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This program is designed for the seasoned professional or business owner who is ready to master the craft of coaching. If you have a team that is ready to win - this program is exactly what you need. (If your team is not ready to win - mmm - then you REALLY need this program!) 

Based on the power of Pattern Language Coaching tm and the Coach-two-Win tm method the content AND delivery are designed for business professionals and leaders in all fields. In this program you will learn a concise and effective coaching process that you can use right away to create positive growth in your team. Then using our accelerated learning process you will master the patterns that lead to positive results AND rewarding experiences. At the same time, it provides a provocative environment for personal growth.

While this program is designed for leaders who need to produce results with a team, it is also an excellent program for the aspiring professional coach. The coaching process and pattern language can be easily combined with your wisdom and experience to create a powerful coaching program and thriving coaching business. 

You may not be concerned with certification, but if you are completing the Center for Coaching Mastery Coach Training Program will prepare you for the Certified Coach designation.  The certification process is sold separately from the education component (The current fee is $750).  This program is structured to meet the requirements of an "Accredited Coach Training Program" with the International Coach Federation (ICF)  (We anticipate accreditation in the 2nd Quarter 2006)  enabling you to apply for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation once you meet the ICF professional coaching hours requirement.

The Center for Coaching Mastery details:

  • 27 modules (125 hours total) - delivered via live teleclass or 3-day live workshops. The curriculum overview is listed below.
  • You can complete up to 25 of the 125 hours via self-paced recordings and learning guides; this is handy if you miss a class
  • Each module has an on-line syllabus where you obtain all of the written learning guides, additional resources, recordings of each class and a quiz.  You track your progress through the curriculum by checking off each class as you complete it.
  • Every class has a recording in MP3 format.  You can download the entire curriculum to your MP3 player and listen to them whenever and wherever you want - a powerful tool to enhance your learning experience.
  • The modules are taught by Certified Coaches Dave Buck and Bea Fields
  • The schedule for classes is established 6 months in advance. You can start the program at any time - The Coaching Mastery Quick Start program is the core program which must be completed first. The classes are typically delivered in 2.5 hour blocks on Tuesday and Wednesday with both afternoon (1PM ET) and evening ET (7PM ET) options.
  • Live workshop option.  20 of the 25 modules can be completed by attending weekend intensive workshops. The April 2006 program will have 2 weekends at our retreat center in Hopatcong New Jersey and two weekends in Charlotte North Carolina. 
  • If you choose the teleclass option you can use the live workshop upgrade option. This may be convenient for you if there are a number of teleclasses that you can not attend. Each weekend intensive will cover 5 modules and can be purchased for a $247 upgrade fee. (NOTE: the price to the general public for each weekend intensive is currently $1295)
  • Six 5-hour coaching circles with a Certified Coach are included in the program.   The Coaching Circles are typically offered on Fridays from 11 AM - 4:30 PM ET. In the coaching circle you will coach one of your colleagues in the group while your colleagues and other observers listen in.  It is like giving a coaching recital!  The Certified Coach as well as the other observers will provide feedback of each session.  The Certified Coach will also provide written feedback.

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Curriculum Descriptions

A New Way to Coach
In this program we will introduce the coaching process and pattern language coaching through a series of coaching demonstrations followed by group debrief. The path to mastery will also be discussed.
1 module

Clarify Focus
In this program you will learn the five elements of the clarify focus process. It begins with the desired outcome. Then the REASON WHY the client wants this outcome must be uncovered. The 30 ultimate outcomes in life will discussed in detail. Then we will lean how to scan the environment for assets and obstacles, identify key frameworks (the way you see the world) and finally identify important learning opportunities.
1 module

This program provides an in depth experience of each step in the Coach-to-Win tm process through the process of theory followed by demonstration followed by group dialogue. Pattern language coaching will explained as well.
2 modules

Coaching Skills and Ethics
These modules are based on the Core Competencies and Ethics of the International Coach Federation. They are an integral part of the certification process. These modules cover basic but important coaching concepts and the discussion is oriented toward advanced application.
2 modules

Coaching Proficiencies
The 15 Coaching Proficiencies are the soul of this coaching system. They are a powerful pattern language for effective coaching.  When the 15 Proficiencies are present you know great coaching is happening.  Many experienced coaches report that their coaching improved dramatically after they learned them and started using them.  This program is based on the work of CoachVille Founder Thomas Leonard.
3 modules

Personalized Learning and Planning
In this program you will learn how to facilitate learning. This is a real art because you must know when to share your experience and when to challenge the coachee to figure it out for themselves. Then we will discuss the details of how to design a strategy and create an effective action plan by designing a series of experiments.
1 module

