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BIG Freedom Membership

The BIG Freedom membership is a transformational business growing group environment for professional coaches. Together we will co-create your coaching business ecosystem and play to align your creative energy with your business dream.
… one area at a time to accentuate your focus
… in a safe co-creative space with your coaching colleagues.

To prepare for vibrant growth… To live your BIG Dream!

For WHO? For YOU?

1) STARTUP: If you are going to grow your coaching business very soon and you want to get your ecosystem and energy prepared for future growth.

2) RESTART: Your coaching business has been dormant (or at least quiet) and is ready for a restart; Re-Imagine, Re-energize, Re-Brand and prepare for new growth!

3) REFRESH: You are an experienced coach; Your business is steady and ready for a refresh of your ecosystem and an uplevel of  your energy.


4) SCATTERED: If your business approach has been trying a lot of different things and your actions are not playing together harmoniously with your purpose and skills!!!

The BIG thing… there are many possible elements to a thriving business. AND on top of that, the world is changing FAST… so it is wise to keep your ecosystem fresh!
You are a constantly evolving human so it is wise to put your active attention on your energy alignment on  regular basis.

Join in a high vibration co-creative conversation!

Your Coaching Business is an opportunity to wake up every day into a fun creative and playful adventure with your tribe and your world. It should NOT be a stressful fight for survival.

You must shake free of the Industrial Mindset!

You know these familiar thoughts…

  • Do it yourself! Don’t bother anyone.
  • Do it right the first time or don’t do it at all.
  • Optimize for efficiency and do the same routine every day.

Life is a playground and business is a social act! People are messy and fun and have BIG Dreams. Let’s play.

Information vs. Co-Creation

You know by now that most business guru programs are based on the guru sending your pre-recorded video about what you need to do to build your business. AND you know by now that this method does not work for most people!

Sure! You need some information on the how-to’s of growing your business ecosystem. And I will provide you with all the information you need.

BUT… you need a lot more than information! You need an environment where you can talk about what you aim to do; an environment where you can share your ideas and hear the ideas of your colleagues.

As a coach you know this… often your players don’t know what they know until they are speaking it. This is why our players love us so much! The same applies to us. Our coaching is a co-creation… so it follows that our coaching businesses must also be co-created. The truth is… we are brilliant co-creators; often when alone the ideas just don’t come.

So in the BIG Freedom Membership you will have ample opportunities on every call to share and participate in small groups.

YES!! It is powerful because WE play better together.


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BIG Freedom Membership Details

Group Calls on Maestro Bridge

Energy Alignment Playshop Playbook

1st and 3rd Mondays
Ecosystem & Energy Play
12-1:30 PM ET OR 8-9:30 PM ET
(You can attend either or both!)

2nd and 4th Fridays
Celebration and Growing
2-3 PM ET

Spontaneous ~ Bonus
Coaching and Business Master Class calls will be added to the schedule from time to time!

Upcoming Schedule

Program Calls

Month Monday, (Friday)

September {Aug 31}, (11), 21, ({Oct. 2})

October 12, (16), 26, (30)

November 9, (13), 23, (27)

December 7, (11), 28, (holiday)


Early adopter special price
$600 for 6 months
($100/month paid in advance)


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Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Program Students and Alumni get 6 months of BIG Freedom Membership included in your package. AKA You can register now for no charge in the registration center!

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Business Is Performance Art


Here is the breakthrough idea: Business is performance art. You may relate to a singer/song writer or a dancer/choreographer or a comedian or story teller.

Business is not work.

In work … you look for answers. You look for some teacher to show you how to do it right. So you don’t make any mistakes. Everyone else is a competitor.

In Performance Art… you look for collaborators to co-create with and a coach who can guide you to PLAY Better; You aim to  develop YOUR WAY in the company of others. You need folks around you who will observe you deeply and then share with you what they see.

There are 3 core elements of performance art:

  • Creating your art
  • Performing your art
  • Cultivating your audience


This chart comparing the activities of Performance Art to those of Professional Coaching is to demonstrate their similarities AND share the focus area of the 2 BIG Freedom levels.

Performing Artist

Professional Coach

BIG Freedom Level

Write songs

Create content


Record songs

Share content


Put show experiences together

Create business and coaching methods


Find collaborators

Find collaborators





Master your instruments

Master your business skills

Play Group

Master your vocal skills

Master your coaching skills

Play Group

Develop your performance style

Master your presentation skills

Play Group

Relate with collaborators

Relate with collaborators

Play Group




Cultivate your audience

Engage with potential players


Find performance venues

Choose and engage on platforms


Cultivate promoters

Engage with partners



Start seeing yourself as a modern performance artist ~ entrepreneur for the Connected Age of Play!

The Membership and The Play Group

The easy way to understand the difference between the two levels of the program is this:

The Membership is an environment to create amazing music.

The Play Group is coaching to become a world class performer.

Note: the Play Group investment includes the Membership!


Coach Dave Buck, MCC, MBA

Coach Dave Buck, MCC, MBA

I have been a professional Life Coach since 1997. I was a professional performing artist for a short time before that… AND my mom was a professional performing artist and coach.

