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Step 1) Attend the TED
Livestream Event... Awesome!

Monday 2016-02-15 8 PM ET
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Step 2) Join us for a "Coaches
Gathering" to share what we
learned and STIR THE BLOOD

Tuesday 2016-02-16 8 PM ET
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Friday 2016-02-19 12 PM ET
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Coaching DEEP Dive

Friday 2016-02-26 10-11:30 AM ET
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Coaching Super Power #9:
Self Trust
Feel it -> Say it

Center for Coaching Mastery
Registration open for
February 17th 2016

Call for details: 866-548-6516
Ask for Coach Deanna!

Classes start February 17th
Basic Coaching Super Powers
Proficiency Coaching
Advanced Communication

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