Lesson 76
Theme this week: Social and Networking Settings
The 15-second Elevator Speech
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Not everyone feels it's seemly to be pitching yourself or your services in an elevator.

That said, it can be a great opportunity for confidence building and language training.

If anyone pitches me in an elevator, I'd feel sorry for them and move to the other side of the cage.  And get off at the next available floor and walk up to my office.
Okay, so you at least know my opinion about pitching in elevators.  So, why am I featuring this as one of the 100 Full Practice lessons?  You'll see in a moment...

They call it an 'elevator speech' because the typical elevator ride is 15 to 30 seconds.
But the term is used to describe whatever you can say in 15 or 30 seconds.  And you can use it anywhere whenever you meet someone or are in a social setting.

But first, here's how to work the elevator opportunity...
Over the past 5 years, I've become a lot more gregarious in social settings.  I've learned to initiate conversations, even in elevators, by starting out with a cheery, but not annoyingly so, "Good Morning" greeting to people. I even smile genuinely.  It's become part of my personality.  And I am not even selling anything.  Go figure.  You really can strike up a conversation with people in an elevator.  Which can lead to a discussion about them and you.

And, if I were a coach looking for more clients, I'd wear my blue COACH lapel pin 24/7.  It's professional looking, not gaudy, and people WILL ask you what type of coach you are...on the street, at a meeting, in the grocery story line, and, yes, even in an elevator. You see, people really do want to connect and communicate in an elevator.  They just don't know how, or they need a catalyst for conversation.  This pin works! 
(ADV. These pins are available at and at the CoachVille Conference in March 2002.)

And then, I'd have my elevator speech handy for when they ask me what I do...
Here are 3 elevator (or anywhere) speeches that work.  Feel free to pick one and use it, or adapt/synthesize them.

Elevator speech example #1

What do you do?
I am a personal coach.
Yeah, I know, it's a fairly new profession.  We first help people set better goals and then we help them reach those goals faster.
What kind of goals?
Family, career, money, happiness level.  You name it.  Typically, everyone knows SOMETHING they want more of or a problem they want less of...
You got a dream?
That's what we'd work on.  Everybody's got a dream.
(At this point, ask the person to share it with you or give them your business card and say something like "I'll listen to anybody's dream.  No charge. Call me this week.")

Elevator speech example #2
(Replace the words in blue, with what your specialty/focus is.)

What do you do?
I help law firms increase their revenues by bringing in new clients.
So you're a marketing consultant.
Sometimes.  But mostly I work as a marketing coach, given I stick around for several years to make sure the marketing strategies continue to bring in new clients.
Are you at all curious about how I work?
Uh, yeah.
Lunch tomorrow, then.  You pick the place.

Elevator speech example #3
You would use this as a self introduction at a breakfast meeting or other event where you have 15 seconds to describe what you do.
(Replace the words in blue, with what your specialty/focus is.)  

Good morning everyone.  I work as a business coach.  If you'd like a sounding board for one of your business ideas, I'd be pleased to listen and to share some strategies with you. My name is Bob Smith.  Just give me one of your business cards and I'll take it from there.

An example of what not to say...
Just for fun...

What do you do?
I am a Certified Personal and Professional and Corporate Coach who works with individuals, small business and executives to help align their personal vision with the commitments of their business and personal lives.  Clients work with me to have a breakthrough in their personal effectiveness as they transform themselves from a paradigm of doingness to the paradox of beingness, while at the same time, maintaining their authentic self in balance by making a difference on the planet as their lifetime legacy.  Would you like to hire me?

Couldn't resist...Have a great day...




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