We were born to Play Life...

then we were trained to work


Obsessed with working on tasks and problems (we manage work)


Playing for our Dreams and Peak Experiences (we COACH play!)

Play Life Coaching Method Class

Become a  Transformational Coach With the Power of PlayCoach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach


Hi there! Coach Dave here with you.

I am pumped up to share with you about the Play Life Method for Coaches Program!

In this 12-week program you will learn how to play life bigger AND coach life better… AT THE SAME TIME!

You are Transformational Coach or Coach Approach Leader; Somewhere between just starting out and coaching for 25 years.

Transformational Coaching covers a broad spectrum of pursuits including personal growth, business, leadership, health… any aspect of life where people want to make a positive change is where transformational coaching happens.

As a Coach, you guide people on a journey
where they become the person they DREAM of becoming…
One breakthrough at a time!

People want to do something better,
create something new,
upgrade their situation or
pursue an objective.

At CoachVille we uplanguage this to:

Play Life Better.


Play Better for your Dream

Just like a basketball coach guides you to play basketball better
or a violin coach guides you to play violin better.

And just like in basketball or violin there is always a player with a dream, a vision, a desire.

The player sees themselves…

  • doing the activity a lot better than they can do it now,
  • having amazing peak experiences
  • making a bigger impact
  • feeling more capable, more energized, more alive
  • performing for their clients, colleagues or friends
  • inspiring anyone who watches them play.

They may or may not be aware of how much personal transformation will be required to fulfill their dream; either way is OK. (sometimes it’s better not to know!)


As a Transformational Coach,

you want to be the catalyst, the change agent of the inner transformation that leads to their dreamed of peak experiences out in the world.

You want to share from your life experiences of both the inner world and the doing stuff out in the world and contribute massively to the player living their dream!

You want to be the in-demand, goto coach
for the people of your community
who want to play BIG in the world


AWWWW yeah! So fun.


With me so far…

Let’s keep going.

But first…


CoachVille is the Rebel School

We DON’T believe this…

If you have been around the personal coaching space for more than 5 minutes you have probably picked up on the two prevailing schools of thought.

1) The ICF/ Co-Active crew says that coaches mostly ask questions so that clients (notice that word) can solve their own problems and come up with their own tasks. Then hold them accountable for taking action.

2) The Guru School crew says that coaches send out videos showing their clients (that word again) what to do and how to do it. Then they get together with them – usually in a big group – to answer a few questions and tell them what to do next.  Then hold them accountable for taking action.

One of my coaches, Marshall Thurber, taught me: whenever someone says how they do something, try to figure out their underlying theory.

With both of these two types of schools, the theory goes like this:

1) The world is some kind of school or job.

2) Life / success is about solving problems and completing tasks.

3) When two people are together one person has to figure out what to do (either the coach or the client)

4) The best way to help someone complete tasks is through micro-management or guilt (AKA Accountability)



OK, here is the rebel part…

We don’t believe that this is what life is about.

We don’t believe that life / success is about solving problems or completing tasks and it is definitely NOT a school or job.

We don’t believe coaching is about asking or answering questions.

We don’t believe that micro-management or guilt have any place in coaching!

This is what we believe...

1) The world is a playground.

2) Life is for play. Humans are born to play.

3) The BEST way for two people to do ANYTHING is to Play Together.

4) We believe that playful practice, judgment-free awareness and tenacious self-love are WAAY better than micro-management and guilt.

If you believe what we believe, then you should learn transformational coaching with us.
And we will LOVE to have you in our community of wise rebels!




I know you want to be a transformational coach!

I can tell you for sure that you don’t create transformation with only great questions OR great information.

 The BIG transformation in the Play Life Method is:

From: Worker

To: Player

It sounds simple, but it is Powerful and Profound.

The first step is to shift:

From: daily life of grinding through tasks

To: daily life of growth-oriented social play

You are probably thinking something like: OK. I can see how someone plays tennis or plays violin and how a coach can help them play better. But…

How do you play life?

How do we practice life?


Let’s get into it…



We have a little model to help you shift your mindset from worker to player: Relate, Create, Explore, Experiment. (it has a ring to it!)

As a coach you will guide your player to add activities in these four areas into thier plan each week; this will guide them toward the experiences they desire, the impact they desire and personal transformation AT THE SAME TIME!. 

Here is an important insight to consider: Anything that you cannot control but you can influence is an opportunity to play and play better with a coach!

So, I want you to wonder… to dream… of what you would do if you were able to increase your positive connection in the social world around you.

These are the four types of activities: Moments of Social Play.

  • A play-able moment is a coach-able moment that you can improve through practice.
  • Social play means that it involves co-creating the experience with one or more other people rather than completing a task in isolation as was the norm in the Industrial Age of Control.


The BIG idea of shifting your focus from completing tasks to social play is this: with social play you don’t know what the outcome is going to be; there is mystery; there is possibility; this brings a much deeper experience of aliveness! YES!!!!

