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This area is truly a treasure chest of coaching wisdom. Many of these tools are available for free with our Fan Membership and many more are included in our Coach Membership level ($19 / month OR $190/ year).




CoachVille Certified Coach by Thomas Leonard
Possibly the most provocative collection of writings on the craft of coaching ever assembled. With the help of 1,000 coaches on the CV R&D team Thomas established a complete pattern language for masterful coaching.
Fan Membership
Includes 15 Learning Guides - one for each Proficiency
Plus basic scorecards for each of the five elements of the system: Proficiencies, Clarifiers, Deliverables, Frameworks and Communication Style Points.
Coach Membership includes an original recording of Thomas teaching each of the 15 proficiencies. A treasure!

Not sold seperately


Coaching Critiques by Thomas Leonard
A powerful coach training innovation! Listen in as Thomas, Dave and others critique 29 real coaching sessions. Listening to Thomas critique is mind blowing - you wonder how he hears so many subtle things. It will raise the bar for masterful coaching for you forever. You can listen to the complete coaching session OR listen to the session with the critiquer comments - sort of like watching a film while listening to the Directors comments laid over the sound track

A masterpiece in coach training.

Fan Membership 2 critiques with rating system; audio and transcript

Coach Membership 29 critiques with rating system; audio and transcript for each
Not sold seperately


Coaching Principles by Thomas Leonard
“What we consider to be true about life, people and coaching” is the way Thomas described this body of work. There is a LOT of wisdom packed into this set of 50 slides. Studying these slides and applying them to your own life and your work with clients will definitely UP your WQ (Wisdom Quotient)
Coach Membership includes the compete set of 50 Principles with brief explanations
Not sold seperately


Coaching Models by Thomas Leonard
Studying these 30 models will have a long lasting positive impact on your coaching. When you skim these models you will often see one that you can apply to a client situation right away. Bringing a powerful model to your next coaching session shows that you are proactive in practicing the craft AND it’s a great way to spark provocative conversation! The gold member version includes recordings and transcripts that are packed with timeless coaching wisdom.
Coach Membership Includes 31 models, 5 hours of recordings with transcripts
Not sold seperately


101 Coaching Mistakes by Thomas Leonard
Less oops. More Wow! 101 Insightful, edgy and always dead- on-accurate experiences from the life of a coach. Reviewing these slides on a regular basis - and looking for aspects of your coaching - will keep you on your toes. Remember, as you grow into more challenging client scenarios, often old mistakes will come back! Re-read these now and again.
Coach Membership includes complete list of 101 mistakes with detailed slides
Not sold seperately


How to Coach Anyone by Thomas Leonard
68 very real and very common situations you face every day as a coach and detailed and insightful ideas on how to deal with them. Thomas looks at each situation from several angles and provides a wealth of options for you to consider. This resource is wonderful for triggering great ideas that you can use an many different situations.
Coach Membership includes Complete list of 68 situations
Not sold seperately


Real Coaching with Dave Buck
Observing another practitioner of your craft is one of the most important and most profound steps on the path to mastery.
Great musicians have the opportunity to observe each other on a regular basis and every shared experience adds to the collective wisdom. We hope to create that same environment for coaches through this ongoing series.

Coach Dave Buck has a unique voice in the coaching profession - in this series you will experience it in action in a way that will add color and texture to your own coaching style.

As you listen to Dave coach, you will hear and learn the method, the skills and the patterns which will add wisdom to your ability to understand and coach a variety of situations.

Fan Membership 1 Complete Coaching Session

Coach Membership Includes a series of four consecutive sessions with a client facing a unique and challenging opportunity. Listen in as the situation unfolds and hear how coaching makes a difference in the ultimate outcome.

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