What becomes possible...

when you are BRILLIANT at business?

Simply Brilliant Mastermind Level 1: Maker

Come with your DREAM.
Leave with your BUSINESS.

Coach Dave Buck Master Certified CoachHi there!
Coach Dave here with you.

Business is a performance art!
When you are a coach, it is a true and beautiful expression of YOU!

Your Passion – Your Purpose – Your Value

Your coaching business is your pathway to maximum contribution in the Connected Age of Purpose.

YOU are “the show”.

To THRIVE, you need an environment where you can learn the essential skills of your craft. It is great to learn from someone who has done exactly what you are doing… growing a thriving coaching business.
(that would be me)

At the same time, business is personal. You need just the right kind of support AND challenge to find your own YOUnique way to do everything that needs to be done.
You need to develop business methods that play to your coaching ability – and your SUPERPOWERS – not someone else’s!


In Simply Brilliant Mastermind Level 1 you are going to MAKE everything you need to run a thriving coaching business. Every aspect of how you play business can become a “signature method” – a THING – that you can use to create value in the world.

AND if you so desire, it becomes the structure that you will use to bring coaching associates into your business when you grow beyond the number of players you want to coach personally.

Some of these items you may have already put some effort into creating so this will be your platform to UPLEVEL them.

Others you may not have created at all, and that could be the reason your business is slow in taking off. In this Mastermind experience you can use an example from my coaching business to create “Version 1” of everything you are missing.

The key is… you need ALL of these items – in at least a “Version 1” form – in order to PLAY your coaching business FULL ON. If even ONE of these items is missing, you will struggle because there will be a little doubt in your mind. Doubt is infectious.  Your little doubt about your process will get into your potential players mind making it hard for them to say:”YES!” to coaching with you.
NOT impossible; just unnecessarily hard.
And who needs unnecessary struggle? NOT YOU.
You’ve got too much passion for coaching to waste your energy on struggle.


On this page we will explore:

  • The byproduct of “MAKING”… OOZING Self-Worth
  • The 16 things you will MAKE
  • The REAL COACHING structure of the program
  • The 4 Criteria for participation
  • The Logistics of when / how the experience happens
  • Registration Details


Before we get into the details about the “things” you are going to MAKE in this program, I want to share with you a quick thought about the BYPRODUCT of making them…


Feeling confident. Feeling excited to talk with your ideal players because you know you are 100% ready for them. It is utterly amazing how much more compelling you will be when you have NO DOUBTS about how you play the business game and how you co-create belonging, awareness and results with your players.

Yes, you will keep growing and learning and getting better all the time. BUT you need a foundation of GOOD to step into that level of growth.

THAT is what you will feel when you complete Simply Brilliant Level 1: Maker!

mmmmmm. SO GOOD!

The 16 “THINGS” we are going to make

The Performance Possibility Gap

People hire a coach to do something better. AKA Performance.

People hire a coach to co-create a new possibility and then live into it.

Contrary to some business pundits, coaching is NOT about problems or pain.

A “Performance – Possibility GAP” happens when a person realizes that there is a gap between their current capability AND what is needed for them to fulfill their purpose / passion / possibility.
When the Player SEES the gap, they are ready to hire a coach. And not one moment before.
This GAP should be called the PP-GAP, but that acronym just has tooo many issues! 😉

Everything you do as a coach is connected to this GAP! You are either bringing awareness to the GAP, living into the GAP or narrowing the GAP… hopefully expertly and ALL THE TIME.

1) Your originating question.

Your originating question is like the North Star of your coaching business. It illuminate the Performance Possibility Gap that your coaching lives into every day.

For example, you saw the Originating Question for this program at the top of this page:

What will be possible when you are Brilliant at Business?

Or the originating question for my coaching right now:

What will be possible when you UNLEASH your Superpowers?

Your Originating Question usually starts a BIG Adventure and leads to many additional beautiful questions.

This will be a THING you create while in Simply Brilliant.

Part 1: Your Coach-Ability

People hire a coach to get results! People PAY for results.
So you must be prepared coach for results.

And you also coach to create Belonging AND Awareness because they are the precursors to new results.

2) Your Coaching Packages and pricing

A high degree of certainty is essential in most business transactions. You will be able to clearly describe HOW you Coach someone for the results they desire AND how much they will need to invest to coach with you.

