The CoachVille Annual Conference
Yes, it's that good. Here's why:

We are thrilled to welcome Rhonda Britten, author of Fearless Living and star of the
Emmy-nominated series Starting Over as a
keynote speaker in New Orleans

You won't find anywhere else where you can see this exciting, eclectic and inspirational mix of speakers - it just doesn't exist anywhere besides CoachVille's Redefining Leadership Conference.

Our aim is to help you live into all your leadership potential- whether in your personal life, in your own business or in your work. We are redefining leadership, expanding it from the conventional definition to include the ability to inspire others and to be a "thought leader." And we're going to take you along for the ride.

Why register?

  • You'll pick up lots of concrete business tips that you can use right away to build your business fast.
  • Attending this conference will add to your bottom line - period.
  • You'll meet cutting-edge thought leaders who will inspire you to live into your greatness and you'll learn strategies for effectively applying that inspiration.
  • You'll bond with other participants in unique and unexpected ways - there is nothing like a CoachVille conference for making deep connections
  • You'll learn the secrets of top coaches - and learn ways to use these techniques in your own business.
  • You'll find out about the latest advances in personal development, learning techniques that help you move past your old blocks and obstacles and open the way to your ultimate success.

By the end of the conference you'll have:

  • Top notch selling skills.
  • Inside knowledge of how to build your business through networking - there is a method you can use and we're going to help you learn it - that alone is worth several times the price of admission.
  • Knowledge of the unique Client Creation Process - a proven method for getting more clients than you ever dreamed possible with a simple formula.
  • An expanded ability to inspire others and a logical plan to effectively leverage this talent.
  • A deep grasp of Emotional Intelligence - and how to access this knowledge to much more effectively work with your clients and in your business.
  • Insider knowledge about how to get a publisher - from an author who has navigated the process successfully more than once.

And so much more!

Click here for full list of benefits of attending.

These are some of the great experiences you'll have at CoachVille's Redefining Leadership 2005, a summit for people interested in the meaning and application of leadership in our changing world.

With outstanding world-class speakers on the forefront of thought innovation, CoachVille's 2005 Annual Conference in New Orleans promises to inform, provoke, entertain, challenge, amuse and enlighten you.

Presented over 3 event-filled days, you'll be exposed to a diverse array of presentations from experts in leadership in all arenas, personal and professional development as well as the leading edge of coaching. You'll also have ample opportunity to experience exquisite New Orleans at the height of its beauty, in the balmy spring air. Don't miss the event people will be talking about for months.

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"The Orlando conference was an amazing experience -- it mirrored the passion, power and focus I've searched for my whole life. I came away with not only the intention to align my business with that vision but with the relationships to do so."

Adela Rubio