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The 100 Day Challenge.
Together We Play Better

Powerful personal and business growth programs designed specifically for coaches like you! We have a variety of great games for you to play to expand your business and the rest of your life. Before we get into the details, have a look at these four fun rules for coaches that will set the stage for you.

Rule #1 for great coaches: 

As a Coach you are out in the world inspiring and challenging people to play a BIG game in life. In order to do that with powerful alignment of word and deed, you MUST be playing a big game in your own life. Truly, it is the only option for you.

At the same time, as a Coach, you also know that to truly play BIG you need a highly supportive environment. This is what you will find in the CoachVille 100 Day Challenge - a powerful coaching environment designed for YOUR success. 

Rule #2 for great coaches

Most people have been trained in the “Industrial Mind”, so they perceive play as frivolous. It is our mission - as the global community of coaches - to challenge this perception of play! We are out to prove that we can PLAY WITH PURPOSE in the areas of life that matter most. AND achieve great results while creating an experience of the joy of play rather than the stress and drudgery of work. 

That is what we will all do together in these 100 Day Challenge programs - each one is designed as a game.

Rule #3 for great coaches

To step out into the world as a Coach, you MUST be a strong advocate for community and collaboration, co-creating an environment of profound support. You also know that when you play alone it is far to easy to hide out and play safe. In the 100 Day Challenge program EVERYONE plays publicly. You will be seen and known - no hiding or disappearing when it gets tough. 

If you have participated in athletics or performing arts then you have experienced “the edge” that comes from knowing that other people will be watching you play! With our new community game system you will experience “the edge” throughout the program because your game card and results will be seen by everyone else in the game. 

Here is how each 100 Day Challege program is designed

1) Each week on Monday you will participate in a team training session (by teleclass) lead by one of our Coach Training staff. 

In the first session you will design your vision for the game. The first week is called pre-season - you will craft your online vision board with words and pictures that bring your game to life. 

On subsequent weekly team calls each session will include engaging team dialogue, practicing skills and exploring strategies for playing your game better. Each week you will play your game and accumulate points by completing exercises, taking actions and getting results.face-180-1-jpg

2) This is followed by a daily check-in call. 

There are two ways that we do this. In small group programs (30 players or less) this will be a 15-minute buddy call. In larger group programs (31 players or more) we orchestrate a 30-minute call with our coaching staff where you meet with the whole team for celebration, inspiration and accountability. 

3) The program is boosted by our incredible online community game system. Here you create your player profile, virtual vision board and your personal game card.

Each week you will customize the game card with your action and result plan for the week - knowing that it will stretch you a bit (or a LOT ;-) out of your comfort zone. Then you will hit the “commit” button and the new game begins. Play time! Meanwhile your team mates will see what you have committed to on your game card and you will see theirs as well. face-180-4-jpg

Rule #4 for great coaches

This provocative and profound coaching mantra has more truth than we often realize. When you design a winning environment you shift from Will power into World power. Or has Thomas would say: You can delegate your success to your environment. 

That is why we have designed a winning environment that will PULL you toward the success you desire. This includes:

  • A coach leading the team calls
  • You will play on a team of colleagues
  • You will have a team-connect call every day
  • You will play publicly using the community game system. This creates a highly visible accountability system that is quite motivating.
  • You will be inspired by your team mates as you share and collaborate using the CoachVille Coach Connect feature.


What you will create with the Human Spirit of Play evoked in your life!
Who you will become with a truly inspiring environment urging you forward

Is your masterpiece waiting for you to step up?
Is your heart calling for you to take the risk and really play?
Is your attraction power as a Coach hinging on your courage to play a BIG game yourself?

I hope so!

A BIG Opportunity is coming - another great reason to play now!

We are creating an environment with several key strategic partners where we will need A LOT of coaches who are capable of leading a 100 Day Challenge program as the Head Coach or hosting the daily check in calls as an Assistant Coach. As we recruit coaches, we will look first and foremost to coaches who have actively PLAYED in the 100 Day Challenge programs.

Here is the catalog of 100 Day Challenge programs
on the schedule...

The 100 Day Play BIG Challenge100Day-playbig-mini-v1-gif
When Playing BIG is your only option
Hosted by Coach Dave Buck, MCC
March 29, 2010 -> July 5 2010 Mondays 3 PM ET
Invest: $1,495 / $1,295 before March 1st
Maximum Players: 16

Brief Description
Playing BIG is your only option when your vision or your situation demands that you become something more than you are right now. Or when you know in your hearts’ desire that NOW is your time to…

  • Expand who you will become
  • Express something important
  • Experience something profound

When this happens it is a BEAUTIFUL thing because you KNOW that you are being called outside of your comfort zone of familiar patterns of thought, feeling and action to serve a greater purpose in the world.

In this 100 Day challenge program YOU design your big game and then as we play together we will explore the 15 Proficiencies of Playing BIG - each one packed with possibilities for growth and expansion of who you are.

For example, #5 Play-Ability is the ability to bring your game to life in everything you do. This quality of “aliveness” has the potential to transform individuals, teams, communities even humanity.


register-button-v1-gif March 29th 2010; 15 Mondays 3 PM ET with Coach Dave
Invest $1,295

register-button-v1-gif March 29th 2010; 15 Mondays 3 PM ET with Coach Dave
Invest 3 payments of $450


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