3) Your Onboarding Method for new clients

Your onboarding method is how you create a strong experience of belonging with your new players.

You will develop solid step-by-step plan to make sure every new paying player is well cared for and feels great about their decision to hire you.
And you will develop your plan for your player to get a few QUICK WINS to boost their confidence in themselves AND YOU.

4) Your Coaching Method to create Results!

Your Coaching Method is your signature as a coach!
This is essential to everything you do in coaching, selling, credibility building and marketing.

AND it does not need to be overly complex or prescriptive it just needs to be reliable for you and CLEAR for your ideal players.


Part 2 Possibility

The Way you co-create “YES”; also known as enrollment or Sales.

There is nothing that will impact your business success more than crafting your signature sequence of methods for enrolling your ideal players. When you have this… EVERYTHING else falls into place.

5) Your Offer Sequence

This is EVERYTHING you offer and exactly how you talk about it; everything from a conversation to an exploratory session to an experience a content product to your Coaching Relationship.

You are going to design every step of this sequence so that you have TOTAL CONFIDENCE in what you are offering, how and when.

This includes your “Conversation Magnets” and how you get those out into your tribe.

6) Your Enrollment Method

This is EVERYTHING you do before, during and after you talk with a potential player about coaching with you. You will design every question you will ask and every action you will take to open up a compelling “Performance Possibility GAP” for your potential player to step into.

We will also explore the “Inner Freedom Challenges” you may ask in making your offer!

7) Your Follow Up Method

Players don’t always say “Yes” straight away. Sometimes they say “maybe” and show up 2 years later!

This is how you keep track of everyone in your Sales process. For many coaches this method has the potential to double or triple your business almost overnight!

Note: There are a few additional methods that will fill out your Possibility section such as your method for sending a “thank you” for referrals.

8) Build Your List of Prospects / Gather your tribe

As you get out in the world and become known as a Coach who co-creates great results, people will start to gather around you. This is awesome and you need to be prepared to cultivate this experience.

As a part of Simply Brilliant you will make sure you have a way – using technology like an email list or FB Group – for the folks who have an interest in what you are doing – Your TRIBE – stay connected with you.

Part 3 Credibility

The way you co-create belonging.

This is also known as the like and trust factor.

9) Your Content

Any information pieces you create in writing, audio or video that demonstrate your purpose, values and methods.

You will create a few of these in the program

10) Your Success Stories

Your success stories co-creating results with players are the most valuable elements in your credibility portfolio.

You will create your player success matrix in this program to connect player stories with specific elements of your method. When you have these organized it is easy to refer to them in content and conversations!

11) Your Advocates

Business is a TEAM GAME.

You need people who are trusted within your tribe to advocate for you.

In the program you will cultivate a few of these relationships.

12) Always Have Something To Invite People To

This is an advanced business strategy that we will at least get a start on in this program.

The idea is to always have some time of upcoming event or virtual place where you will be demonstrating your awesomeness in some way. Inviting people to experience you being awesome is a powerful business move!

Part 4 Visibility

The way you become seen and known. This is also known as marketing in most business building programs.

13) Participate with your tribe

You will identify the qualities of your Ideal Players.

Then you will systematically figure out where to find them both online and face-to-face.

Then you will figure out how to participate with them so that they want to know more about what you do.

14) Cultivate Referral Partners

People generally won’t refer people to you for coaching unless you ASK.

You will learn HOW to ask AND set them up for success and feeling like a HERO!

15) Speak / Write / Network

There are only 3 ways to create visibility within a tribe: speaking, writing and networking; and there are an almost infinite number of places to do these things – that is the overwhelming part.

The key is to “find your voice” so that no matter how you communicate your potential players resonate with what you are saying and how you are saying it.

This has been one of my dearest coaching specialties with small business owners for 20 years and I SOOO look forward to doing this with YOU!

While this is an ongoing and highly creating process, you will get a solid start in this mastermind group experience.

16) Engage Via Social Media

Social media sits between Visibility and Coach-Ability in the Simply Brilliant Business Model.

On the visibility side you find ways to share your experiences and your credibility content in social platforms.

AND it is SUPER powerful when your players share their winning experiences with you as there coach.

We will play a lot in this space during the Mastermind experience so that you gain focus and confidence.

A REAL Coaching Environment!

