Core Curriculum Overview

The Center for Coaching Mastery core curriculum has 4 levels
Level 1 - The Pursuit of Human Greatness
Level 2 - The Pursuit of Inner Freedom
Level 3 - The Pursuit of Personal Evolution.
Level 4 - The certification process.

Plus two Bonus Levels
Bonus 1 - Specialty Coach Training
Bonus 2 - Programs to expand your business

Level 1 - The Pursuit of Human Greatness

The focus is on the basic coaching skills and Play Two Win Coaching Method. Combining basic skills with a reliable method is the fastest way to become effective with your players. You will be able to guide them toward playing their game better and winning on their own terms. They will achieve results AND become masters of the game. Even experienced coaches will enjoy this curriculum.
The following programs are included in Level 1:

The classes in level 1:

  • Play-Two-Win Method Coaching
  • Basic Coaching Skills & Ethics
  • Step Up and Stand Out - Business Academy Level 1
  • 1 Practicum Observation
  • 1 Practicum Participation(each practicum is 5 hours)

Play Two Win Method Coaching
Pursue Human GreatnessPlayTwoWin-mini100x150-v1-jpg
12 2.5 hour sessions; 30 hours total

Learn the powerful nine step coaching method where you elicit the human spirit of play by guiding your player to design a winnable game, play better and win on their own terms.  You will learn how to combine your personal experience with the method to provide what every player wants from their coach: confidence that you can help them play better through game planning, skills practice, inner freedom and a winning environment.  You will learn how to provide the right balance between support and challenge that leads to human greatness. Your confidence as a coach will soar as you master this method.

Play Two Win Method Coaching Details

Basic Coaching Skills & EthicsBasicCoaching-MIni100x150-v1-jpg
Fun With Fundamentals
6 2.5 hour sessions; 1-hour bonus recording; 16 hours total

Learn the fundamentals in a lively and entertaining way.  Practicing the basic skills of the coaching craft is valuable for new and experienced coaches alike. In this program you will review the coaching ethics and agreements (as defined by the International Coach Federation) in a lively group dialogue featuring challenging real life situations. Then you will delve into and practice the nine fundamental coaching skills; also known as the core competencies. Your ability to demonstrate all 9 skills at a professional level is the basis of our evaluation process for ICF certification.

Basic Coaching Details

Step Up and Stand Out - Business Academy Level 1
Who have you earned the right to coach?
6 2.5 hour sessions; 15 hours total

In this module you will learn how to create a compelling coaching brand by becoming astoundingly clear about EXACTLY what you do as a coach and who you coach. Based on the games you have lived, your unique coaching method is what gives your REAL attraction power by maximizing your credibility. The powerful mantra for this program: Clarity = Clients.
(15 hours) (Not required for certification)

Step Up and Stand Out Details

Coaching Practicum Participant (1 5-hour Practicum)
In a group of 4-5 participants you will coach, be coached and observe the coaching of your colleagues under the guidance of a Certified Coach.  Following the practicum you will receive a written critique of your coaching which will also become part of your student record - a requirement for graduation.

Coaching Practicum Observer
Observing a full 5-hour practicum by listening to the coaching and feedback sessions is a GREAT way to accelerate your learning. You can even ask questions during the feedback time. 

Level 2 - The Pursuit of Inner Freedom

Level 2 is a deep exploration in what it really takes to play and win the meaningful games of our lives - we call this body of work Super Conductivity Coaching.  You will learn how to use inner freedom techniques to guide your player into the flow state where the player and the game are one and results occur with ease. Sounds good! . You will also learn and demonstrate the 15 Certified Coach Proficiencies by Thomas Leonard which are the basis of the CoachVille Certification.

The classes in level 2:

  • Super Conductivity Method Coaching
  • Proficiencies Coaching
  • Expect Yes. Get YES! (Business Academy Level 2)
  • 1 Practicum Observation
  • 1 Practicum Participation (each practicum is 5 hours)

Super Conductivity Method Coaching
Pursue Inner Freedom
(12 2.5-hour sessions; 30 hours total)SuperConductivity-mini100x150-v1-jpg

As a Coach, your job is to inspire each player to play the biggest, most meaningful game they can play in life. However, when we do this we always create inner resistance because the big game moves them out of their comfort zone; you know that experience when you RESIST doing or saying the most important thing.  When this happens we usually try cheerleading or accountability to get our players into action.  But in the face of resistance these techniques are rarely effective -you need a much better tool!

The Super Conductivity Method™ is a tool to identify the patterns of resistance and transform them into inner freedom. You do this by creating alignment of thoughts, feelings and actions toward a heart-guided vision. When this happens your player is fully alive, in the flow and playing the game with great joy!  This program gives you a simple yet comprehensive tool to restore inner freedom quickly; creating a powerful, repeatable cycle for personal growth and great results.

Jack Canfield, a leader in the personal growth industry, raves about the Super Conductivity Method. You will too.