Relate for Influence (AKA Play for “Yes”)

Relate means talking to other people! This is pretty much what we do all the time in life. It becomes playful where there is an opportunity for positive influence like when you are making an offer to do something with someone and they might say “yes”, but they might say “no”.

 People are yearning to be a more positive influence in the lives of the people that they care about.

You can coach them to do this better!


Create for Inspiration (AKA to share with others)

Creating is when you make a thing or you design an experience that you aim to share with others to inspire them; for examples: writing, recording, designing, planning. The sharing part is all about participation and contribution. This is very much in line with the idea that “Life is Performance Art”; which is a concept we talk about a lot in coaching.

People are yearning to use their abilities to make something good, to matter, to contribute to others, to contribute to life.

You can coach them to do this better!

Explore for Visibility (AKA to See and Be Seen; to know and BE Known)

Exploring is when you go into a new territory OR something you created goes into a new territory.  You are stepping into the unknown (hopefully with a sense of wonder) It can be a physical place, a social media platform or even a new idea. You explore to see and experience new people and new places; and also to BE SEEN and KNOWN by new people.  This often leads to an invitation to meet to get to know each other better.

People are yearning to belong, to connect, to be seen and known for who they REALLY are, to be appreciated and respected.

You can coach them to do this better!

Experiment for Change (AKA to Try New Ways)

Experimenting is any time you do something that you have not done before OR you do something that you have done in a new way. Often when we experiment, we have an idea or a hope of what will happen but we don’t actually know. A key to success is to start with an intention, be open to new possibilities AND keep track of what happens; and most important is to not look at any outcome as a failure but as learning.

People are yearning to express themselves more fully, to trust themselves more deeply, to come alive.

You can coach them to do this better!


As a transformational coach you will be able to guide your players to look at everyday life through this model. 

OH! You are going to enjoy doing this with your players.
No matter what you do in life or where you go, you will know how to do something that is always in demand: Guide Personal Transformation!


Let’s talk about how we learn transformational coaching…
That is why you are here after all!

The craft of coaching life can be summed this way…

Coaching is...

Practice Together To Play Better


The class is like a 12 Week Adventure!

Each week you will:

1) Learn a few new transformational coaching concepts and techniques

2) Listen to them being used in a real coaching session

3) See how to apply them right away by using the Coaching Dialogue Guide

4) Practice with your partner in class

5) Then coach your “practice” players using everything you have learned.

6) ALSO BE Coached by your class partner as you PLAY your own life performance

7) ENJOY the LOVE that emerges when you PLAY and Coach…
and celebrate the successes and failures that you experience

Hint: coaching is a profound personal relationship… so yes, there WILL be love.

8) Every week you will share about your playing and coaching experiences on your Game Card;
and you will play to inspire your classmates and earn “You Inspire Me” points.


Whether it is for personal growth, business, leadership or anything else…

This is how you Transformational Coaching happens…


  • You guide your player to clarify their BIG Dream.
  • You guide them toward the pivotal moments where they can play better.
  • You jump in as whoever they need you to be to practice with them… you play with them.
  • You observe.
  • You share what you see.
  • Sometimes you demonstrate.
  • You share ideas that can lead to playing better.
  • You engage in provocative conversations.
  • You transform fear into a friend who has a treasure map to their superpowers.
  • You learn to see with judgment-free awareness.
  • You reveal the player to themselves.
  • You unleash their hidden superpowers.
  • You help them uplevel their environments.
  • You learn when to challenge them and when to support them.


When they do something amazing that they would NEVER have done without you…

And when they say: “Thanks Coach”…

You do the happy dance of joy and celebrate like a mad fool!!!!



You might be wondering…

Can I do this?


Can I do I do this on the phone? or on zoom?

Hah! Yes. You can. To both questions.

We will show you how in the Play Life Method Class.

Let's get you signed up!

You are going to LOVE it.


The investment for this life-changing self-paced coach training program for coaches is $990.

*The program qualifies for 24 ICF CCEUs; 12 2-hour sessions

(even though we are the rebel school, we are still ICF accredited; so you get the best of both worlds!!!)

Play Life Coaching Program



Need a payment plan? Call : 866-548-6516; Ask for Deanna


GSC/Center for Coaching Mastery Program students

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Shares from the Game Card!

An essential part of every CV class is the Gamecard where students share about learning concepts, playing for their own dream AND they share about their coaching experiences.

The Gamecard amplifies learning and facilitates a robust experience of belonging.

I pulled out some shares of students talking about their players.

You will recruit at least 3 players from your world to coach every week while you are in class. (just like they did)
YES, you can do it AND we will provide some guidance.

CoachVille is a “learn by doing” school! (also quite rebellious since many schools don’t require you to coach anyone while you are in class which actually makes no sense to us)

Coach Deneise Borel Shares… (Executive Assistant, Texas Christian Hospital)

The first coaching session I had with M was very eye-opening.  As we were exploring what her big life dream might be, she couldn’t really identify it.  She knows she wants to “be and do” more, but can’t seem to verbalize it.  Sometimes it takes several sessions of just asking big questions, of getting people to remember what made them happy in the past, of what really inspired them, to get them to a place where they can identify the long term, bigger dream that’s always been there.  It’s just been stifled for a long time.

