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apl-spiral-gifA Perfect Life
by Thomas Leonard
with Dave Buck

This incredible program is based on the radical premise that you CAN live your life on your own terms. Using a powerful process that combines clarity, gratitude and the perspective that perfection only exists NOW (vs. some day in the future), you will craft a perfect life using language that sings to your heart.

In the program there are numerous examples of how the right language means everything - as a coach, you will really benefit from these examples.

The program includes 12 original recordings by Thomas Leonard (priceless) and a complete 6-hour program recorded by Master Coach Dave Buck.

This extremely provocative program will inspire you and challenge your thinking in so many ways and greatly deepen what is possible for you as a person AND as a coach.
A Perfect Life is your birth rite! Claim it.

Price: $99 | buy now

An Excerpt from Perfect Communication
Often coaches speak to what the person has just said, instead of speaking to where the person is that has caused them to say what they just said. Coaches need to speak to that, rather than the words they just gave you. Sometimes coaches are just chasing words through the hour”
- Thomas Leonard

Program Contents

The A Perfect Life Program is a complete self-study course that includes:

  • 6 Audio recordings with Dave
    A step-by-step process for crafting your Perfect Life
    Including ideas on how to use the process with clients.
  • 12 Audio recordings with Thomas
    with transcripts;
    Explore 12 areas of life from the Perfect Life perspective
  • 15 Worksheets to craft your Perfect Life Elements
  • 24 Provocative APL Posters (Details Below)
    these posters really make you think and feel.
  • 10 Key Distinctions

What you will “get”

  • A sophisticated method to clarify your desires using the language of the heart
  • Learn to let go of perfectionism; a BIG block for most people
  • A perfect method to use with high-end clients and folks interested in Attraction.
  • A significant upgrade in your experience of life

Listen to a clip
of the orientation lesson with Thomas by clicking

Outline of the 6 Dave Sessions
A step-by-step process for crafting your Perfect Life

Session #1
Defining success for yourself
Session #2
The paradox of perfect; 10 things already perfect
Session #3
Crafting your perfect life elements - playing with the language of the heart; (extremely uplifting, practical AND attractive)
Session #4
Experiencing the feeling of your perfect life
Session #5
Getting others involved in your perfect life; APL and evolution
Session #6
Accepting what is not yet perfect; Using APL with clients

Outline of the 12 Thomas Sessions
Explore 12 areas of life from the Perfect Life perspective

Session #1: Money 
Session #2: Self Care  
Session #3: Relationships 
Session #4: E-Skills 
Session #5: Pleasures 
Session #6: Lifestyle 
Session #7: State of Grace 
Session #8: Small Business Success 
Session #9: Personal Evolution 
Session #10: Community 
Session #11: Communication 
Session #12: Integrity

25 Provocative APL Posters

  1. How to craft your perfect life elements
  2. Benefits of a perfect life (sample in right column)
  3. How to have a perfect life (sample in right column)
  4. Different ways to approach a perfect life
  5. Perfect is...perfect is not...
  6. Zen of perfect
  7. Perfect Relationships
  8. E-skills
  9. Lifestyle 
  10. Pleasures
  11. Personal evolution
  12. Full practice
  13. Communication skills
  14. Financial independence 
  15. Grace
  16. Source of energy
  17. Small business success
  18. Key people
  19. Having no problems 
  20. Integrity 
  21. Self-care 
  22. Why we do what we do
  23. Awareness
  24. Personal operating system
  25. Personal Integrity

Quotes from Students in the class

I'm enjoying my creativity, and I find myself doing things I normally wouldn't do and give myself permission to do more things. I love it!

One of the things on my Perfect Life list is to feel fit, healthy, and vital. Actually, I've really started to wake up and do things around that. I've highlighted that item, and now the choices for self-care seem easier, and I don't have to worry about motivating myself because I'm already motivated.

One of my goals was to reach financial independence by paying more attention to my finances. I found several problems in my checkbook, and am feeling more positive and confident already, and am on my way.

Are you ready for a Perfect Life?
If not now, when?.

Price $99 | buy now



7 Steps to A Perfect Life

Step 1.
Define success for yourself.
You should be very clear on the 3 ways you measure success in your perfect life.
Understanding the concept of defining success

Step 2.
Identify your 25 key elements of A Perfect Life.
Identify the 25 items that you currently have or would need to have to comprise A Perfect Life.
Learn to let go of what you SHOULD want
Learn to let go of perfectionism
Learn to let go of what you’ve been taught to want
Learn to allow yourself to desire what you TRULY desire
Learn to craft your Perfect Life elements in language that sings you YOUR heart.
Understanding the concept of the 25 elements -
Notes from the 7/11 R&D session.

Step 3.
Get your life in very good shape.
Quality of Life Assessment

Step 4.
Let go of stuff that's in the way of your having A Perfect Life.
This stuff includes certain people, obligations, problems, dynamics, ideas and behavior.
Notes from the 7/25 R&D session

Step 5.
Invest in what you need to make A Perfect Life likely within 12 months..
These investments include your environment, skill set, network, education, and body.

Step 6.
Make the 25 Perfect Life elements happen in your life within 12 months.
You reach the 25 items much faster when you're working on them with others, especially family and a coach.
personaliziable worksheet (PDF)
perfect life 25 worksheet (PDF)

Step 7.
Integrate all 25 elements of your Perfect Life.
The more interconnected the elements of your life are, the more sustainable A Perfect Life is.

The Benefits of Having a Perfect Life

1. You feel terrific almost all of the time.

Without being artificially high.

2. You have virtually no problems or conflicts.

They just seem to disappear.

3. Your sources of energy are very, very clean, and thus sustainable.

And you need far less energy in order to flourish.

4. You have ample outlets and opportunities for your creativity to flourish.

This, because you’re engaged in life as it unfolds today, not as it unfolded yesterday.

5. You attract the best people to you, naturally.

Everyone else will naturally leave you alone.

6. You more easily respond to change.

Because you can afford to be flexible.

7. Your life comes easier because it’s fully integrated.

Work is play. People are love. Ideas are money.

8. You operate at a higher plane.

Thus avoiding the common turbulence of life.

9. You lose the urge to strive.

Striving is expensive.

10. People love you. You love them.

There is nothing in the way of the natural exchange of love.

11. Each day feels like a fresh canvas.

Life becomes an experiment that you totally enjoy.

12. Blocks and limitations disappear.

You no longer need them to protect you.

How to Have a Perfect Life

1. Know how you measure success.

Start living your life by design.

2. Abandon perfectionism.

Replace perfectionism with pride.

3. Accept, then perfect, what isn’t perfect.

Acceptance is the first step toward perfect.

4. Enjoy an absence of personal problems.

Life’s too short for problems of any kind. Become a problem free zone.

5. Automate the business of your life.

Don’t you have better things to do?

6. Upgrade your personal and professional network.

People bring you the best opportunities in life.

7. Seriously invest in a special skill set.

The more you can deliver, the more you can earn.

8. Have whims worth following.

Perfection occurs as you respond to what tugs at you.

9. Perfect your self-care.

A perfect life isn’t sustainable without advanced self care.

10. Lighten your footprint.

Need less. Be more.

11. Evolve your sources of energy.

Design advanced sources of motivation.

12. Raise your standards, reduce your expectations.

This raises you above the muck of life into the realm of perfect.




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