Environmental Design Coaching
The environment is the missing link in most coaching methods.  If you are coaching the person and NOT coaching the persons environment you are only doing half the job!  Because no inner change is sustainable unless the environments are upgraded to reflect it.  In this program you will learn the power of observing and creating pattern languages in each of the nine environments of you.  You will also learn the power of the environmental scan. This program was designed by CoachVille CEO Dave Buck and Certified Coach Bea Fields and is based on the work of Thomas Leonard's Personal Evolution program.
5 modules

Expanding Awareness of Energy Patterns
The results we achieve in life are a function of our thoughts, feelings and actions - each a powerful form of energy.  But often these powerful energy patterns or frameworks do not serve us; in fact they often take us directly away from what we are trying to do!  Mixed emotions and inner conflicts abound in any truly meaningful objective and the masterful coach must know how to identify these patterns and then help the client transcend them.  In fact, transcending our patterns from the past- the essence of growth - is the primary purpose of our desires.  This program was designed by CoachVille CEO Dave Buck
3 modules

Evaluate Progress
Evaluating progress is where the coach and client assess the current reality. Sometimes celebration is called for. Other times, we have to try to understand what is going wrong and learn from it. Sometimes minor course corrections are needed. Other times a major overhaul is called for. Reading the situation accurately is the challenge for the coach.
1 module (3 hours)

Communication Style Points
Coaching is an advanced form of communication. In this program we will learn the 15 Style points that are needed for masterful coaching. 
1 module (3 hours)

Coaching Circle
The coaching circle is a unique opportunity to coach, be coached and observe coaching under the guidance of an ICF certified coach. As the coach you will be asked to coach one of your peers in the group. Upon completion the Certified Coach will provide an oral review of the proficiencies and core competencies demonstrated. As an observer you are expected to listen carefully for the usage of proficiencies and core competencies and describe what you heard following each coaching session. Following the session the Certified Coach will provide a written evaluation of each coaching session.
6 modules (The student receives credit for 4 learning hours and 1 observed coaching session)

How it works...

  • First you register for the program!!  The complete schedule for the April 2006 teleclass and live workshop programs is listed below.
  • Then you will receive a phone call from our member services team who will walk you through the web site and show you how to use the on-line learning platform.
  • If you choose the live teleclass option you are given a telephone bridge number to call for each session.  Just call the number at the appropriate time and you'll be connected with the instructor and your fellow students.  Our telephone bridges are all located in the US.  Normal long distance charges apply.  We recommend that you obtain a fixed price long distance calling plan from your local telephone carrier.  Note: voice over IP telephone services sometimes cause problems with our bridge lines so we prefer that you use a standard phone line.
  • If you choose the live event option, you are still welcome to participate in the teleclasses. This is what we call the total immersion method. It is an incredibly robust learning environment for those with a REAL desire to learn. The dates for the 4 workshop weekends are listed below.
  • When you attend a teleclass you are given a code word to enter into the syllabus as you mark the class complete - this is how we confirm attendance requirements for graduation.  After you complete the module you complete the on-line test.  In order to graduate you must pass each test with a score of 80% or better.  If you don't pass a test you can study the material and take the test again.
  • When you complete all of the 25 modules (remember, at least 100 of the 125 class hours must completed via live teleclass or live workshop) you apply for graduation.

Is certification for you?

If are learning coach for the purposes of inspiring your team to greatness, you may not be interested in certification. But it is a worthwhile accomplishment that could be valuable to you in the future. Many professionals enjoy earning meaningful certifications and this would certainly qualify. If you plan to become a professional coach, certification is essential.

Preparing for certification...

  • When your graduation is complete you can purchase the CoachVille certification program.(currently $750)  In it you will record two coaching sessions with a real client or member of your team.  These recorded sessions will be scored independently by two certifying coaches for both 15 Coaching Proficiencies AND 11 Core Competencies of the ICF.  If your scorecard is 80% or higher you will be designated for Certification.  If you don't pass on the first try - many don't - you can submit a new set of recordings in three months for no additional charge.  Most coaches pass on the first or second attempt.
  • The International Coach Federation (ICF) is an independent certifying body for coaches with whom we are affiliated. Much of the design of our program is set to meet the requirements of an accredited coach training program (ACTP) The ICF has additional requirements for certification which you can learn by visiting Typically a professional coach will complete a coach training program and receive a certification from the school. Then they set out to meet the additional requirements of the ICF and apply when they are ready.

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