CoachVille Engagement TEAM!

$7,500 Scholarship Opportunity
Invitation to apply.

We have a team called “The CoachVille Engagement Team”
and you can earn a scholarship to our Center for Coaching Mastery
by playing on the team!

If you are an expressive and inspired individual,
you can earn a $7.500.00 play/study scholarship AND
develop your personal brand at the same time. AWESOME!

I will be coaching this team personally so as an additional benefit…
you get to be with me for a powerful growth-filled year! Wooo Hooo!


You are a person with a strong desire to
become a great coach,
cultivate a following and
build a thriving coaching business (now or in the near future)
you have a tight $$ budget right now.

BIG point:
while you are playing on this team engaging for CV
you will simultaneously build your own personal brand
that will be awesome for your coaching business.


1) As a member of the team, each day you will have a FUN
engagement mission that will take less than an hour to complete.
Example Missions include:

A) actively participating in our social media,
B) actively participating on a CV Game card,
C) listening to CV content and sharing your thoughts on a blog post,
D) watch a TED video and write a review about how it could apply to coaching
E) MANY other possibilities

2) It is a play/study scholarship to our acclaimed ICF accredited
Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Program (125 credit hours)

3) The standard price for our school is $9,500.
Your earned scholarship is $7,500 so you will only pay $2,000;
Which you can pay in 10 monthly payments of $200.


PLEASE READ THIS PDF for all of the details!

We have a new class starting every 6 weeks so you can start taking classes right away!
If you are interested, please respond quickly.

ALSO… if you know someone who you think would be PERFECT for this opportunity,
PLEASE pass this email on to them!

Coach Deanna is orchestrating the application, vetting and selection process.


Put the following into an email to: CXO @

1. Share why you want to be a coach
and why you want to join CoachVille’s coach training program, in TWO paragraphs or less.

2. Include links to your social media that showcases
who you are and your voice in the world.
Your voice can be unique, funky… even rebellious,
it does NOT have to be coaching related.
We want to know who you are.
If you are using social media for private audiences only,
send a few screenshots of posts you think will inspire us.

3. Confirm that you’ve read the attached PDF’s,
and you are excited to play on the Engagement TEAM!

4. Now tell us what you really want us to most know about you.
Be original, concise and awesomely you here, we are not fans
of cookie-cutter vibe or a zillion words.
Please don’t send a resume; make it short, sweet and unique.

I am a fan of rule breakers, but this time I can only bring you to the team
for consideration if you give us all of the above in a concise manner.


If you have a question or two that is not answered in the PDF,
you can talk with Deanna by calling us: 866-548-6516