Become a Transformational Results Coach

and a Game Changing leader!

Hey Coach! Coach Dave here.

Here is a super quick overview of the Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Certification program.


Rigorous, fast-paced, SUPER FUN coach training for anyone who wants a fast track to masterful coaching.
Become a transformational results coach and earn the CoachVille Professional Certified Coach (CVPCC).
(You can also apply for your ICF PCC with this program!) {The Gold Standard in Professional Coaching

The program is based on the Coaching  Methods developed by Master Coach Dave Buck, the Certified Coach Proficiencies developed by the late Thomas J. Leonard, the founding father of professional coaching,  and life changing business building programs.

*This course qualifies for 125 ICF Core Competency CCEUs
Investment: $19,500 

**Economic sliding scale scholarships are readily available to nearly everyone, including scholarships requiring as little as $1000.00 tuition contribution. Contact Deanna at 866-548-6516 to apply.

I am thrilled that you are here. I have been a professional coach for 21 years and have loved every minute of it – including the inspiring successes of my players and the difficult challenges in business and life that we have faced together along the way.

To be a coach is to be someone who plays BIG in the world by adding value to the lives of others while bringing joy and true wealth into your own life. If this sounds good to you then I invite you to register for our school.



You Are Invited to Call Us


If you have any questions…CoachVille Coach Training Leadership Team Deanna Stull

about professional coaching,
about how you can play BIG in the world as a coach OR
about our program…
PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact us and set up a call with one of our New Student Advisers.

By email:
By phone: 866-548-6516 (Call any time 24 / 7)

We would love to talk with you.
In fact an application conversation is required for registration in the Complete Certification Program.



Quick Facts about the Complete Certification Program


  1. Our school was launched in 2001 by Thomas Leonard – the founding father of the coaching industry – as “the Graduate School of Coaching”
    Brief History of our School – The role of founder Thomas Leonard
  2. We were one of the first ten coaching training school in existance.
  3. In 2006 we re-invented the program as the “Center for Coaching Mastery”We have had over 3,500 students
  4. Our program is one of the elite schools accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)The program includes everything you need to achieve ICF Certification; including one written review by a certified coach of you coaching a real player; And we prepare you to pass the ICF test with ease!
  1. The program prepares you to earn the CoachVille Professional Certified Coach (CVPCC) and then you can apply for your ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  2. The program is delivered 100% by dynamic group conference calls using the acclaimed MaestroConference System
  3. You can register anytime and get immediate access to the entire curriculum, recordings and playbooks
  4. Includes over 1,000 recorded hours from our vast archive including: Corporate coach training and Leadership coach training
  5. Your investment for the Complete Program is $9,500 OR Payment plan: $1,500 Deposit + 11 payments of $857 ($10,925 total)
    OR you can invest one step at a time and begin with our Starter Program
  6. To apply you start with an application conversation!  Call today to make an appointment: 866-548-6516 (Call any time 24 / 7)


Unique Features of Our School


We have spent over a decade inventing and re-inventing the craft of coaching AND the coach training needed to be a great coach in a fast-changing world.

You will learn in the most innovative coach training environment ever created.

Here is a quick overview of the unique features of our program…ACTP logo symbolizes ICF Accreditation

1) ICF Accreditation – The global certification standard
2) Our philosophy about coaching – the Pursuit of Human Greatness
3) The Global Classroom – Super Convenient + Highly Engaging + Global Diversity
4) Real Coaching in Every Class – our Class Structure
5) Active Learning Model – The DTMOPP Method
6) Our Social Game System – the spirit of play lives on!
7) Coach by phone – the cornerstone of your lifestyle business opportunity
8) Business Training – Built into the curriculum
9) Any Time Lifetime Access – you are always welcome back any time

Curriculum Review


Probably the most unique feature of our program is our acclaimed curriculum.

Each level includes a methods class, a skills class, business training and two practicum.

Level 1 – The Pursuit of Coaching Mastery

Coaching Super Powers : Learn how to co-create winning coaching relationships

Proficiencies Coaching:  Master the Power Patterns that co-create life-changing conversations

Play Life Coaching:  Unleash the Spirit of Play to co-create winning results

Mentor Coaching: Together We Coach Better

3 Practicum Participation: An amazing 5-hour Intensive of profound learning and discovery

Step Up and Stand Out –A powerful business program exclusively for Professional Coaches. (Not required for certification)

Level 2 – The Pursuit of Human Greatness

World Power Method Coaching:  A 9-step Method to co-create winning environments

Advanced Communication for Coaches: Connect Like A Coach.

