Super Small Business Coach Training
With Dave Buck

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This page has five sections:

1) An explanation of Super Small Business

2) An overview of the elements of our specialty coach training programs

3) The special “Early Adopter” offer

4) A few details about the Super Small Business Coach training teleclass series

5) A few details about the Super Small Business annual license


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1) A Super Small Business Overview

A super small business is small in the number of team members (1-9)
AND has a Super Sized Dream

A dream to…

  • Create products and services that add value to the lives of others AND bring joy to themselves in the making
  • Build prosperity for everyone on the team

Starting and building a business is
the ultimate path to financial
and creative freedom.

Mastering the skills, game plans, energy flow and environments of business will give you a foundation that you can leverage for the rest of your life.

It is also one of the most challenging things you will ever do. NOTHING will require you to dig deeper into your creative and resourceful self than building a business of your own design. The pressure to perform can get really intense. The old adage: If it is to be it is up to me, is never more true than when you go into business for yourself.

As a result,
A Super Small Business
probably has an owner who is
self-employed and working for a lunatic!

If you get the joke, then you have been there and you know what I am talking about.

Super Small Business is always one of the most dynamic segments in economy. It is full of opportunity AND peril. EVERYONE in or around business knows that 90% of all businesses fail in the first five years. With odds like that you would wonder why anyone would do it. However the pull of entrepreneurial freedom and the desire to build something of our own is a pull many can not resist.

The BIG idea #1: Business is a GAME!

When you transform your approach from working hard to playing well you will get an amazing lift in creativity, resourcefulness AND results. Playing well occurs when your talents are applied to the activities of the game in a way that gets consistent results. Workers use effort to get a job done. Players engage fully in the moment to get results. BIG Difference.

The BIG idea #2: The Magic is in the Method

The ONLY way to thrive in business long term is to combine a well-refined method for each area of the business with the fully expressed talents of great people. Many new business owners resist the structure of a method because they want creativity and freedom. What they don’t realize is two things: 1) developing and perfecting a method IS creative and 2) a little structure actually creates an environment for freedom and creativity.

The BIG idea #3: The Business is a Reflection of
the Consciousness of the Owner

I know that is a mouthful but it is totally true; And facing this truth will make or break the business.

So if business is a reflection of the consciousness of the owner and 95% of all businesses fail…

Then there must be a relationship between consciousness and business success.

Businesses fail for one reason and the reason is not lack of money. 

Businesses fail because the owner runs out of energy. They get to a point where they just can’t do it anymore. Why does this happen? Well it goes back to the consciousness thing. Most people do not have consciousness that is organized for long term business success. UNLESS…

The owner is ready to face themselves and grow on the inside in order to enable growth in the business, the business will eventually fail.

Why do business owners run out of energy?
Remember I said that the owner just gets too tired and runs out of energy. Here is what happens.

Business success depends on effectiveness in each of 5 fundamental components. And the truth is the MOST people have a strong inner resistance to each of these four things. Overcoming resistance is a huge energy drain that leads to exhaustion.

Visibility – Most people have trained themselves to be invisible,
Engagement, - Most people have an almost allergic reaction to making an offer
Fulfillment – Most people resist fully expressing their talents
Orchestration (Management) – Most people GREATLY resist being managed in any way
Wealth Creation - MOST people - believe it or not - have a strong limitation on the amount of money they can handle

When they start a business, most people can power through their inner resistance to these activities for a short period of time. But eventually they just run out of energy and essential parts of the business start to fall apart.

Let’s look at visibility for a more detailed example
When most people grow up they learn how to stay out of sight and out of trouble; To fly “under the radar”. This is absolutely the best way to survive childhood and especially high school and EVERYBODY learns it. So we develop LOTS of beliefs, behavior patterns and emotions for avoiding drawing too much attention to ourselves.

Now they start a business. 
And they have to step out into the community in a BIG visible way to draw attention to themselves and their business. Well, when they do this, they are going to experience INTENSE INNER RESISTANCE from everything they learned growing up. They often can do it for a little while, but it takes A LOT of energy to overcome resistance every day. Very few people are able to do it in a sustainable way, so most businesses fail.

Well… what if you as a coach, were able to help them reduce or eliminate the resistance? Then they could do the visibility actions without the inevitable exhaustion! That would be VERY powerful.

Enrollment, Delivery, Management and Money also have common forms of resistance. So in order to keep a business going, you must face yourself and develop new patterns on the inside that reduce the resistance, or run out of energy and watch your business fade away. 

If you can Coach this game with excellence, you can thrive in ANY economy.

2) An overview of the elements of our
specialty coach training program

To thrive in the community as a professional Coach,
with a full team of paying clients
And a healthy waiting list
you need many things

in addition to your passion, determination and coaching skills. 

