Personal Environments Method
Pursue Personal Evolution
12 2.5 hour sessions; 30 hours total

The Environment Always Wins - this is the provocative mantra of this life-changing program.   If you are coaching a player and NOT coaching their environment, you are only doing half your job!  Without significant environmental design, no process of change is sustainable. Environmental design is the key to sustainable results because we evolve by adapting to the world around us.

In this program you will explore each of the 9 Environments of YOU as first articulated by Thomas Leonard.  You will learn three unique Environmental Design Coaching Techniques. You will practice designing inspiring environments using Pattern Language.   You will learn how to co- create power patterns with your player and then replicate the pattern in each of the 9 Environments.  This is a fun and highly creative process. You will also learn how to identify and shift pattern language dissonance in each environment. 

(Included in Center for Coaching Mastery Level 3)
*This Course Qualifies for 30 ICF CCEU's


3 Key Points

1) The Environment Always Wins

Environmental design is essential to masterful coaching because the environment  always wins! If you want your players to win the games of their lives then you  MUST help them to design winning environments - environments that support them, inspire them and bring the game to life. 

An environment that is full of obstacles or missing essential support will make it  impossible to sustain a winning effort.  In fact, a poorly designed environment  is what makes most games unwinnable in the first place.

You will learn and practice several powerful methods for environmental design that will significantly expand your coaching mastery AND your players results.

2) Personal Evolution and the 9 Environments of You

The 9 Environments of YOU - originally created by Thomas Leonard - is a powerful way to see and design the world around you.  We know that humans are always adapting to the world around them while at the same time creating the world as a reflection of themselves.  What if you could design the world around you so that you could become who you desire to be AND evolve in unexpected often delightful ways? 

Well it is possible and in this course you will learn how to do this with your players.  In the Environmental Design Method Coaching program you learned how to design environments for sustainable success.  In this program we go beyond results to Personal Evolution.

In this program you will have a real hands-on experience of the 9 Environments.  You will work with a partner throughout the program as their coach - designing every aspect of their environment for sustainable success (and yes, they will be designing yours too)  You will explore the nuances of each of the 9 environments. 

3) Fundamental Environmental Design Theory

It is essential to realize that environmental design is the key to sustainable success in life and in coaching! The environment must be re-designed for the game the player is playing now. For most people the environment is a reflection of the games they used to play. 

Why is this? People have a two-way relationship with the world around them: they are adapting to what is there while at the same time the world around them is becoming a reflection of who they are. BIG INSIGHT: The adaptive process is fast and somewhat transient while the reflective process is slow but more substantive.

In other words, over time, the world around you becomes an accurate reflection of who you WERE are on the inside; this may or may not be good news! While in a new environment, quick change may occur, typically people return to the way they were before when they leave that new environment.

So in order to create sustainable change, the coach must use their creativity, design sense and awareness of workability to help the player make immediate changes to the outside world that reflect the changes made on the inside. Then the adaptive process works FOR positive change rather than against it!  The player becomes more aware of the world around them and more connected to it.  This leads to sustainable results.

The 9 Environments of You

Memetic Environment - Ideas

Financial Environment - Money, Wealth and Budget

Relationship Environment - Close friends, family and close colleagues

Network Environment - Professional Connections, Greater Community

Physical Environment - Places and Things

Body Environment - Your Energy, Appearance and Clothing

Self Environment - Strengths, Talents and Character

Spirtual Environment - Deep Connections and Sacred Spaces

Nature Environment - The Great Outdoors

The 10 Major Themes of the course

1) Learn the nine environments of YOU and how to scan them for obstacles, assets and “missings”.

2) Basic environmental design method: ZAP “Tolerations” and become a Toleration-Free Zone.

3) Basic environmental design method for inspiration: Who will you become?

4) Transformation from Willpower to World Power

5) The Evolutionary Coaching Method: designing experiments and entering new territories

6) Using Pattern Language to Design Environments: Find the phrase that captures the feeling, then replicate!

