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Announcing the Full Practice 100 Program...
What if there were 100 proven steps to filling a practice and what if you were part of a group that was walked through these proven steps, all over a period of 100 days?

Announcing the Full Practice 100 Program, 
available for $99 to CoachVille members...

What works and what doesn't work when building a practice...
There's a lot of mystery around what it really takes to have a full practice.  
Here are just a few of the questions we typically hear...
--Do I need a website?  
--What should my business card say?
--What opening - and closing -- questions should I use with a prospective client?
--How do I explain what coaching is so that people will hire me?
--What's the best way to build up my network?
--Should I use the Team 100 approach or the traditional networking approach?
--Is it worthwhile to start writing and sending out an ezine?
--What DOESN'T work very well for coaches?
--How do I get clients if I live in a small town where nobody knows what coaching is?
--What's the best way to encourage my current network to send me referrals?

If you're looking for a full practice, just follow the steps we'll provide for you...
The Full Practice 100 Program is comprised of 100 clear, simple, doable, measurable and proven action steps that any coach -- new or experienced -- can take.  Some steps take 5 minutes; others take more time.  Some steps will produce an immediate result (like a new client); other steps help to build up your long-term, lifetime referral engine.  

You may work the steps in any order.  In fact, you've probably already taken some of these steps.  But the key here is to take all 100 steps in order to position yourself fully and properly in the marketplace.  And that's where both the content and the support structure of this Program comes into play.

If you're serious about having -- and maintaining -- a full practice, here's what you'll be doing -- and learning -- in the Full Practice 100 Program.
Over the next 100 days (Mon-Fri, officially starting on Monday, July 30, 2001) you'll be an active player in this program.

The 6 Key Elements of the Full Practice 100 Program...

1.  Self-Orientation Session
This is a discovery process that you'll be walked through via a series of questions and RealAudio instructional modules.   You begin the Full Practice 100 Program by identifying SPECIFICALLY  what YOU provide to clients (or could provide, if you're a new coach).  We'll provide you with well-phrased elements of what coaches do for their clients so you can select and adapt.  We've found that when you are clear on what you deliver as a coach (vs just who you want to coach or what your talents are or what you know), that coaches have much more confidence in themselves and in the marketing process.  In fact, what stops most coaches from getting clients stems from the fact that the coach doesn't really know specifically what they offer or what the client receives other than 'support' or 'wisdom' or 'good questions' or 'structure' or 'encouragement' or 'advice.'  There are categories of things that you provide to client and it's simply critical to have the specific words that describe precisely what the value added equation is as a coach.

Don't worry, we'll walk you through this.  You will LOVE this module.  You will walk away having confidence in yourself and completely not timid about telling the world what you do.  (Timidly or fear comes from ignorance of knowing what you actually deliver as a coach. If you do nothing more than come out with knowing what you deliver, you'll have gotten the most important aspect of this program.)

2.  The 100 Steps
100 steps is a lot of steps!  But we've made this incredibly easy and foolproof for you.  Each of the steps is discrete.  And doable.  And there are examples of how others have completed each step so you can model and adapt vs reinvent the wheel.  And we have website links for most of the steps so you can see variations or visit resources that will help you earn the point for each step.  You can't lose; you can't get confused.  Just follow the steps.  (Not to dumb it or you down, but these steps WORK and while you can adapt them to fit your needs and marketplaces, it is important to work through all of the steps to reach critical and sustainable mass with your coaching practice.  Most coaches do 5 or 10 things to build a practice and then stop or give up.  And some coaches get stopped in the marketing process because they can't 'make themselves' do cold calls or work the room at a networking function.   Our list of 100 include neither of these approaches.  Our list of 100 steps provides things that ANY coach can do and would actually enjoy doing.  

3. Four TeleClasses With Visual Web Tour
During the 100 days, there are 4 formal training sessions, conducted on the phone like any TeleClass but which also includes a concurrent web-tour of at least 10 websites or web-based resources that every coach needs to see in order to make the best choices for their own practice-development efforts.  All you need to participate is a phone (for the bridge/discussion) and your computer (logged in to our TalkSee system).  This system lets us take your browser on a tour of these live/active websites with no effort on your part.  Works for Mac or PC and any browser, no matter what modem type or speed you have.
The topics of these 4 TeleClasses/Web Tours are:
1. The Best in Coaching Website Content and Design
2. The Best in Ezine Content, Design and Delivery
3. The Best Coaching Websites that Convert The Visitor To Being a Buyer
4. The Tour of Search Engines, pay-per-click systems and e-product sites.

So, as you can see, these 4 TeleClasses focused on emarketing-related topics.  Out of the 100 Steps in the Program, 50 steps are e-marketing oriented and 50 steps are offline marketing oriented.  The emarketing topics are best discussed and 'toured' on the web, obviously.  But equal time during the daily Steps broadcast is provided for more traditional offline marketing steps and strategies.  A combination of both types of marketing approaches is important for a sustainably full practice.  The dates of the 4 sessions will be announced..  If you cannot make the dates, not to worry.  We are audio taping and transcribing the sessions and will also provide you with the links to 60 or so sites that are on the tour, so that you can take the tour yourself, whenever you wish.

4.  Three Work Days. 
If you've ever been on a workday (Integrity Day, Perfect 100 Workday, etc.), you KNOW how powerfully supportive this structure is. During the 100-day program we'll be scheduling 3 WorkDays where you and the other participants may call into the bridge several times during that day to plan, focus and report on the specific marketing items and actions you are working on that day.  These WorkDays are FUN and incredibly effective -- especially if you are a busy person and 'need' the structure and focus that this type of virtual environment provides.  Dave Buck will be running most of these WorkDays personally.  Note: WorkDays are offered at different times/days during the Program; you'll receive at least a 3-day notice when the next one is being conducted.)

5.  Two Laser Coaching Days.  
During the 100-day program, you may call in to chat with Dave Buck if you need some advice or help related to one of your Full Practice 100 items.  He'll be hosting 2 of these Laser Coaching Days over the 100 days.  Calls are short (5-10 minutes), unscheduled (although you'll have a window to call his direct line for the day) and tightly focused.  These laser coaching sessions are generally quite helpful and effective.

6.  One Daily Email Containing the Step of the Day.
As a participant, you'll receive a daily email crafted by Thomas Leonard which contains your step -- and full instructions and examples -- for the day.  You may work the program at one step a day, or save the steps until Friday and do five then, or even take a 6 months or a year to work through the 100 steps.  It's entirely up to you.  But the most important thing is that you'll then have the complete collection of 100 steps over the 100 days for immediate and later reference.  We do understand that some of these steps may take a little more time than you might have in our day or week.  But I think you will be surprised by how easy the steps are and how quickly you progress through them!  Also, each day, you'll receive a report listings everyone's name and their current score (which you can update as often as you get more points -- which turns this into a group game and can be quite motivating!).

We also give you the option to easily find a buddy to work with during the 100 days.

Pricing and Dates...
The full cost of the program for CoachVille members is $99.  Everything you read about above is included.  And, we offer a 100%-satisfaction-guaranteed guarantee. The lifetime membership for CoachVille.com is only $79, so by joining, you'll immediately save save $20, plus you get lifetime access to the scores of coach training e-modules, client e-forms and other online and RealAudio segments and resources at CoachVille.com. 

Dates & Registration
The Program runs 100 business days starting July 30, 2001. The 4 TeleClass sessions will be announced.  The dates and times for the WorkDays and Laser Coaching will be announced. You can register and start anytime because the all prior lessons and recordings are archived. 

The program is conducted by Dave Buck and was/is being designed by Thomas J. Leonard

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