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Welcome to the Center for Coaching Mastery – Summer Intensive.The Summer Intensive program is designed specifically for folks who want a fast track to enough coach training to earn a basic level certification AND who have a light summer schedule allowing them the time to focus on classes in an “intensive format”.This would include educators, managers in organizations with lighter than normal summer workloads and anyone who happens to have this summer free.Lucky YOU! You can jump in and become a great coach in a short period of time.A few thoughts about coaching…To be a coach is to be someone who plays BIG in the world by adding value to the lives of others while bringing joy and true wealth into your own life.If this sounds good to you then I invite you to explore these pages to learn how we can help you become a masterful coach.The other BIG benefit of living the life of a Coach is this: Coaching is the most rigorous personal development concept ever invented! In order to coach well, you have to keep growing yourself. Every person you coach is a mirror into yourself in some way so you start to see yourself deeply and profoundly.

If you are a dedicated lifelong learner, then coaching is a great career for you.One last point: while we do take coaching very seriously, it really is a LOT of fun. With our emphasis on the Spirit of Play you are in for a lot of “big smile” moments. We like to pursue it as “Serious Play” and we hope you will too.This page is a portal for all of the details regarding our SUMMER certification program. It may look like a “BIG LIST” and well, that’s because it is! All of the details are on linked pages.

The Next Summer Intensive Begins Monday July 11th 2016!

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Before we get into the details of our program, we want you to know in advance
that if you have any questions…newstudentadvisor-gif

about professional coaching,
how you can play BIG in the world as a coach OR
is professional coaching a viable career? OR
about our program…
PLEASE contact us:

By email: newstudentadvisor@coachville.com
By phone: 866-548-6516 (Call any time 24 / 7)

We would love to talk with you.

Quick Facts about the Summer Certification Program

  1. Our school was launched ed in 2001 by Thomas Leonard – the founding father of the coaching industry – as “the Graduate School of Coaching”
  2. In 2007 we re-invented the program as the Center for Coaching Mastery for our ICF Accreditation
  3. We have had over 3,000 students
  4. Our program is one of the elite schools accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  5. Includes the coach training and mentoring by the ICF to apply for ACC (Associate Certified Coach) Certification-
  6. Includes 60 required coach training class hours
  7. Includes 10 mentor coaching hours (3 1-1 during 3 practicums; 7 in the mentor group)
  8. Includes 5 core competency training hours in the Mentor Group
  9. Includes 3 critiqued coaching sessions by a certified coach during the practicum
  10. Includes 12 business training class hours
  11. Prepares you to earn the CoachVille Associate Certified Coach (CVACC)
  12. Prepares you to apply for the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  13. The program is delivered 100% by dynamic group conference calls using the acclaimed MaestroConference System
  14. You can register anytime and get immediate access to the entire curriculum recordings and playbooks
  15. During the 6 weeks Summer Intensive, you will be in class every Monday through Thursday for 2 hours (plus optional 30 minute Question & Answer session).
    The class times are 2PM – 4PM ET;  details below.
  16. If you want to make the INTENSIVE … well…. less intense, you can defer any part of the training to another semester.
  17. Your investment for the SUMMER program is $3,500. OR $1,000 deposit + 6 payments of $575 ($3,875 total)
    OR you can invest in the COMPLETE  program  and get started in the Summer Intensive (details here)
  18. There is an easy and affordable upgrade path to the COMPLETE program if you choose the begin with the Summer Program

Get to know us before you invest…


Coach Training is a big investment in money and time.

We want to give you every opportunity to get to know us before you choose.
And we must say, to know us is to love us 😉

For a detailed review of “getting to know us” opportunities click here.

Here is the quick summary…

Admissions Adviser Session

Call: 866-548-6516
This option was also mentioned at the top of the page but we want to make sure you know that you can call us. We have a great team of professional coaches who have trained in our school and would love to talk with you to answer your questions. If one of our advisers is available when you call the operator will put you right through. If not they can put you on the calendar for a call back at a time that is convenient for you.

