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Become a GREAT coach in our innovative, comprehensive and exceedingly FUN coach training programs accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Hey Coach! That has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Coach Dave here.

Welcome to the Center for Coaching Mastery.Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach

We are  thrilled that you are here because we LOVE to share about our amazing school.

We are also excited for YOU for two reasons…

1) Learning to coach is the ultimate career move!

The Coach Approach is replacing Management Science as the fundamental paradigm for leadership and human achievement.   If you aim to be a high-impact person in your business, career or community, learning how  to coach is essential.  When you can coach, you can reliably help others create positive results.  This is an awesome thing.

In addition, as we move further into the “Connected Age of Purpose” (and out of the Industrial Age of Work) Professional Coaching will continue to grow into one of the most compelling, rewarding and “in-demand” services in the world for both organizations and purposeful individuals.
You will be poised to leverage this massive opportunity!

What is a Great Coach?

A great coach is focused on the true purpose of coaching: help your player play better!  A great coach provides the perfect balance of support and challenge.  A great coach provides the right blend of asking provocative questions, intuitive listening, sharing insights, teaching skills, co-creating game plans and whatever else is needed to help the player win on their own terms!
The Qualities of a Great Coach… A little bit about you  😉

2) Coaching is the ultimate personal growth program

Most people who get into coaching are also really into personal growth.  That is a good thing!! Because when you start coaching people you are “called” to grow, evolve and emerge in LOTS of provocative and often surprising ways.  Every person you coach will reveal opportunities for growth in your own life.  It is really challenging, and super fun too.

Let’s jump in…BeforeCV-v1-png

You are most likely researching a variety of Coach Training programs.(If you have already settled on CV and you are just confirming the details, that is great too!)
There are many great schools available because we continue to push each other.  Ahhh the joys of friendly competition!

1) We start with an invitation… to talk with one of our “New Student Advisers” AND/ OR observe a live class (really fun!).

2) Then I will provide a few quick facts about our program.

3) Next, we will jump right into what makes our program so remarkable: Unique Features and Amazing Curriculum.

4) Then then we will review an outline of the various packages that we offer from our Complete Certification Program to a la carte classes for CCEU’s

One last point: while we do take coaching very seriously, it really is a LOT of fun. With our emphasis on the Spirit of Play you are in for a lot of “big smile” moments.

You can be great!

You Are Invited to Call Us


If you have any questions…DeannaStull-square01-300-png

about professional coaching,
about how you can play BIG in the world as a coach OR
about our program…
PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact us and set up a call with Deanna our New Student Adviser.

By email:
By phone: 866-548-6516 (Call any time 24 / 7)

We would love to talk with you.

Another great way to get a feel for our program is to observe a class!

There are two ways to do this:

1) Join CoachVille as a member – It’s FREE.  As a member get access to a wealth of resources including recordings of classes and real coaching sessions that are used in our classes.
It’s one of the things people love about our organization and our school:  We are open, available and generous.

2) When you talk to Deanna you can request to observe a live class.  She will give you the bridge #’s for upcoming classes so you can dial in and check it out.

Quick Facts about the Complete Certification Program


Here are a few quick facts that will assist you in understanding our program:

  1. Our school was launched in 2001 by Thomas Leonard – the founding father of the coaching industry – as “the Graduate School of Coaching”
    Brief History of our School – The role of founder Thomas Leonard
  2. In 2006 we re-invented the program as the “Center for Coaching Mastery”
  3. We have had over 3,500 students
  4. Our program is one of the elite schools accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  5. The program includes everything you need to achieve ICF Certification; including one written review by a certified coach of you coaching a real player; And we prepare you to pass the ICF test with ease!
  6. The program prepares you to earn the CoachVille Professional Certified Coach (CVPCC) and then you can apply for your ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  7. The program is delivered 100% by dynamic group conference calls using the acclaimed MaestroConference System
  8. You can register anytime and get immediate access to the entire curriculum, recordings and playbooks
  9. Includes over 1,000 recorded hours from our vast archive including: Corporate coach training and Leadership coach training
  10. Your investment for the Complete Program is $14,500 OR Payment plan.

Unique Features of Our School

We have spent over a decade inventing and re-inventing the craft of coaching AND the coach training needed to be a great coach in a fast-changing world.

You will learn in the most innovative coach training environment ever created.

1) ICF Accreditation – The global certification standard

Our program – The Center for Coaching Mastery – is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) Which means that our program has reached the highest standard for professional coach training available in the world today. This means that you can earn the global standard certification – Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

2) Our philosophy about coaching – the Pursuit of Human Greatness

There are three fundamental pursuits on the path to coaching mastery: The Pursuit of Human Greatness with the dynamic between support and challenge; This is leads to The Pursuit of Inner Freedom with the dynamic between In and Out of the Comfort Zone; Finally the Pursuit of Personal Evolution with the dynamic between reflecting and adapting to environments.

3) The Global Classroom – Super Convenient + Highly Engaging + Global Diversity

All of our classes are delivered by super-convenient dialogue-rich teleclasses. You dial into our amazing Maestro Bridge at class time and you are fully engaged in learning.  You can raise your hand to participate in the conversation.  Our system supports “breakouts” so part of the class you are in a big group dialogue, and part of it you are with a partner coaching each other.  The instructor can visit your breakout group to provide feedback and answer questions.  It is really quite awesome!

4) Real Coaching in Every Class – our Class Structure

Our classes are designed to maximize participation and self-expression.  Pre-class you are assigned reading and listening to a real coaching recording.  Then in class you will engage in a large group dialogue, coach and be coached with your partner and engage in a lively debrief.  Following each class is an optional 30 minute Q&A with the instructor.

