Personal Leadership Coach Training
Your ultimate guide to a purpose driven life.

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This page has five sections:

1) An explanation of Personal Leadership

2) An overview of the elements of our specialty coach training programs

3) The special “Early Adopter” offer

4) A few details about the Personal Leadership Coach training teleclass series

5) A few details about the Personal Leadership annual license


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1) Personal Leadership Coaching
our ultimate guide to a purpose driven life.

A powerful re-branding of the original Life Coach idea

The Truth is…
Life is a game. And you get to choose:

Are you going to play small? OR
Are you going to play BIG?

Personal Leadership Coaching is for YOU, when you are ready to play bigger and win on your own terms.

Whether you are a woman or a man.
Whether your focus is on family, career, business, health or some combination of these;
A purpose-driven, heart-guided life is the ONLY path to lasting success and fulfillment.

We call the courage to walk down this path Personal Leadership.

The Path of Heart

For me, there is only the traveling of a path with heart.
Whichever path that may have heart
There I travel.

And the only challenge of any value is to traverse its full length.
And there I travel.
Looking. Looking. Breathless.

-Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda

In the past, the few with the courage to walk the Path of Heart had to walk alone. With Personal Leadership Coaching, this is no longer the case.

With a PL Coach as your guide the journey will be more productive, more fruitful and far less lonely!

A PL Coach will help you play the meaningful games of your life better and win on your own terms.

The key phrase: Win on your own terms.

What does winning look like to you on a daily basis?

Do you wake up each day eager to go out and play a meaningful game worth playing? To get into the BIG games of your life?

Most people – even seemingly successful ones – can not answer that question.

And as a result, they end most days with a feeling of low grade frustration – feeling they didn’t do enough.

Are you truly playing YOUR best game? On YOUR terms?

Of have you been heavily influenced by others in such a way that you often wonder…

Why am I doing this?
Or lamenting to yourself… I can’t go on like this much longer.

Personal Leadership is oriented around the BIG P’s in life:

Consider these questions...

  • Are your true PURPOSE reflected in your day-to-day life?
    Or are you not fully connected to what you value most?
  • Are you fully self-expressed in your PASSIONS every day?
    Or is there something you are yearning to do?
  • Do you experience the POWER of your strengths and talents?
    Or is there some part of you left out, hidden or even buried?
  • Are you engaged in meaningful activity with PARTNERS you enjoy
    Or are you wondering why you feel so alone?
  • Do you come alive in the PLACES where you participate?
    Or are you constantly overcoming obstacles?
  • Do you feel the spirit of PLAY and endless possibilities?
    Or are you feeling stuck in an unwinnable game?

And finally, have you realized that
Than trying to fulfill your heart with stuff.

Your heart wants connection and meaning
Your soul wants expression and purpose
They both want you to go for the biggest game in life you can play

So that you can experience the challenges and support that will help you grow at a healthy pace and deepen your relationships with your Self and others.

If this sounds like the way you play life AND the way you coach,


We would LOVE to have you in the “early adopter” release of the Personal Leadership Coach Training Program.

2) An overview of the elements of our
specialty coach training program

To thrive in the community as a professional Coach,
with a full team of paying clients
And a healthy waiting list
you need many things

in addition to your passion, determination and coaching skills. 

You need...

  • A recognizable brand image that clearly states the game you coach - most new coaches spend years trying to figure this out and never really get on track until they do. With this program you can start right away with a compelling message. One day you may decide to craft your own message. By then your business and coaching experience will be strong enough to support the change.
  • A complete method for building visibility in the community
  • A reliable method for enrolling prospects into paying clients
  • A method for coaching players that produces consistent results in the game
  • A way to talk about what you do as a coach that sparks the desire of prospects to hire you, referral partners to refer you and strategic alliance partners to promote you.
  • A memorable signature program that you can deliver in the public that adds value to the participants and creates both visibilty and credibility for YOU and YOUR GAME
  • The assessments, forms, plans and checklists to use with your players to build thier confidence in you AND help them get great results
  • A community of support and challenge of other coaches in the same game so that you are NEVER ALONE

And three things that are coming soon that you do not even know that you need yet! LOL

  • A specialized professional profile as a Personal Leadership Coach in the new CV Coach profile system
  • A listing on a public Find a Coach site dedicated to Personal Leadership Coaches that is in the works.
  • A Strategic Alliance building method and web-based communication system tailored to the Personal Leadership Game

Can you imagine what you would do
if you had all of this going for you? 
We can!

In the past, each coach had to try to put all of these pieces together on thier own; NOT ANY MORE. We will put it all together for you (and WITH you during this ”early adopter” period). So you can just follow the method, build your business and enjoy coaching.

This is a complete program that includes coach training and a renewable one-year licence to use all of the materials

There are three 6-week Coach Training modules where you learn HOW to coach Personal Leadership - the details of the three modules are listed below

Each coach training module is 6 2.5 hour teleclass sessions delivered in six consecutive weeks using our acclaimed DTMOP learning method. In each session you will experience the spark of Desire, learn the Theory and Method, Observe a real coaching session and then Practice what you observed with a colleague - all during the class!

3) The special “Early Adopter” offer

IMPORTANT: This is the initial roll out of this program so you will be an early adopter. The benefit to you is that you will get the program that will eventually sell for $2,000 or more for just $995. Another benefit is that you can contribute to and help shape all of the materials. The downside is that there will be a little chaos and messiness during the creative process. If you can handle (or even enjoy) that, then you can get an incredible bargain.

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4) A few details about the Personal Leadership Coach training teleclass series.

Each module consists of six 2.5-hour sessions using our acclaimed DTMOPP coach training method

Module 1: Personal Leadership - Playing “The BIG Game”

  • Learn what it REALLY means to Play BIG
  • Develop a method for Purpose, Passions, Power, Places, Parnters and Play
  • Learn to use the Personal Leadership Assessment to attract potential clients

Module 2: Personal Energy Flow with Super Conductivity

  • Brand yourself as a Personal Leadership Coach
  • Personal Leadership Coaching – understanding the energy game
  • Learn how to conduct a powerful Assessment review that converts prospects to clients
  • Use the Personal Leadership Coaching Plan to put your player on a long term plan for sustainable success.

Module 3: Personal Evolution with 9 Environments Pattern Language

  • Learn how to design powerful environments for Personal Leadership success with your clients
  • Master the art of the Personal Leadership Signature programs to attract clients
  • Special focus on developing strategic alliances that build a sustainable visibility engine for your Coaching Business.

5) A few details about the Personal Leadership annual license

Our intention is to create an annual membership program that you will love to invest in to be a part of each year. Here is what we see right now. But the bottom line is this: if it is not worth the fee for you, we do not want you to do it! Included in the annual licence is:

  • The right to use the signature presentations in the public
  • The right to use the Personal Leadership Coach Brand
  • A listing on the Personal Leadership Coaches Website
  • Participation in the Personal Leadership Coaches members only community
  • Participation in a Strategic Alliance Building tool we are designing
  • Addional benefits that have not yet been created. ;-)

We anticipate the annual fee for this program will be between $795 and $995 starting in 2010.

Note: After purchasing the program you will always have the right to use the methods, assessment, coaching plan and forms with your 1-1 clients even if you do not renew the annual licence. sample qwikscore


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Pricing and Registration Details

Option 1: The Complete Program

  • The complete program price: $995
  • You get all three modules
  • Each module is 6 2.5 hour sessions
  • Program is delivered via teleclass
  • Each module has a detailed learning guide
  • You can repeat a module any time
  • Payment plan is available
  • Each module is offered 3 times per year
  • You can start any time
  • Class times are 2-4:30 PM ET OR
    7-9:30 PM ET

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Option 2: A la Carte

Each module can be purchased individually for $495.
They can be done in any order

Register a la carte here:

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