I’ve had two sessions with R and it is so much fun watching her begin to come alive and identify her Big Dream.  I am always amazed at how little we believe in ourselves and our abilities.  But I am more amazed as the lights begin to come on and the dream starts to take shape!

Coach Will Keller Shares… (EVP International Business at HSE24)

Just had my 4th coaching session with Player A. We’ve been co-creating using RACE (Results – Actions – Challenges – Evaluate) while learning about and practicing judgement free awareness and tone of voice. This past week, it all clicked for him. He ran a great meeting and his two more senior colleagues asked to learn about RACE because it was a great structure. My learning: that sessions build on each other and can more rapidly than I realized have a strong impact. A actually said this at the end of the session: that he was surprised at how much progress he has made these past few months. Good for him!

Coach Gary Ware Shares… (CEO Breakthrough Play)

In our session I observed that my player was stating results that weren’t exciting them. When I challenged them to think BIGGER they got to an area that was a little scary for them, however they were excited to take action.

In week 2 with my player J I went in it thinking that his dream may be a bit broad, however when we started mapping out his Outcomes, Mastery, Become, and Upgrades everything came into focus and he left feeling excited. My takeaway is trust the process.

In meeting with my player M in going over the actions that didn’t get the results that she wanted we were able to take a time out and role play how she would approach it in the future so she can prioritize her content creation project so it doesn’t wait till she is tired from a long day. She really appreciated this.

Coach Leanne Woehlke Shares (CEO Epic Yoga)

Session 2 with Player 2 this afternoon. Initially I thought we were going to craft her game around her professional life, but it became her relationship is her primary area she wants to play with for the next 12 weeks. She texted me after our session and said,

“Leanne! Thank you for your time today! Our talk resulted in a mind-shift for me.  It informed how I will approach the things I want to reshape in my life. In short, you clearly suggested a different filter to how I see and approach things I’d like to achieve —- and all rooted in play. What that did is it take the pressure to perform off of me. I feel free to color outside the lines and basically, not just think outside the box, but get rid of the box entirely.

I already feel more creative and free and much, MUCH lighter.
I will work on what I’d like to achieve but without any bossy framework to inhibit my joy.
What a Great start to our sessions!
Love and Light!

Realizing I will need to better keep track of the time… our sessions are funning (sic. a typo? maybe not!) about 60 mins.

I just got off a coaching call with one of my Players who said that she feels “Less threatened by life” by embracing the concept of play in our sessions. She also said that she feels she is “getting more done because I’m not procrastinating because I’m not in fear… there is no pressure. ” This was a huge a-ha moment for her and she was so giddy realizing that as she brought in the spirit of play, she was able to dive into her day without the judgment which had in the past been paralyzing.

She has also been incorporating the spirit of play in her work with her clients. She said she’s playing bigger because the play takes the pressure off.

Learning to Coach… is like learning to play music!

Learning this method is like learning to play a new musical instrument. First you need to learn how to make sounds and read music… then over time you learn advanced techniques and play more and more challenging (and more beautiful) music… and eventually you can create your own music!

It is the same with learning to Coach using the Play Life Method:

1) The first several times you will follow the method precisely like reading the music.
Don’t worry… your players won’t even know you are following a coaching dialogue guide.

2) Then with some practice you will be able to improvise with the various steps and concepts based on what your player needs in the moment.

3) Eventually you will develop your own signature coaching method upon the SOLID Play Life foundation.


Loved by new coaches AND master coaches alike

Another Quick thing about Play Life…

It is LOVED by all level of coaches because it is an amazing blend of strong foundation in the core basics of coaching AND totally cutting edge at the same time!

And many of our graduates come back and do Play Life  every few years to go deeper and deeper into the concepts.

The main difference is that master coaches get to the point of improvising very quickly while new coaches take more time to get there. That is it.

Coach Nour Kahheleh Shares


We intended to talk about the player’s dream, then I started asking questions, and BOOM a pattern appeared to the surface. I asked permission and noted it out. the player was in a deep awareness moment. She even wanted to stop and concentrate on the pattern.

As we did so, BOOM, a fear came out. Again, I took permission, shared my observations, and my player was in a moment as if she got “ran” by the truths she heard about herself. I could totally tell from her tone of voice she was shaken. But I loved how rebellious her soul is. I loved her courage. She asked for ANOTHER SESSION where we can talk more about her fear and pattern.

I can’t express how happy and proud I am from myself.
I will change this lady’s life! I will let her go achieve her dream!

Thank you Coach Ville!

Coach Kyria Kalata Shares… Chief Executive Officer at House of Education

Player L is a creative person who is looking to go into business for herself again. She thinks her challenge is self discipline.

This method will totally help her break free from the structured mindset that she currently feels is needed to be successful at building her business. L‘s superpowers of mentoring and connection have been dormant.

Player C is very attached to the industrial age.
Her dream right now is to let go of micromanaging her staff, learn to trust her staff and be able to get a full nights sleep (rather than worry about staff calls).