Performance artists put a lot of time and energy into practicing their skills and playing with ideas to create a compelling experience for the audience.

It’s fun. It’s energizing. It’s team play and community building. 

I want you to bring that level of creative drive and expression to your coaching business!!

WHAT the BIG Freedom membership is…

A rolling 6-month membership group with regularly scheduled conference calls on our Maestro Bridge as well as fun bonus calls where successful coaches share the juicy details of their business success stories to inspire you and spark your creativity.

You can join any time!

The Monthly Schedule of Topics…


Business Ecosystem

Energy Alignment

April & October

Performance Possibility Gap

BIG Dream

May & November

Coaching Method

Playful Conscious Mind

June & December

Your Message and Brand

Super YOU

July & January

Selling Method

Non-Conscious Mind

August & February

Marketing Method

Your Environments

September & March

Your Magnets

Supermind Connection


BIG Freedom Play Group

Is the Play Group better for your needs right now?


The BIG Freedom Play Group is a one-of-a-kind experience where you will expand your business skills AND coaching mastery in a small group environment.

Together we will PRACTICE Business Situations together.

Explore the Play Group here.


Your Business Ecosystem

In an energizing and safe co-creative space you can create or uplevel each of the elements of a flourishing business!

There are so many fun things to create and/or uplevel for your coaching business. And in the right environment it can feel like creating and sharing your masterpiece one fun step at a time. You will create all of these things as you participate in BIG Freedom experience.

The idea of an ecosystem is that there many different parts that support each other, need each other and play together in order to thrive.

Your business ecosystem is about YOU and your tribe: your values, your desires, your style, your needs and your Superpowers (that is the most important part). It’s not about doing anything someone else’s way. It’s about creating YOUR Way; although you can use the ways of others as a place to start.

One step at a time… with help from your friends!

If you are new to your coaching business as you look at this model… STAY CALM!

You don’t need to create this all at once, you can use existing models as a starting point AND it doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, there is no perfection and there is no “done”. The key is to get each element to a good enough “version 1” that meets your needs.  And then you will keep evolving each part as you and your business grow together.

Each month we will co-create one element of the ecosystem so that it feels perfect for YOU! I will share with you examples from my coaching business if you need a place to start. As others in the group share their examples you will have more ideas to draw upon and spark your creative juices.


The Energy Alignment Game

 The energy alignment game is a evolutionary way to describe how YOU must grow in order to grow your business.

You grow by moving all aspects of your energy into alignment with your dream. In other words… you BECOME the person who can own and orchestrate the thriving business that you imagine.

Here is a SUPER short description of each of the element so that you can get excited!

It all starts with a BIG Dream!

Your BIG Dream is the call to adventure. In your business it calls you out into the market place to contribute the value that you are here to express.

Then… “the game” is to align every aspect of your energy and your world with the dream until it flows easily and you feel natural in the new experience. This can take a while! It is quite challenging but in the right company it can be a lot of fun too.

If you make it to your dream, then… you enjoy your life in alignment until a new BIG dream calls you back out into the unknown territory and we start a new adventure! But with a little more wisdom about what will be required to create alignment with the BIG Dream.

The Hand in the Sky with the Lightning bolt symbolizes the call to adventure of your BIG Dream. The symbols around the hand represent all of the aspects of playing with energy required to fulfill your dream. (and the coach training curriculum at CoachVille)

Remember too that as a Coach you are here to guide others in pursuit of their dreams! The dreams that you coach people to play for are essentially what define your coaching business. You are here to make positive change happen in the world with others.


Super YOU:

There is a next-level version of you that you must express fully and become in order to fulfill this big dream.

Conscious Mind:

There is a playful version of your focused thoughts and deliberate actions that you need to use in an intentional way to uplevel your skills to align with the new dream.

Non-Conscious Mind:

Whoa. This is a big one. You will need to uplevel your body awareness, desires and beliefs to align with your dream. You will need to believe in a whole new set of possibilities. And you will need to uplevel your relationship with fear.


You non-conscious mind – which is super focused on belonging – is in constant connection with your environment. You will need to uplevel many aspects of the world around you so that the powers of belonging and becoming align with your dream.

Connection to the Super Mind:

There is a timeless web of human consciousness that we are all connected to. You can – and need to – tap into this connection in order to play for a BIG DREAM.

The pursuit of flow:

Remember, the self-preservation part of you – that we are grateful for every day! – does not want you taking the risks required to pursue your dream. It is 100% focused on keeping you right where you are; you are alive and have some level of belonging so this is good enough. Your self-preservation instinct does not care about purpose or fulfillment or joy; only survival.

Meanwhile your dream is calling you out into the world to discover a bigger contribution and more fulfilling joyful life. As you endeavor to align every part of your energy to the BIG Dream, it begins to FEEL – feel is the key word – more natural. This is called getting into the flow. It is not routine, it is engaging, yet safe enough that the self-preservation  instinct stops pulling so hard. This is when pursuing your BIG Dream feels less and less stressful and more and more fun!

That is what we are playing for!