CoachVille Book Club

Play with BIG Ideas. Coach Better.Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach

Hey there! Coach Dave here with you.

Excited to invite you to join us for Book Club!

CV Book Club is a powerful environment where we explore the ideas of leading expansive, progressive thinkers. These are the kind of ideas that you can use to play bigger in your own life and offer to your players as well; coaches are natural teachers, so let’s teach the best new stuff!

The best way to explore new ideas is in lively group conversations where many perspectives are shared; THEN, each person finds a creative way to apply the ideas to their own big game in life while being sparked and encouraged by colleagues.  Co-create provocative conversations and take meaningful actions… this is the WAY of Life coaching. This is the way of the CoachVille Book Club.

I know when I read a great book I imagine ways I could experiment or explore what I am reading. Usually I right these ideas into the margins of the book. Do you do that? BUT… rarely do I actually do them. Having a venue to share these ideas and find a few fellow adventurers will make the difference between not playing and … PLAYING! Life was not meant to be a game of solitaire!!

Each week in the Book Club the participants can offer questions and topics for the group conversation. A selection of these will be curated for the group gathering on the Maestro Conference Bridge where each participant can choose the breakout conversations they want to participate in. Similarly if you have an idea for a “real world” experiment or exploration you can suggest it to the group and recruit a few fellow adventurers. Then each participant can share on their CoachVille Gamecard about their own insights, actions and results where other members can read and comment.

As a coach, player, leader these conversations and explorations will ripple out into your world of family, friends, colleagues and clients to create awareness, action and positive impact!! Let’s PLAY.

Several ways to participate

  • Weekly tele-gatherings Mondays 8-9 PM ET,
  • Private Facebook Group,
  • CoachVille Game Card

Choose your participation! It is a fantastic, gamified, way to learn and THRIVE as a community!

Books we will explore include: “Sapiens”, “Subliminal” and “The Trauma of Everyday Life”.

Book Club is an exclusive member benefit when you join CoachVille (CV Membership is FREE)