7) Using Pattern Language to identify conflict and dissonance in the 9 Environments fo You

8) The Memetic Environment (Part 1): The Magical Powers of Replication: Leverage our natural capacity for imitation.

9) The Memetic Environment (Part 2): The Conscious Selection of Memes: Choosing what influences you

10) The Patterns of  Complexity and Simplicity: Abandon the non-essentials and watch your player grow!


In each class you will...

a) Engage in a lively discussion about the topic of the day
b) Observe a real coaching session
c) Coach a classmate and be coached in YOUR game

Each week between classes you will play a fun and challenging game
where you earn points for:

1) answering questions about what you have learned
2) completing exercises where you re-design your 9 environments
3) playing BIG in your own life and creating results
4) conducting coaching sessions
5) acquiring feedback letters from your players
6) staying in contact with your player/coach
7) supporting your team mates
8) making a BIG WIN happen in your life

Center for Coaching Mastery Students need a minimum number of points to graduate
You will be able to trade in your points for rewards at! Awesome.


How this program will make you a better coach

1) Your confidence as a coach will increase dramatically because you KNOW you have the tools to create sustainable success

2) The Toleration-free method is one of the BEST coaching techniques ever - players LOVE it

3) Understanding the power of the 9 Environments will give you endless new territory with a wide range of players

4) The distinction between will-power and world-power can bring powerful awareness and transformation especially for high-achieving (or burned out) players

5) The designing experiments coaching technique can often bring a light and creative approach to situations that may dire or overly difficult

6) Becoming more masterful with pattern language will enable to you coach in extremely high-end situations

7) The Environmental scan will give you a powerfully robust view of your player's situation in a very short period of time.  This will dramatically reduce the times you are coaching in a dead-end situation (where the environment is so over powering that nothing else matters) and give you an immediate path to change by redesigning that environment with your player.


Peer Review

Linda Hamilton

I have had a client who has been stuck the last couple of calls on moving forward in an area, instead of creating an action plan at the end of this call, I brought up this whole idea of experimenting and environments, the light bulb went on, my client shifted in that moment to a much more resourceful, powerful, expansive, creative, energized place. It was incredible! 

Rena Hedeman

I love the idea that willpower will eventually run out but if you can change someone's environment they will flower. I have always been a person who used willpower to get through tough situations - you know the old "mind over matter" mantra. But after this class, I realized how important the right environment is and just how many types of environments there are! Maybe if I had realized this earlier in life, I wouldn't have felt the need to "tough it out" so often - perhaps I would have experienced more "flow”!

Lorenda Phillips

The environment always wins.  Unbelievably impactful.  I have been trying to alter some work behaviors, and will power has not been winning over environment.  I see the same for clients.  Brilliant


Super Details

A closer look at the Nine Environments

1) The Memetic Environment

The world is full of ideas.  The issue is, which ones are you getting in to your mind? And an even bigger issue is how do these ideas impact your ability to play your new game at your best.

2) The Financial Environment:  Assessing Your Financial Environment

Nearly any game your player can play will be affected by their financial situation.  How healthy is your players wealth? Do not know?  Hmmm... maybe it is time for you to  take a close look at their money situation. It is important that YOU and your player have a realistic picture of their current financial health. If necessary  you must help them develop the basic money skills required to finance the games  they are playing and possibly move in a direction of financial freedom.

3) The Relationship Environment: The mirror to your self

If you want to know someone really well, simply get to know their five closest relationships. Everyone in a persons life acts as a mirror to some part of  themselves.  AND we become like the people we spend time with; This is a simple  and powerful truth of the Relationship environment. The majority of human beings are aware of the importance of their intimate relationships but rarely use this awareness as an Environmental Design tool.

4) The Network Environment: Designing a Resourceful Personal and Professional  Network

As your game changes your network environment must evolve and grow. Through network  design, your player will discover ways to team up with others and create a supportive and thriving network. Your players network can play a powerful role in helping them achieve great success in the games of their life. We will  provide you with ways to coach your client in designing a network to create  supportive partnerships.