Observe Any class (FREE – just ask!)
Check us out! You can even join in the conversation if you like. Anyone on our team can set this up for you. Just call.

CoachVille Basic Membership (FREE)
Access a wealth of resources including recordings of classes, Coach Dave coaching and Thomas Leonard.

Unique Features of Our School


We have spent the last 15+ years refining and innovating the craft of coaching and coach training and have developed a comprehensive approach that is stunningly simple and powerfully effective.

You will learn in the most innovative coach training environment ever created. Every program is a play-able, coach-able game that will challenge and inspire you.

You will listen to pre-recorded coaching demonstrations at your convenience before each class. You will coach in EVERY class. You will BE coached in every class. You have to play well and coach well in order to graduate.

Here is a quick overview of the unique features of our program…

  1. ICF Accreditation – The global certification standard
  2. Our philosophy about coaching – the Pursuit of Human Greatness
  3. The Global Classroom – Super Convenient + Global Diversity
  4. Real Coaching in Every Class – our Active Learning model
  5. Our Social Game System – the spirit of play lives on!
  6. Coach by phone – the cornerstone of your lifestyle business opportunity
  7. Business Training – Built into the curriculum
  8. Any Time Lifetime Access – you are always welcome back any time
  9. Brief History of our School – The role of founder Thomas Leonard
  10. A little bit about you – The Qualities of a Great Coach

Curriculum Review


Probably the most unique feature of our program is our curriculum. Each level includes a methods class, a skills class, business training and a practicum.

The Center for Coaching Mastery SUMMER Intensive program includes:

Level 1 – The Pursuit of Human Greatness

The focus is on the Basic Coaching skills and Play Two Win Coaching Method. Combining basic skills with a reliable method is the fastest way to become effective with your players. You will be able to guide them toward playing their game better and winning on their own terms. They will achieve results AND become masters of the game. Even experienced coaches will enjoy this curriculum.
The following programs are included in Level 1:

The classes in Summer Intensive:

Mentor Coaching is offered in the Fall

Mentor Coaching is offered in the fall session beginning in September. It is a six week course which requires completion of coaching hours for a successful class experience and so it held after training is complete and the coach has practiced coaching skills.

Elective to be taken any time during our traditional trimesters

Logistics – When our classes are conducted


Class times

Each class is 2 hours in length, followed by an elective half hour question and answer session with the instructor.

Play Two Win: Mondays and Thursdays

Basic Coaching Skills: Tuesdays

Proficiency Coaching: Wednesdays

All classes in Summer Intensive are held in the 2pm eastern time slot:

2 PM – 4:00 PM ET

Coaching Practicum Observation/Participation: 4 Fridays or Saturdays for 5 hours each time.

12Noon – 5PM ET



You can push your participation in any of the programs into the Autumn or even next year if you prefer. So if for example you want to take the Play-Two-Win on Monday and Thursday and the Basic Coaching Skills on Tuesday, and postpone the Wednesday Proficiency Coaching until Autumn and Mentor program to the Winter… No problem.

Or for example if you only want to do 1 Friday Practicum Observation in the Summer and do the three Practicum Participations in the Autumn on Saturdays… No Problem

Just let us know and we can create the perfect Coach Training schedule for your Summer and beyond.


Pricing and Registration


Our program is among the most affordable ICF accredited programs AND the most comprehensive and innovative.

Our Summer Intensive contains the same curriculum and is the same price as our STARTER program

Step 1 – Starter Program – A Very Affordable Way to Start

$1,000 deposit + 5 payments of $575/month; total investment of $3,875
OR 1 payment of $3,500 (Save $375)
Includes Level 1 curriculum + Proficiency Coaching + Mentor Coaching + 1 Practicum Observation and 3 Practicum Participations

At this point you will have enough training to apply for your CVACC- CoachVille Associate Certified Coach; which leads to the ICF ACC

Register for $1,000 deposit + 5 payments for total of $3,875.

Register for one time payment of $3,500