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Become a Coach
The Ultimate Career Move
And an inspiring conversation with CV CEO Dave Buck for CV members

Coaching is: a high-growth industry, an emerging profession, a welcome harbinger of the oncoming Inspiration Age and the ultimate career move for savvy professionals. 
But before any of that, it is a calling.

If you...

  • Have won the games of your life on your own terms
  • Have a strong desire to be a catalyst for growth,
  • Have a GREAT love for helping other people thrive
    (or as we would say: win the games of their lives)
  • Have been coaching for a while and are looking to expand your pursuit of mastery

Then you have had the call! 
It is time to get into the Coaching Game.

The Become a Coach Teleclass
This teleclass is a lively dialogue with CV CEO Dave Buck and your coaching colleagues. If you are new to CoachVille or the Coaching Industry this is a great opportunity to expand your thinking about the coaching profession AND find out what we are all about at the same time. If you have been away for a little while this will be a great way to get up to date on what is happening. 

Here are a few of the topics that we will cover:

  • Fundamental Coaching Theory
  • The Power of a Winnable Game Worth Playing
  • The Coach-Two-Win Method
  • The Coaching Mantra: My certainty is greater than your doubt
  • How to pursue coaching mastery
  • The Business of Coaching - an enormous opportunity
  • We will debunk a few myths about coaching and games
  • A brief overview of the Center for Coaching Mastery program

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