Inner Freedom Method: A 9-step Method to play with FEAR and co-create winning choices (Not required for certification)

3 Practicum Participation: An amazing 5-hour Intensive of profound learning and discovery!
Up-level your coaching game and prepare for certification!

Bonus Curriculum

Self-Study Library – Over 1,000 hours!

Our comprehensive coach training and business training audio library contains over 1,000 of recorded programs.  Including Corporate Coaching, Teleclass Leader Training, Super Small Business Coaching, Higher Ground Leadership and much more.

Power of Groups – Group Coaching (30 hours) (Self-Study Only)

Group Coaching is THE best way to build a highly leveraged coaching business. Learn the 15 Proficiencies of Group Coaching as well as the different options for designing your groups and essential business concepts.

Logistics – When Our Classes Are Conducted


Class Times

Each class is 2 hours in length followed by an elective 30 minute Question and Answer session with the instructor.

  • The classes are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • You can choose the time slot that serves you best:
    2 PM – 4 PM ET or 8 PM – 10 PM ET
  • With of our amazing telephone bridge system you can call in from a cell phone or dial in via Skype.
  • So if you need to run out of your office just before class, or drive your children to soccer practice and jump into class from your cell phone in the car, you can do it. (as long as you are using a headset while driving! 😉


We Offer 3 Full Semesters Each Year

  • The program is designed so that you can complete the core curriculum in 4 semesters by taking 1 or 2 classes per week.
  • TOTAL Flexibility: You can, of course, take only one class per week and complete the curriculum in what ever time frame suits you best.
  • The four semesters take place:
    from January -> March || from May -> July || September -> December

We Have Five Types of Classes in Our Core Curriculum

Methods classes, Skills classes, Mentor Classes,  Business Training and Coaching Practicum

They Are Organized as Follows:

Tuesday- 12 Week Methods classes

Wednesday – 6 Week Business Training and Mentor classes
Followed by 6 week skills classes

Friday or Saturday – Coaching Practicum

The Coaching Practicum

  • Each is 5 hours in length – you coach a colleague and receive a score and written feedback from a certified instructor. You are also coached one session and observe 3 sessions. Each coaching + feedback takes about an hour.
  • Typically from 12 PM ET – 5 PM ET but times vary.
  • In a typical month we will offer 1 Friday Practicum and 1 Saturday Practicum.
  • You must complete 6 Practicum in order to graduate.
  • You will need to be available for the full 5 hours. Do NOT worry about being bored during the 5 hour practicum, it is often a life-changing experience.

A few notes:

The Methods, Skills, Mentor and Practicum classes are required for certification.

The Business Training classes are optional.

Pricing and Registration


After your application conversation, we will send you the payment links to complete your registration process.

We have two registration options: Bold Commitment or Step by Step and
We have two payment options: Pay in full or Payment plan. 

Option 1: Bold Commitment

The complete program including the coach training curriculum, 6 Practicum, certification process, 1 year Coaching Mastery Studio membership and all of the bonus programs.
There are NO additional fees to earn the CoachVille Professional Certified Coach Certification.

Note: When you are ready to apply for your ICF Professional Certified Coach (you need 750 coaching hours) there is an application fee to the ICF of $295.

These register buttons will take you first to the member login screen.  If you are not a CV Member yet, this is the first step in the registration process.
Then the system will proceed to the shopping cart.

Price $1,500 Deposit + 11 Payments of $857 / month; total investment of $10,925


Save $1497! Make a one-time payment of $9,500

If you KNOW that you want to go for certification then this is the least expensive option.

Option 2) Step by Step

You can get started with our program in a very affordable way and invest in each step when you are ready.

The Starter Program is organized to give you enough training to earn for the CoachVille Associate Certified Coach (CVACC) – the entry level certification.

Step 1 – Starter Program – a Very Affordable Way to Start

Price $1,500 Deposit + 5 payments of $715 / month; a total investment of $3,875
OR 1 payment of $4,375 (Save $700)
Includes Level 1 curriculum + Mentor Coaching + Proficiency Coaching + 1 Observer Practicum + 3 Participant Practicum

All of the details about the Starter Program and the Step by Step Option are here!