BIG Reasons to Join CoachVille

In addition to the facts that it is AWESOME… and FREE…


We want you in our community!
Join over 37,000 colleagues with members from nearly every country!

If your goal is to become a professional Coach


If your aim is to become a Coach Approach Leader, Entrepreneur, Executive or Manager

if your desire is to live a Coach Approach Life…
(or all of the above 😉

there are many awesome reasons to join CoachVille!

Whether you are new to coaching, or a seasoned veteran in the never-ending pursuit of mastery…
We have something for you!

Here are a few of the things that our members enjoy the most…

Life-changing Conversations


The “Game” experience features frequent virtual gatherings in a variety of formats that will inform, enlighten and inspire you while providing a powerful new “winning environment” for personal transformation!

Deep Dives : 90-minute exploration of a Coach Approach Super Power followed by 30-minute Q&A
.Example: “The Bigger Why” where we explore how to use the Coaching Super Power “Share Your Purpose”

Virtual Intensives : 4 hour virtual gathering where you CREATE something to transform your business game
.Example: “Big Game 2015″ where you transform your business activities into a game worth playing.

IMPORTANT: There is a lot going on at CoachVille each month.  You are invited to everything, but don’t feel like you need to do it all in order to participate!  Just pick the group calls that will most support you.


Vast Resource Center

VastResourceCenterCircle-v1-pngAs a CV Member you have access to the Members-Only “CoachVille Resource Center”.

Here you will find a wide variety of recordings, forms, coaching mastery concepts and business building ideas. Resources include:

  • Recordings of real coaching sessions by Coach Dave
  • Recordings of CV Founder the Late Thomas J Leonard
  • 15 Forms from our popular forms collection
  • 15 Proficiencies from Thomas Leonard’s Coaching System
  • 15 Practice Building Resources
  • 101 Coaching Mistakes to Avoid


Great Classes

GreatClassesCircle-v2-pngCoachVille has GREAT Classes!  Powerful – Provocative and Fully Gamified!  They are fun and you learn by doing! (not by taking LOTS of notes!)
When you become a member you can see the complete catalog by simply click on the Register Icon in the Icon bar at the top of the page.
All of our Coach Training classes are accredited for ICF Certification and CCEU’s.

As a CV Member you can observe any CV Class Session.  All you have to do is ask!




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