You need...

  • A recognizable brand image that clearly states the game you coach - most new coaches spend years trying to figure this out and never really get on track until they do. With this program you can start right away with a compelling message. One day you may decide to craft your own message. By then your business and coaching experience will be strong enough to support the change.
  • A complete method for building visibility in the community
  • A reliable method for enrolling prospects into paying clients
  • A method for coaching players that produces consistent results in the game
  • A way to talk about what you do as a coach that sparks the desire of prospects to hire you, referral partners to refer you and strategic alliance partners to promote you.
  • A memorable signature program that you can deliver in the public that adds value to the participants and creates both visibility and credibility for YOU and YOUR GAME
  • The assessments, forms, plans and checklists to use with your players to build their confidence in you AND help them get great results
  • A community of support and challenge of other coaches in the same game so that you are NEVER ALONE

And two things that are coming soon that you do not even know that you need yet! LOL

  • A specialized professional profile as a Super Small Business Coach in the new CV Coach profile system
  • A listing on a public Find a Coach site dedicated to Super Small Business Coaches that is in the works.
  • A Strategic Alliance building method and web-based communication system tailored to the Super Small Business Game

Can you imagine what you would do
if you had all of that going for you? 
We can!

  • In the past, each coach had to try to put all of these pieces together on their own; NOT ANY MORE. We will put it all together for you (and WITH you during this ”early adopter” period). So you can just follow the method, build your business and enjoy coaching.
  • This is a complete program that includes coach training and a renewable one-year license to use all of the materials
  • There are three 6-week Coach Training modules where you learn HOW to coach the owners of Super Small Businesses - the details of the three modules are listed below
  • Each coach training module is 6 2.5 hour teleclass sessions delivered in six consecutive weeks using our acclaimed DTMOPP learning method. In each session you will experience the spark of Desire, learn the Theory and Method, Observe a real coaching session and then Practice what you observed with a colleague - all during the class!

3) The special “Early Adopter” offer

IMPORTANT: This is the initial roll out of this program so you will be an early adopter. The benefit to you is that you will get the program that will eventually sell for $2,000 or more for just $995. Another benefit is that you can contribute to and help shape all of the materials. The downside is that there will be a little chaos and messiness during the creative process. If you can handle (or even enjoy) that, then you can get an incredible bargain.

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4) A few details about the Super Small Business Coach training teleclass series.

Each module consists of six 2.5-hour sessions using our acclaimed DTMOPP coach training method

Module 1: The Super Small Business Game.

  • Learn how to PLAY super small business as a game to get optimal results AND have fun
  • Learn to use the Super Small Business Assessment to attract potential clients

Module 2: The Super Small Business Methods

  • Learn how to develop a method for Visibility, Enrollment, Delivery, Management and Money
  • Brand yourself as a Super Small Business Coach
  • Learn how to conduct a powerful Assessment review that converts prospects to clients
  • Use the Super Small Business Coaching Plan to put your player on a long term plan for sustainable success.

Module 3: The Super Conductivity Approach to Super Small Business

  • Learn how to identify and shift energy patterns that create resistance within the business owner.
  • Also learn how to design powerful environments for energy flow within the business.
  • Master the art of the Super Small business signature presentation to attract clients: Are You Self-Employed And Working for a Lunatic?
    How to Win the Game of Business Without Losing the Rest of Your Life
  • Special focus on developing strategic alliances that build a sustainable visibility engine for your Coaching Business.

5) A few details about the Super Small Business annual license

Our intention is to create an annual membership program that you will love to invest in to be a part of each year. Here is what we see right now. But the bottom line is this: if it is not worth the fee for you, we do not want you to do it! Included in the annual licence is:

  • The right to use the signature presentations in the public
  • The right to use the Super Small Business Coach Brand
  • A listing on the Super Small Business Coaches Website
  • Participation in the Super Small Business Coaches members only community
  • Participation in a Strategic Alliance Building tool we are designing
  • Addional benefits that have not yet been created. ;-)

The second year renewal fee for early adopters will be $495. We anticipate the annual fee for this program will be between $795 and $995 starting in 2010.

Note: After purchasing the program you will always have the right to use the methods, assessment, coaching plan and forms with your 1-1 clients even if you do not renew the annual licence.


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Super Small Business
Pricing and Registration Details

Option 1: The Complete Program - $995

  • You get all three modules
  • Each module is 6 2.5 hour sessions
  • Program is delivered via teleclass
  • Each module has a detailed learning guide
  • You can repeat a module any time
  • Payment plan is available
  • You can start any time
  • Class times are 2-4:30 PM ET

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Option 2: A la Carte

During the initial roll out of this program each module can be purchased individually for $495.And
The modules cna be completed in any order

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