5) The Physical Environment: Does Your Physical Space Inspire You?

Creating physical spaces with great style, beauty and efficiency is no simple  task. What we know is that the yearning for the design of our physical spaces is much deeper than the eye can see. In your players heart what they truly want is to be able to walk into places and spaces that nurture them on every level. They want spaces that provide warmth and relaxation, safety, and security, and most of all, a place that expresses their true personalities and one that makes them come alive! The goal of this class is to provide you with an introduction to  create with your client, physical spaces that stimulate spiritual energy and a feeling of: Ahhhh, this is me! I have truly come home.

6) The Body Environment: A source of strength and energy

It may  seem strange to think of the body as an environment but it is.  You are NOT your  body, your body is something you have and so, it can be designed.  The Body  environment also includes clothing, hair and energy. Is your clients body a source of inspiration to them? Is it strong, flexible and graceful?  A positive  body image is one of the most important aspects of happiness and well- being, yet  it is an area which often seems to be a challenge for many.  A holistic approach to strength, energy and well being through daily practices is essential for the player who wants to win the games of their life.

7) The Self Environment: Using Your Strengths, Talents, Character and the  Authentic You

The  Self is another element of the environment that not often thought of as such.  But it is. You can help your client design new strengths, abilities and  character. You can help them tap into the deep resources on the inside that can  be reflected in the world around them. Are there old patterns that are restricting your players’ full self-expression.

8) The Spiritual Environment: The Power of Pure Potential and Sacred Spaces

Are  your clients getting their energy from low vibrations or negative points of  power€ such as control, overwhelm, clutter, addictions, force, manipulation, and  anger OR from high vibrations or positive points of power such as love,  truth, oneness, beauty, a giving spirit, and thankfulness. As with all design  choices, your clients can choose to get energy from the highest of sources,  which ultimately come from living in way that honors the soul. We will explore  how to assist your client in designing sacred spaces in their home or office for creating high vibrations of love, truth, thankfulness, and positive points of  power. We will also explore the potential for designing spiritual practices.

9) The Nature Environment: Designing "Everyday Nature" with Inspiration In Mind

Our  spirits so lifted by beautiful flowers, a shining rainbow, or stars shining  brightly in the clear night sky. We are drawn so dramatically to a panoramic  view and to the sound of crashing waves on a sandy shore. There are deep and  compelling reasons for our connection and love of nature. Our connection to nature has the potential to be a constant source of inspiration.  No matter what  games we are playing in life, connection to nature can bring us to life and restore our natural sense of wonder and mystery.


The Core Themes in Greater Detail

1) Introduction to the 9 Environments of  You

Success becomes sustainable: When the  environments support success AND make you feel fully alive. Being fully alive allows you to play a much bigger game in life. And through these BIG GAMES you evolve to your optimal potential and new levels of beauty, grace and greatness.  This class will support you in taking the first crucial steps in the direction of living an inspired life each and every day where you work and play.

2) The Environmental Scan and Toleration-Free Coaching Method

Have you ever wondered why your players do not get the results they desire even though they are putting in tremendous effort? Are you sometimes wondering if a  new strategy will even make a difference?  You need more information to guide your efforts, and you know the secret to beginning this process rests in the  world surrounding your player.  This class will introduce the Personal  Environments Scan, a comprehensive method which gathers information on the  current strengths, tolerations and conditions in your players 9 environments.

3) Discovering Who You Really Are

Your world is a reflection of you so take a look around. What do you see? What you see is both who you are AND who you will become.  This is true for your players too of course.  Do you like what you see?  The good news is that you can redesign it. As your player grows into a the new and bigger games you inspire them to play, you can help them create a picture of who they desire to become in the world. 

4) Transformation from Willpower to World Power

History is full of stories of individuals who achieved greatness by overcoming the environment.  Through these stories we get the idea that the environment is something to be overcome through willpower.  While this is possible, it is NOT efficient - MOST of the time, the environment wins and the individual does not.

