Inner Freedom ™ Method

A 9-step Coaching Method to Create Winning Choices

Play with Fear and you can do anything.  This is the mantra for this life changing program.Inner Freedom Method - Create Winning Choices

The Inner Freedom ™ Method is a powerful 9-step method where you identify subconscious patterns of fear and transform them into a powerful source of energy to fulfill your purpose to Play BIG.

Your story as a player…

What is your big move?

As you step into your big game in life you will often find yourself severely slowed or even stuck by the invisible force of FEAR!  There will be one or more BIG Moves in the game that become a real struggle for you.  You know it. But what do you do about it?

With the Inner Freedom Method you will create a personal transformation

From: fear and emotions are something you “power through”; the subconscious mind is dark and mysterious and must be avoided.

To:you can play with fear and emotions; the subconscious mind is a vast resource of wisdom and power.

With the Inner Freedom Method you learn how to approach fear with the spirit of play; to explore it with curiosity.  This brings deep understanding to the survival patterns that are creating conflict with your desire to play BIG.  With expanded awareness we can transform inner conflict into positive energy, joyful self expression and deep confidence.  This leads to winning choices and winning results!

The BIG Question: How BIG do you CHOOSE to play in this amazing game of your life? 

With Inner Freedom it is truly your choice!

For additional insights about your BIG move, join the CoachVille Inner Freedom Community (free) and read the Inner Freedom Mission 1 Playbook: Name Your BIG Move.

Your story as a Coach…

Are you ready for a dramatic boost in your coaching confidence?

When you coach your player to play big in the outside world their “Inner World” will put up a LOT of resistance. Nearly every decision we make in social situations is instantaneously determined by patterns of feeling in the subconscious mind; what to say, NOT say, what to do, must NEVER do.  When we start playing big, we often notice how restricted we feel; and it’s frustrating for both the player AND the coach.

This is your opportunity for coach-able moments of transformation that lead to results

From: Motivate your workers to overcome (power through) fear and control their emotions.

To: Teach your players to embrace fear and respond to their emotions.

When you bring the Inner Freedom Method to your coaching conversations your players will be amazed at the awareness that comes into focus.  And they will be thrilled when freedom and RESULTS replace frustration!  You will be a coaching hero! (always fun)

Jack Canfield, a leader in the personal growth industry, raves about the Inner Freedom Method. You will too.

With the Inner Freedom Method you will be able to coach the biggest players in the most challenging and high impact games.  

When the word gets out about what you can do, you will be in high demand with the best players in your community.  As a coach, this is EXACTLY who you want to be.

The BIG questions: How BIG do you want to be as a coach? 
Do you see yourself as a coach approach leader of influence with people who truly want to make a difference in your community? in the world?

For additional insights about Coaching using Inner Freedom, join the CoachVille Inner Freedom Community (free) and read the Inner Freedom Coaching Mission 1 Playbook: Recruit 5 Good Players.

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The BIG Picture

Humans are emerging from the Industrial Age of Work into the Connected Age of Purpose.  More and more of us are yearning to live more fully; to experience and express our uniqueness AND our connectedness.  To do this, we MUST be highly aware of and leverage ALL aspects of the Human Experience: including purpose, desires, emotions and fear.  Together we must embrace the truth that the game of life INCLUDES challenges and hardships that give us opportunities to grow more fully into ourselves and connect more deeply with others.  We have a choice in how we play the moments of our lives. To be a coach in the world means living, loving and teaching these truths.

What you will learn:Inner Freedom Method Badge Play With Fear

The 9-Step Inner Freedom Method

The Inner Freedom MethodTM is a sequence of transformational techniques that guide the player from feeling frustration (inner conflict) to feeling free (super conductive) during critical moments of choice.

Each of these steps creates a rich exploration

  1. Replay (pre-play) the moment of choice
  2. Use Judgment-free awareness
  3. Feel the energy in the body
  4. Scan for emotions
  5. Find the pattern language of the survival intention
  6. Make your mind your ally with “Play BIG” pattern language
  7. Find the perfection in your current situation
  8. Experience the flow of gratitude
  9. Replay the moment with “Play Big” pattern language

The Inherent Forces: Survival and Contribution

There is a beautiful conflict within each and every one of us; the conflict that is the central theme of almost every worthwhile story.

It is the conflict between the imperative to survive and the desire to contribute to the world and accomplish something great.

This conflict is not a problem or a bad thing or something to avoid; rather it is what makes life so wondrous! Every single day, in fact many time each day, you are faced with choices and opportunities where you can step into your desire to play big and contribute to the world in a significant way OR you can choose to play safe, to survive and avoid “trouble”.

In the Inner Freedom Method program you will learn how to embrace the dance between these forces and ride the powerful wave of energy that this beautiful conflict can provide you and your players.

In the program you will learn:

  1. Why the big game creates inner conflict – EVERY TIME
  2. How to quickly find the “Critical Moments of Choice” where the freedom to play BIG is blocked
  3. Techniques for shifting the energy of thoughts, feelings and actions to restore the freedom to make winning choices.

