Graduate School of Coaching 2.0

Sophisticated continuing education for the experienced coach that leads to certification

This program is designed for the experienced coach who is thinking: "Maybe I should get certified, but I don't want to sit through a bunch of basic classes about things I already know!"  Based on the power of Pattern Language Coaching (tm) the content AND the delivery are designed for the savvy professional.  These courses will serve you in many ways by expanding your horizons and giving you the tools to serve a wider variety of clients and situations.  At the same time, it provides a provocative environment for personal growth - essential to staying on top of your game as a professional coach.

As far as certification is concerned, completing the GSC 2.0 will prepare you for the CoachVille Certified Coach designation.  The certification process is sold separately from the education component (The current fee is $750).  This program is structured to meet the requirements of an "Accredited Coach Training Program" with the International Coach Federation (ICF)  (We anticipate accreditation in the 1st Quarter 2006)  enabling you to apply for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation once you meet the ICF professional coaching hours requirement.

Are you ready for the GSC 2.0?

How do you know if you are experienced enough for the Graduate School OR if you should go for the coach training available in the Center for Coaching Mastery? You are probably ready for the GSC 2.0 if...

  • You have attended another coach training program
  • You have a working coaching model and method - you know what coaching is and how to do it
  • You have been coaching for several years and/or have worked with many paying coaching clients

The Graduate School of Coaching (GSC) 2.0 details:

  • 25 5-hour modules (125 hours total) - delivered via live teleclass. The curriculum overview is listed below.
  • You can complete up to 25 of the 125 hours via self-paced recordings and learning guides; this is handy if you miss a class
  • Each module has an on-line syllabus where you obtain all of the written learning guides, additional resources, recordings of each class and a quiz.  You track your progress through the curriculum by checking off each class as you complete it.
  • Every class has a recording in Real Audio and MP3 format.  You can download the entire curriculum to your MP3 player and listen to them whenever and wherever you want - a powerful tool to enhance your learning experience.
  • The modules are taught by Certified Coaches at convenient times during the day and evening - a 5-hour module is typically taught one-hour per week over a five-week period.  The schedule is posted several months in advance and you register on-line for the classes that fit your schedule.
  • One 6-hour coaching practicum with a Certified Coach is included in the program.   In the practicum you will coach one of your colleagues in the group while your colleagues and other observers listen in.  It is like giving a coaching recital!  The Certified Coach as well as the other observers will provide feedback during the program.  The Certified Coach will also provide written feedback.
  • Live event upgrade option.  12 of the 25 modules can be completed by attending weekend intensive workshops at our retreat center in Hopatcong New Jersey and in other cities in the US and Canada.  Each weekend intensive can by purchased for a $247 "live event upgrade fee" (NOTE: the price to the general public for each weekend intensive is $997)

How it works...

  • First you register for the program!! 
  • Then you will receive a phone call from our member services team who will walk you through the web site and show you how to use the on-line learning platform and most importantly how to register for classes! 
  • You can complete the modules in any order you choose - based on class availability and your schedule.  We will provide a recommended order.
  • When you register for a module you are given a telephone bridge number to call.  Just call the number at the appropriate time and you'll be connected with the instructor and your fellow students from all over the world.  Our telephone bridges are all located in the US.  Normal long distance charges apply.  We recommend that you obtain a fixed price long distance calling plan from your local telephone carrier.  Note: voice over IP telephone services sometimes cause problems with our bridge lines so we prefer that you use a standard phone line.
  • When you attend a teleclass you are given a code word to enter into the syllabus as you mark the class complete - this is how we confirm attendance requirements for graduation.  After you complete the five classes in a module you complete the on-line test.  In order to graduate you must pass each test with a score of 80% or better.  If you don't pass a test you can study the material and take the test again.
  • When you complete all of the 25 modules (remember, if you plan to apply for ICF certification in the future, at least 100 of the 125 class hours must completed via live teleclass) you apply for graduation.

Preparing for certification...