Super Conductivity Method Coaching Details

Proficiencies Coaching
Master the CraftProficiencyCoaching-Mini100-150-v1-jpg
6 2.5 hour sessions; 15 hours total

When the late Thomas Leonard taught the first Coaching Proficiencies Intensive it sent shock waves through the entire coaching industry. Never before - and never since - has the craft of coaching been so completely and inspiringly described.  New coaches were immediately lifted to a level of quality beyond what their experience would dictate.  And senior coaches - and LOTS of them participated in this - were shocked and delighted that there was a higher level of coaching in sight; and A LOT more to learn.  It was a breath of fresh are; It still is.

The essence: Pattern Language. A Pattern Language is a set of phrases that bring an experience to life. In this program you will learn the language of the coaching craft and bring your coaching to life in a powerful way.

Find out what all of the fuss was about!  Participate in this program.

Proficiency Coaching Details

Expect YES. Get YES! - Business Academy Level 2
6 2.5 hour sessions; 15 hours total

In this module you will build a complete method to engage potential players and sign them up as paying clients. The cornerstone of your method will be your powerful exploratory coaching session which you will observe and then practice with your team mates. As a Coach you must establish your credibility with your player before they will hire you. You will learn the incredible “7 Yeses” formula so that you can expect a YES from your potential player.

Expect Yes Get Yes Details

Coaching Practicum and Practicum Observer (2 5-hour practicum)
as previously explained

Level 3 - The Pursuit of Personal Evolution Coaching
Level 3 is a highly advanced exploration of Personal Environments coaching. You will learn how to identify environmental patterns each of the 9 Environments of YOU designed by Thomas Leonard and put them into language. By shifting pattern language you change the world. By changing your players world you create environments for sustainable success.

The classes in level 3:

  • Personal Environments Method Coaching
  • Advanced Communication for Coaches
  • Be Known as the Coach (Business Academy Level 3)
  • 1 or 2 Practicum (each practicum is 5 hours)

Personal Environments Method Coaching
Pursue Personal Evolution
12 2.5 hour sessions; 30 hours totalPersonalEnvironments-mini100x150-v1-jpg

The Environment Always Wins - This is the powerful mantra for this program. Learn to identify and shift patterns of support and challenge in the 9 Environments of your players world. You will learn three unique Environmental Design Coaching Methods. Environmental design is the key to sustainable results. You will practice designing inspiring environments using Pattern Language.  You will learn how to co-create power patterns with your player and then replicate the pattern in each of the 9 Environments.  This is a fun and highly creative process. You will also learn how to identify and shift pattern language dissonance in each environment.

Personal Environments Method Details

Advanced Communication for Coaches
Connect like a Coach.

6 2.5 hour sessions; 15 hours totalAdvancedCommunication-MIni100-150-v1-jpg

When the late Thomas Leonard articulated his Coaching System it included 5 groups of 15 powerful concepts; called it the 5-15's. The Core of these concepts was the Coaching Proficiencies (which are covered in a separate course).  The other 4-15's are the 15 Communication Style Points, 15 Frameworks, 15 Clarifiers and 15 Deliverables.  These 60 compelling concepts provide a comprehensive coaching toolkit that will deepen and expand the way you Coach.   With these communication skills you will engage in lively dialogues that allow your players to see what needs to be seen and do what needs to be done.

Advanced Communication for Coaches Details

Be Known as the Coach - Business Academy Level 3
6 2.5 hour sessions; 15 hours total

In this module you will learn a powerful concept: You are recruiting players NOT selling services. As a Coach, your purpose is to find people with the desire to play BIG and then offer them your coaching services to help them play better. You will expand your ability to talk about your coaching services in a clear and compelling way by exploring new approaches and practicing with your team mates. You will strengthen your ability to be visible as a Coach by experimenting with bold ideas and connecting with and expanding your current professional network.

Be Known As the Coach Details

Coaching Practicum (2 5-hour practicum)
as previously explained

Level 4: The Certification Process
In level 4 you earn the CV Certified Coach Designation and take a large step toward a certifcation with the International Coach Federation (ICF). (Level 4 is sold seperately; the current price is $1,000). The Certification process consists of the following :

  1. Complete your practicum requirements. You need to participate in a total of 6 before you begin the certificaton process
  2. Provide two 30 minutes recordings with an actual coaching session (using our easy recording system)
  3. We hire two ICF certified coaches to listen to the sessions and provide a score card with written feedback
    You must receive a score of 4.5 out of 9 on Core Competencies AND 60 out of 75 on Proficiences in order to achieve certification
  4. You must provide letters of recommendation from 10 coaching clients

* Specialty Coach Training & Bonus Programs

We offer three unique specialty coach training tracks included in your program. These programs can be taken at any time during or after your core coach training is completed.
(most people take them after)

Play BIG with Small Business Coaching (30 hours)
Play BIG with Personal Evolution Coaching (30 hours)
Play BIG with Attraction Coaching (30 hours)

3 Powerful Bonus Programs - to help you expand your business

Power of Groups - Group Coaching (30 hours)
Teleclass Leader Training - Teach the world (6 hours)
Create a Game - Design your own program (6 hours)


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