With these techniques your players will become Super Conductive -free to play BIG – and able to create results with greater ease.

Coaching Super Powers: Feel the Energy, Find the Perfection and Create Power Patterns

This is a life-changing collection of coaching super powers!

First you will learn how to guide your player into feel the energy in the body to create awareness of the deep wisdom of the subconscious mind; you do this through a practice of guided visualizations into the physical sensations in the body.

Next you will learn how to find the perfection in life situations both past and present.  This practice is an ancient truth that has been taught through the centuries that you will learn how to use in a powerfully modern way. With this super power your player will be able to make their mind an ally of their BIG game.

Finally you will learn how to guide your player in the creation of new power patterns!  The survival imperative operates in the subconscious mind through power patterns of feelings and thoughts; these thoughts and feelings operate below the surface to “keep you safe”.  While they do this very well, often they also keep you from taking the actions needed to play BIG and contribute to the world.  So… you will need to help your player create a new set of power patterns that support their desire to Play BIG.  This way, your player will have a conscious choice of when to play big and when to play safe.  It is so awesome. (Note: this may sound like NLP, but it is not)

Big Breakthrough: Play with the fear on the edge of your comfort zone

The way to keep growing in a healthy way is to play just over the edge of your comfort zone; where the actions you need to take to be successful are outside of the realm where you have total certainty;  where the outcome is a bit mysterious; where you have just a little bit of fear. As a Coach, you need to master the ability to guide your player into this “sweet spot” of growth on a regular basis – otherwise they will get bored!

At the same time, most people really resist stepping out of their comfort zones! Why? Because it is uncomfortable! (duh!) and we have all been trained to stay comfortable; to maintain control.  So you need a few things: 1) the courage to play out of YOUR comfort zone; 2) A way to talk about the benefits of stepping up to bigger challenges and opportunities to contribute; 3) A powerful tool to bring your player through the uncomfortable experience of fear in a way that is engaging and effective. When your players see that you have a tool that really works, they will play bigger more readily and really enjoy coaching with you.

You can PLAY with fear

Fear is a natural consequence of playing big in your life.  It not to be ignored or overcome. It needs to be EMBRACED.  You can learn a lot from your fear and when you do you are free to play as big as your life’s intentions and purpose will take you.

What this means in practical terms is that you are FREE to act powerfully in the moment in a way that is creative, resilient and resourceful.  You are fluid and get MUCH better results, more often with less struggle.  This is what we want for our players – and for ourselves!

Lauri Rubinstein Sales Transformation Results Coach

Meet Player Lauri

As part of the Inner Freedom Method Coaching class you will “listen in” on 12 life-changing coaching conversations between Coach Dave and Player Lauri of

When these sessions began, Lauri was as aspiring author and business leader.  She had a plan to write, create a local networking group and build a thriving business. There was only one problem (well 3 problems) … She wasn’t writing and she wasn’t talking to anyone about her business and she wasn’t signing any clients.  This is where the story begins and you will be amazed at how it unfolds.  You will often see yourself in her story as she expands her Inner Freedom; You will also benefit from the power of “osmosis coaching”.


 Students share their stories of Inner Freedom…

CalvinChenCircle-pngCalvin Chen, Los Angeles CA; Professional Coach

My client  just called me a coaching “God”. Let me explain (ha!). We had an Inner Freedom experience focused on his tendency to reject business deals prematurely to not waste time.  We found some very powerful pattern language he was using. And when the switch flipped — he went from “I’ll do whatever it takes to survive” to “I know I have it in me to do whatever it takes to SUCCEED, that’s just who I am, that’s how I roll”

.. and he just kept looping that pattern language over and over.. you can hear the difference in his tone. Prior to the session he was very intellectual and mind-driven, self-admittedly disconnected from his body and feelings and he came out of the session feeling INTEGRATED and ALIVE.. he was tickled that he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as he kept with this PLAY BIG intention + new pattern language.

AnneliVindemyrCircle-pngAnneli Videmyr, Stockholm Sweden; Professional Coach

“My player told me today she will never forget the fantastic relief she felt when we did the Inner Freedom Method – that was one of the first sessions with her and it was not complex at all. She said it helps her in her job every week. When she gets a “small nervous attack” she does a light version for herself! Isn’t this great… Inner Freedom Coaching is creating sustainable self growth.  I am still astounded about this method.”

Another Player told me: “I feel so relieved after this Inner Freedom session and much more calm to attend a big meeting next week”.


DorinaKalatyCircle-pngDorina Kalaty, Great Neck NY; Professional Coach

A player called me today to tell me how much I have changed her life and how much freer she feels to take the actions that used to scare her so much. This is somebody that I was hesitant with at first to use the inner freedom method.  We couldn’t have done it without this method.

I have learned that Playing outside of the comfort zone means that I will not know what will happen, I will not have a familiar pattern to refer to and I will most likely feel “a little bit of fear”.  I will feel this buzzing energy in my body.  I will also feel amazing, alive and exhilarated by playing outside of my comfort zone.


