it is? Observing master coaching! Imagine trying to be a skilled surgeon without ever watching another surgeon? Or delivering a great closing argument without ever seeing a master attorney perform?

We have filled this gap with our new
RealCoaching Audio Program and Community.

When you buy a subscription to the series, you get:

  • Recordings of 10 hours of coaching with the same clients – hear the progression of the work over time. A total of 120 hours of recordings
    Insight into the 1-on-1 coaching process as it actually happens, from beginning to end
    A written study guide about each call – detailing the use of the Proficiencies, Environments and the Energy Patterns in each session to really help you delve deep
    • Access and posting privileges on the RealCoaching forum so you can discuss and add your thoughts about the materials and learn from the wisdom of a group of excellence-minded professionals like you
    • Invitations to special members-only teleconferences where you can discuss your biggest questions with me, Dave Buck, personally.

If you loved the “Coaching Critiques” on our old site, you will be blown away by how comprehensive, insightful and life-changing these RealCoaching calls will be. This is 120 hours of the latest, most relevant and instructional coaching you will ever hear, ready for you to access any time you need it. Use it to prep for client calls or to get ideas before a big sales pitch. Use it to work through your own blocks. Or learn from it big ways to become a better coach.

Ready to get started? Get access now .

In this unique and unprecented audio series, I'll let you listen in while  I work with clients – and debrief select coaching sessions so that you learn how to apply the principles and techniques in your own work.  I feel strongly that you’ll keep your clients longer and get more client referrals when you become a truly masterful coach.  In this series, you get to be a “fly on the wall” while I coach fascinating and challenging clients over several months… giving you access to over 120 hours of coaching sessions and post-session debriefs that will help you apply what you’ve heard to your work right away.

As recordings are complete, they will be stored on the Real Coaching web site for your easy access - you'll be the first to hear the latest.

Sign up for your subscription by July 1st and enjoy the “early adopter” price of $200 for six months. 
(Hurry, after that the series goes up to the full price of $49 a month for 6 months).

What’s best is that you’ll get material that’s relevant, topical and happening right now. Since this is a subscription series, each month you’ll get updates with new audio, fresh information and analysis and transcripts of the most recent calls. Download them into an MP3 player, burn them on a disc or listen to them on your computer. It’s information the way you like it, easy to use, there when you need it.

How much money have you already spent on growing your coaching practice? One key component has been missing – observing the work of a masterful coach so that you can hone your skills and grow as a coach. How can you learn a craft without seeing it done? The truth is you can’t. You’ve felt this in glimpses as you’ve heard a good coach lead a teleclass or speak onstage. But never before have you had access to 120 hours of solid one-on-one coaching with someone who has mastered the craft and can help you do the same.

Benefit from my unique vantage point as the the trainer of thousands of coaches and a coach
to hundreds of one-on-one clients

I don’t make the claim of being a master coach lightly – I have trained thousands of coaches on how to be masterful coaches. I started coaching in January of 1997 and have been diligently working on my craft since then, always pushing my boundaries and evolving as a person and a coach. Since February of 2003 I have been the leader of Coachville, the world’s largest professional coach organization, and as such I have been fortunate enough to have access to some of the greatest minds in coaching and in personal and professional development. This has given me global and unique insights into the process of coaching and of human personal growth – one-of-a-kind insights which I’ll share with you in RealCoaching.

Are you ready?

Clients regularly pay me a thousand dollars an hour for my coaching time – when I have a spot available. But because of the group nature of the RealCoaching Community, and because I'm committed to improving the quality of coaching everywhere by making this audio available to as many people as possible I am making membership available for only US$200 for a six-month subscription for a very limited time. After that the price will go up to a retail price of $49 a month.

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PS:  Don't forget - if you sign up before July 1st, 2005, you get a special discounted price, so sign up today.