In this program you will learn a transformational framework - World Power.  World Power means that you design an environment with the just the right balance of support and challenge for your player to grow and get results.  It means that you see yourself as part of the environment and play with it and within it. 

5)  The Evolutionary Coaching Method

Evolution is fostered by designing experiments and entering new territories. This is how you facilitate rapid growth for your player in their game and as a person. In this program you will learn how and when to design experiments that foster Personal Evolution.

Did you know that your players way of thinking, behavior, capacities, skill sets and paradigms are not just limited to developing (linearly) over time but can evolve in unexpected ways. This means that they can become more complex and take on a different life far beyond what they may have been planned for. There is a wild  adventure beyond personal development; Development means more/better of the same while evolution means something new added to the mix that fundamentally changes its nature.

This class will delve into how to design experiments which stimulate your client in surprising ways. Personal evolution is a very different game, it is about using everything in your midst to move to higher and higher levels of  truth about life, people, nature, and the connection to a much higher power in  the universe.

6) Using Pattern Language to Design Personal Environments

What games are your players playing? Are they games of business, career, romance, family, health, athletics or a spiritual quest? Through the use of carefully designed pattern language, it is very  possible to design a world which is perfect for the games your player is playing; a world that brings the game to life! This class will teach you a  method for designing environments using pattern language as a tool. With this tool you can develop dramatic new solutions to old and tired problems, create  exciting new possibilities, and have success come in the games your client is  playing with much less effort and willpower.

7) Using Pattern Language to Identify Conflict and Dissonance in the 9 Environments of You

Have you ever noticed that the environment is  creating a source of conflict and frustration? This is a common experience when  your client is playing a new game because your clients world is a reflection of  the games they used to play. And many of those games were outgrown years  ago! Through the use of pattern language you will identify elements of your  clients world that are not designed for the new game. This goes deeper than  tolerations that were identified in module 1. Here we get into the depths of  your clients world and create new patterns. 

For example, your player says that they want interdependent relationships yet they continue to attract people who are needy.  Or, they say they want to live a clean and organized life, and they continue to collect clutter. Each and every thing in the environment is filled with energy. Every aspect of life is riddled with patterns...patterns of inspiration and patterns of drag or stuck-ness. Our players can want to win desperately, yet they may never get there due to  patterns of self doubt. This is where the inner game and Environmental Design come together. This class will explore how conflicting intentions are reflected  in the 9 Environments of you and how to articulate the pattern language to  create freedom and possibility. 

8) The Memetic  Environment (Part 1): The Magical Powers of Replication

As humans, imitation  comes naturally to us. As infants, we learn to say “No,” learn to wave good- bye,  and learn to smile as we see others greet us with an ear to ear grin. Each time  we imitate someone else something is passed on and passed on again and again.  Tunes that you cannot shake, catch- phrases, clothes and fashion, religious  beliefs, the invention of the internet, the profession of coaching, and ways of  designing buildings are all memes. This class will provide you with an  introduction to the memetic environment…those ideas, behaviors, styles, or  usages that spread from person to person within a culture and have a profound  effect on your client.

9) The Memetic Environment (Part 2): The Conscious Selection of Memes

A good part of who your player is, is influenced by what comes into their lives and how they respond to  it. Is your player fueling up from sources that completely support them? We will look at the sources that influence what we think, why we think what we do, and what we can do about it to create optimal conditions to flourish. The places your player gets and the degrees to which they are influenced by memes may surprise and astound you and them!

10) The Patterns of  Complexity and Simplicity

Ahhh...give  me the simple things in life. Now that your client has experienced the 9  environments of you and the strategies for personal evolution, it is time to  begin looking closely at how to support your clients in discovering the  environmental patterns of both complexity and simplicity. Abandoning the non- essentials and struggles in life leaves much more room for evolution, and  your client will begin to move in the direction of their truest, closest to the  heart dreams. This class will provide you and your client with a blueprint to  begin designing their lives built on a foundation of simplicity, beauty, and  clean open spaces. Your players spirit is about to soar!


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