KeikoSaitoCircle-pngKeiko (Kay) Saito, New York, NY; Professional Coach

I coached a player who recently started his 3rd season with me. With him, I often use the Inner Freedom Method because he is an overachiever.  So often he is not playing at ease, but rather powering through things though he’s been a very successful business owner for over a decade.

This time, he found himself in the same situation where he realized that’s been repeating. He can’t say “no” to his clients for things that are not included in the contracts and this puts him in a tough position because every time he says “yes” to them, he sets their expectations higher and higher.

We did dig deep with the method. He felt a very heavy gray concrete-like sensation in his shoulders and arms. He felt the same sensation for the first time in life when his dad said to him: “you cannot do even such an easy task?” while he was cooking or doing something for his dad. He was about 8 years old.

Since then, he didn’t want to disappoint anyone and he can’t let people down. This connected the dots between what’s been happening now in his adult life and his childhood memory. We saw some benefits and positive effects on both sides for him and his clients when he says “no”. He realized that what he needs to do is have creative reality-check conversations with his clients. I challenged him to come up with some symbol to represent this. Awesome session!


ClintBoldenCircle-pngClint Bolden, San Francisco, CA; Retired School Administrator

Playing outside the zone means that you get to play with the fear that holds people back from discovering their greatness. You are fearless and nothing can stop you from producing the desired results in your life. Most of all, you learn to depend on your body wisdom for guidance and direction. You are in a state of mind were you are unstoppable because fear has no power over you.




Nina Mioen, Texas USA; Professional Coach

“Wow! This is exactly what I have been waiting for! Dave’s talk about most coaching sessions being weak really hit me.  It was me yesterday.  The frustration I felt when I coached this lady, the feeling of not getting anywhere.  I need to get into the critical moment with her. I makes so much sense and feels great to have a technique to use to ‘feel what it feels like in the moment’.  I believe in it completely; it is when we are in the moment that the breakthrough can happen.  This is really BIG!”



Erica Becker,  San Diego CA; Corporate Coach

I took my player through the Inner Freedom Method and she had a memory pop of a very early traumatic occurrence. She said that she hadn’t thought it was still an issue but it is what kept coming up so she allowed herself to be uncomfortable and feel it. It was a huge breakthrough for her and has since allowed her to be aware that it was holding her back from her relationships with others.

Inner Freedom is resistance free – being in the flow of life. Attracting and manifesting what I want and easily.

At peace within; Staying true to my own thoughts and actions.

JoseDiazdeVillegasCircle-pngJose Diaz de Villegas, San Juan Puerto Rico; Magazine Editor

My player and I had a very intense Inner Freedom session, during which a powerful memory came up. She said, “I’m starting to see pictures from my childhood, starting to get closer to what is really stopping me.” She had greater awareness of how what happened then is connected to what she wants to do now.  She saw that now as an adult she has choices.

I find deep Inner Freedom sessions really help us expand our ability to “Respect the client’s humanity.”


JannickeBernsCicle-pngJannicke Berns, Stockholm Sweden; Professional Coach

My experience of the Inner Freedom Method:

…absence of fear and courage to act in the moment.

….being in the flow and knowing what to do or not do.

…awareness and integration of feelings, thoughts and emotion (body wisdom)

….feeling that my energy flows freely to the results I want.

EytanNicholsonCircle-pngEytan Nicholson, Boston MA; Song writer & Musician

There is a list of things I’d love to do in my life but can always find a great reason why not to try them. Playing outside of my comfort zone will be not judging things in advance, rather attempting them with full force and then reflecting later.

Inner freedom means to me that I should be able to approach and attempt any idea or challenge with an ability to CHOOSE not only what I’m comfortable with but also what it means to me.

I can choose my opinions and actions over survival instinct.


How this program will make you a better coach

  1. Your confidence as a coach will increase dramatically because you KNOW you have the tools to handle ANY challenging situation your player is in.
  2. Your ability to find the “critical moment of choice” and shift the experience for your player from inner conflict to inner freedom will create extraordinary richness in every session. You will learn exactly what questions to ask and what to look for.
  3. Understanding and using body awareness will allow you to help your players expand and tap into their intuition and inner knowing
  4. The ability to find the perfection in situations past and present is a most extraordinary booster to self worth; which is something EVERYONE values greatly
  5. Your players will FEEL more capable to play BIG in the world after every session with you.
  6. You will become masterful in reading the dynamic of “in/out of the comfort zone” and know just how to keep your players on the growing edge.
  7. You will have a deep understanding AND a solution for the common challenges people face today: overwhelm, frustration, isolation and even apathy! This will give you great confidence in coaching a player through challenging situations.
  8. You will learn how to talk about inner conflict as a catalyst for growth with your players.
  9. You will expand your understanding of the dynamic balance between support and challenge which has the effect of boosting your players self-worth. This in turn will greatly enhance their ability to play the game and get results.


The Inner Freedom Method TM is a collaboration between Coach Dave Buck and Coach Lise Janelle. You can learn more about Coach Lise at: