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CoachVille 5th Annual Conference
Chicago May 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 2006

The BIG BANG idea...
Just as the Big Bang Theory suggests a universe which was once unknown and was created billions of years ago from a cosmic explosion that hurled matter in all directions, BIG BANG! Coaching suggests a similar premise: That while powerful beyond measure, the profession of coaching is still relatively small and unknown in the marketplace. There is only ONE thing needed to create an explosive chain reaction that propels coaching to massive public appeal....

Our theory: The power of winning is ONE THING that makes coaching unique from all other professions. Coaches help their players play better and win more games. Whatever game the player is playing: business, leadership, soccer, piano or even life balance, the key is to create a game worth playing and then play with everything you’ve got! Yes, coaches teach, we challenge, we ask questions, we listen, we solve problems, we expand consciousness and we even use psychology. But we do all of this for one purpose: to help the player win. 

At this conference you will learn how to bring the power of winning to your work as a coach in a way that works for you. Together we will improve our skills for the ultimate game: making the world a wonderful place to live for everyone.

Through inspiring information, life-changing activities and provocative coaching you will...

littlebang-gif Be inspired to become a recognized leader in your communities (local and virtual)

littlebang-gif Practice the language and techniques that create a relentless demand for coaching

littlebang-gif Dramatically improve your coaching skills through Pattern Language Coaching TM

littlebang-gif Learn the coaching perspective on winning and losing that is inspiring and inclusive

littlebang-gif Leave the conference prepared to be an impact player and WIN YOUR GAME...
   a game worth playing!

7 Conference Themes - that will change the face of coaching

1) Chaos & Creativity
It wouldn’t be BIG Bang if we didn’t create lot’s of chaos and then try to make some order out of
it. This IS CoachVille after all ;-)). This conference will include a lot of new ideas, experimental processes and provocative conversations. We will create together a new way to coach.

2) Games & Exercises!
Games are a great way to learn AND build relationships We know that you attend conferences to get new ideas and meet new people. Games are the perfect way to do this. The focus of this year’s conference is on playing learning games. There will be some lectures for sure - it wouldn’t be a conference without lectures - but nearly every session will have a dynamic interactive component.  PLUS... Playing games will dramatically reduce “Conference Brain Lock”

This will be a doing conference more than a listening conference. Through a variety of exercises you will leave the conference with a clear plan of action for your upcoming winning season as a coach.

You will learn a ton at this conference! But you will also have a variety of experiences that will bring the learning to life.

3) Together we are better
Our theory is that the power of winning unleashes the greatness in every player. The desire to win brings teams together for powerful collaboration. Competition fuels players to keep improving their play - win or lose, this translates into more compelling services and experiences for everyone. 

We are SO thrilled to have Marshall Thurber at our conference this year. “Together we are better” is Marshall’s motto. Marshall was a close protégé of two of the 20th Centuries most influential men, Bucky Fuller and Edward Deming, so you can imagine what he is like. You will be moved and inspired by this remarkable man.

4) Periodization experience
The theory of periodization is powerful - managing the way you use and restore energy in distinct time periods; It will dramatically improve your results because you’ll have more energy and more presence to perform at a high level when the game is on!  But it takes a little practice. So... we will practice throughout the conference. The result... You will leave the conference with MORE energy than when you arrived! AND you will have a tool that will significantly increase your value as a coach.

5) The high-performance lifestyle of a coach
To deliver exceptional, “highly involved” coaching you’ve got to feel great AND look great. You’ve got to REALLY BE THERE for your clients if you want to use the “Coach-to-Win” TM coaching style that we will explore during this event. It’s very difficult to coach well when you are stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed. (I know because I’ve done it!) Throughout the conference you will experience a variety of ways to keep your energy moving and your body
 vital. You’re going to LOVE it!

6) Family reunion
CoachVille is the global family of the late Thomas Leonard - the founder of the coaching industry. And the CV annual conference is our family reunion. The CV conference is unlike any other due to it’s warmth, generosity and freshness with NO formal undertones. Come as you are and be prepared to celebrate your unique talents, our cherished profession AND the thrill of pushing the edge of innovation

Another feature of the CV conference is the “One Big Room” design. We don’t do breakouts. We will work in small groups for several of the games and exercises but fundamentally everyone will share the whole experience together.

7) Coaching!
duh. During the conference you will experience coaching in a variety of ways. First, we will be exploring together a dynamic new “Coach-to-Win” TM coaching style. Second, you will have the opportunity to observe several live coaching sessions. Finally, each day will include a group coaching session to help you debrief your experience and create a plan to use what you have learned. 

We’d LOVE to see you in Chicago
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