  • If you plan to apply for certification you must purchase 5 observed and critiqued coaching sessions with one of our ICF Certified Coaches; (currently priced at $500) You can do this at any time during or after your participation in the curriculum.  You record a total of 5 coaching sessions (each around 30 minutes in length) with your clients using our easy-to-use telephone recording system.  The certified coach listens to the recordings and then sends you written feedback as to how well you demonstrated the 15 Coaching Proficiencies AND the 11 Core Coaching Competencies as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

    We recommend that you start this process early in the program and do one recording every other month or so. The feedback along the way will help you improve your skill and you will be able to see your progress over time which is VERY rewarding. By the time you record your fifth session your coaching should be at the level required for certification the certified coach will let you know if you are ready! 

    NOTE: The ICF requires that each student conduct six observed coaching sessions with written feedback which goes into the official student record. In the GSC 2.0, we meet this requirement by providing one observed session in a group practicum, and we require five 1-1 sessions purchased separately as described above.
  • When your graduation is complete you can purchase the CoachVille certification program.(currently $750)  In it you will record two coaching sessions with a real client.  These recorded sessions will be scored independently by two certifying coaches for both 15 Coaching Proficiencies AND 11 Core Competencies of the ICF.  If your scorecard is 80% or higher you will be designated for Certification.  If you don't pass on the first try - many don't - you can submit a new set of recordings in three months for no additional charge.  Most coaches pass on the first or second attempt.

Curriculum Details

In the GSC 2.0 you will learn a powerful set of Pattern Languages.  Here is a brief description of each:
Coaching Skills and Ethics
These modules are based on the Core Competencies and Ethics of the International Coach Federation.  They are an integral part of the certification process.  These modules cover basic but important coaching concepts and the discussion is oriented toward advanced application.
2 modules

Coaching Proficiencies and the CoachVille Coaching System
The 15 Coaching Proficiencies are the soul of the CoachVille Coaching System. They are a powerful pattern language for effective coaching.  When the 15 Proficiencies are present you know great coaching is happening.  Many experienced coaches report that their coaching improved dramatically after they learned them and started using them.  This program is based on the work of CoachVille Founder Thomas Leonard.
5 modules (Live event intensive upgrade is available)

Environmental Design Coaching
The environment is the missing link in most coaching methods.  If you are coaching the person and NOT coaching the persons environment you are only doing half the job!  Because no inner change is sustainable unless the environments are upgraded to reflect it.  In this program you will learn the power of observing and creating pattern languages in each of the nine environments of you.  You will also learn the power of the environmental scan. This program was designed by CoachVille CEO Dave Buck and Certified Coach Bea Fields and is based on the work of Thomas Leonard's Personal Evolution program.
5 modules (Live event intensive upgrade is available)

Mastering Change
All meaningful coaching assignments require change. The Mastering Change program presents a Pattern Language to make change easier.   Coaches at all levels will enjoy using these patterns in their work.  This program was created by change agent and Master coach Lea Belair and uses material from her book “Walking on Water” and some original work by Thomas Leonard.
5 modules

The Power of Groups
Group coaching is one of the best ways to leverage your time and boost your coaching revenue.  In this program you will learn a Coaching Pattern Language specific to groups in the form of the 15 Group Coaching Proficiencies.  This program was created by the "Queen of Group Coaching", Certified Coach Ginger Cockerham.
5 modules; 4 modules are required for graduation, 1 is a Marketing Course which is optional

Inner Game Coaching
The results we achieve in life are a function of our thoughts, feelings and actions - each a powerful form of energy.  But often these powerful energy patterns or frameworks do not serve us; in fact they often take us directly away from what we are trying to do!  Mixed emotions and inner conflicts abound in any truly meaningful objective and the masterful coach must know how to identify these patterns and then help the client transcend them.  In fact, transcending our patterns from the past- the essence of growth - is the primary purpose of our desires.  This program was designed by CoachVille CEO Dave Buck
3 modules (Live event intensive upgrade is available)

Coaching Practicum Observer
The coaching practicum is a unique opportunity to observe coaching under the guidance of an ICF certified coach. As the coach you will be asked to coach one of your peers in the group. Upon completion the Certified Coach will provide an oral review of the proficiencies and core competencies demonstrated. As an observer you are expected to listen carefully for the usage of proficiencies and core competencies and describe what you heard following each coaching session. Following the session the Certified Coach will provide a written evaluation of each coaching session.
1 module (Live event intensive upgrade is available)



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