Most business programs for coaches are not based on coaching… they are training programs.
And this is a REAL conundrum for coaches… They may seem affordable…
BUT… as has been a known fact for 50 years… information-based training programs rarely foster transformation!

To go grow yourself and your business… you don’t need INFORMATION… you need TRANSFORMATION.


The key is the Simply Brilliant Mastermind environment of Observation – Conversation; the centerpiece of REAL Coaching.

Everything you MAKE on a weekly basis will be shared with me and your TEAM for robust evaluation and uplifting conversation. This Rhythmic Process of creating – sharing – evaluating – learning is SUPER powerful.

You might be a little apprehensive at first because of your bad experiences of being judged in the Industrial Age which led you your Perfection Trap experience; HAH! EVERYBODY’s perfection trap experience. But you will see that in a REAL Coaching TEAM environment, it is truly magical.

Speaking of MAGIC!

Part of the Simply Brilliant experience is my Superpower called: Practical Magic

Practical Magic is the ability to bring visions, dreams and intentions to life in the REAL world.

The formula for Practical Magic is:

A little structure +
A LOT of imagination +
Just the right use of Energy (in the form of feelings, thoughts, words and actions) AND
GREAT COACHING! (naturally that is in the formula)

The Simply Brilliant Mastermind Group is designed for Practical Magic to happen on a regular basis!

The 4 criteria for participation

THIS IS A TEAM program!


1) You must desire to expand who you are as a person and as a business player.
You can’t do this program and just stay the way you are!

2) You must desire to be seen by your tribe and in the world. You cannot do this program with visibility as a “necessary evil” of business. Even if being truly seen is scary for you – as it is for most people – you must be 100% committed to breaking through anything that holds you back from being seen in the world. If you commit… we can get you there!

3) You must be prepared to participate fully and CARE about your teammates. Caring means observing what they are creating and sharing what you see with judgment-free awareness. This is an essential coaching skill… and we all need to BE this for each other.

4) You must be willing to invest a few minutes each day on focused attention on the shared intentions of you and your TEAM. We are going to play with some powerful group intention experiments.

Program Structure


You will receive an audio and playbook with the description and an example for what we are all going to MAKE during the coming week.
You will read and listen to this before the Monday Meetup.

Monday – Group Planning Sesion

In each session there will be a brief group exploration about the THING we are making.

Then in the group session you will meet with a small group breakout to co-create and share a few details about what you are going to MAKE and how you are going to share it for observation by the team; probably by sharing it on the Private Facebook Group.

Also, with your group, you will share one specific intent for a result that you are playing for in the world; probably with something you created in an earlier session.

Then your mission is to share in the Facebook Group by Friday
1) What you made and
2) The result that happened or didn’t happen.

Wednesday – Open coaching call

{These calls are optional}

Join in and listen to me (Coach Dave) coach one or more of the group members on their creation experience; OR the experience of playing for a result.
YOU can volunteer to be selected as the “player” for the Open Coaching Call!

By observing these coaching calls you will become more aware of the profound personal experience of PLAYING business.


Friday – Group Celebration Call

{These calls are optional… but HIGHLY recommended}

Friday is the “game over” time for MAKING your THING and PLAYING for your RESULT… so you need to get something onto the Facebook page to meet your commitment to the TEAM!
Every Friday we gather as a group to celebrate wins AND activate learning!

This is an essential part of the process.

Most of the time when we try new things it doesn’t go so well and we stop. This is because there is no one with us to help us evaluate what happened with judgment-free awareness and LEARN fast.

This is another reason by being on a SIMPLY BRILLIANT DREAM TEAM will make a huge difference in your experience.


The investment for this one of a kind business program for coaches is $1,795.
BUT… since this is the first cohort, you get the Early Adopter price of just $895! AWESOME
OR 3 payments of $350
AND by being in the first group you can LOCK-IN your replay cost of $895 as well.




NOTE: You can always switch between groups on a given week if you need to for scheduling reasons!

GSC/Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Program students

You can participate in this program one time as part of Coach Training program. AWESOME!

To claim your spot send an email to Coachdave @ CoachVille
in the subject line:
“Simply Brilliant Registration 11 AM ET”
“Simply Brilliant Registration 7 PM ET”

We will take care of getting you registered!
ps. you can attend either group call on a given Monday.
We just want to know which group you are most likely to attend.


Book an exploratory session with me and we can talk it through.

Send an email to coachdave @ coachville.com (with no spaces)
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