5) Active Learning Model – The DTMOPP Method
Our learning model is based on time-tested principles for the BEST way to learn a craft with a great deal of subtlety.
The DTMOPP Method stands for Desire, Theory, Method, Observe, Practice, Play.  Dynamic participation is the gateway to mastery!

6) Our Social Game System – the spirit of play lives on!

Imagine you have a coaching session with one of your new players.  You get some positive feedback from your player and enter it into the social game system and earn points in the game.  Then a bunch of people are cheering for you as if you just scored a touchdown in a football game!  That is fun! Your REAL Life, and your new endeavor to become a great coach, is a very important and very challenging game.  You deserve to be cheered and supported just as much – probably more – than someone playing football.

7) Coach by phone – the cornerstone of your lifestyle business opportunity

By participating in our teleclass-based program you will learn how to “Coach by Phone” which is how over 95% of coaching is delivered. You can, of course, coach face-to-face with what we will teach you.  However, since coaching is typically delivered in regularly scheduled conversations over a period of time, most people – coaches and players alike – prefer the convenience provided by the phone.

8) Business Training – Built into the curriculum

Business is your ticket to freedom.  Business is a game you can learn how to play and win on your own terms.  This is our fundamental belief.  While many coaching programs lament about how their students just aren’t good at business, we take the initiative and build vital business training right into our program.  If your aim is to become a professional coach, we don’t believe that you should learn how to coach and THEN try to build your business.  We believe that you should start building your business from your first day in class.

9) Any Time Lifetime Access – you are always welcome back any time

One of the most phenomenal features of our school is Lifetime Access to your CFCM – Full and Starter program classes.  As a student in our school you are welcome back to class any time; for as long as we are around. (and that will probably be for a very long time!) If a few years from now you would like a refresher class, you are welcome – at NO ADDITIONAL cost.

All of our live programs include immediate access to the self-study version of the class. This way you will have immediate and permanent access to the recordings, playbooks and supplemental materials. No matter when your teleclass starts, you can get started right away.

Probably the most unique feature of our program is our acclaimed curriculum.

The Pursuit of Coaching Mastery

The focus is on the Play Life Coaching Method, the Basic Coaching Superpowers and the 15 Certified Coach Proficiencies by Thomas Leonard. Combining basic and advanced skills with a reliable method is the fastest way to become effective with your players. You will be able to guide them toward playing their game better and winning on their own terms. They will achieve results AND become masters of their game. Even experienced coaches will enjoy this curriculum.

Play Life Method Coaching

Unleash the Spirit of Play

Learn a powerful nine step coaching method where you guide your player to design a winnable game, play better and win on their own terms.

Transform your mindset 
From: the worker you were trained to be; focused on checking tasks off of a to-do list
To:  the player you were BORN to be; focused on becoming a great player and loving the game every day.

Coaching SuperPowers

Learn the fundamentals in a lively and entertaining way.

Transform Your Mindset
 Practicing skills is a boring necessity for new coaches
To: Practicing the basic skills of the coaching craft is valuable and fun at all levels of mastery

Delve into and practice the ten fundamental coaching skills; also known as the core competencies. Your ability to demonstrate all 10 skills at a professional level is the basis of our evaluation process for ICF certification.

Proficiencies Coaching

Master the Pattern Language of the craft of coaching

In this program you will learn the 15 Coaching Proficiencies created by the late Thomas Leonard.

Transform Your Mindset:
 The basic skills are all you need to know
To: The Proficiencies set an enticingly “high bar” for mastery

A Pattern Language is a set of phrases that bring an experience to life. Learning and using these language patterns will immediately improve the quality of your coaching and your enjoyment of coaching.

Mentor Coaching: 7 hours coach mentoring + 5 hours mastery focused training

Together we Coach Better. 

The curriculum for this program is YOU and your development as a coach.

Transform your mindset:
 You walk the path of mastery alone
To: Together we coach better! By sharing and learning with others you learn 10 times faster.

In a small group of 10 coaches and one ICF Certified Mentor Coach (PCC or MCC)  you will deeply explore YOUR real world issues and realize that you are not alone!  Bring your real coaching challenges, questions and case studies and leave with expanded awareness of what is possible and what to do next.

Practicum Participation (each practicum is 5 hours)

An amazing 5-hour Intensive! The Coaching Practicum is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY THE BEST way to rapidly increase your coaching skill and insight.
And one of the fastest ways to improve your coaching confidence!

Transform Your Mindset
From: Coaching in public and being critiqued is intimidating
To: Coaching in public is a generous act that benefits the entire community; a FUN way to hone my skills AND feedback is the “breakfast of champions” on the path to mastery

The Coaching Practicum is a unique opportunity to coach, be coached and observe coaching under the guidance of an ICF certified coach.  We also invite observers so we create a fun and intense environment of learning together.  AND it prepares you for coaching in public… a GREAT way to build your business one day.

Step Up and Stand Out – Business Training (Not required for certification)

A powerful business program exclusively for Professional Coaches.

In this program you will answer the most important and challenging question at the core of your success as a professional coach:

Who have you earned the right to coach?

Level 2 – The Pursuit of Human Greatness

Level 2 is a deep exploration in what it really takes to play BIG the meaningful games in life with ease and flow, free of self-limitations and unnecessary obstacles.
It begins with Inner Freedom Coaching where you guide your player to embrace and play with the FEARS associated with playing BIG.  When you can play with fear, results occur with greater ease.

Level 2 continues with a highly advanced exploration of Personal Environments coaching in our program called the World Power Method. You will learn how to design each of the 9 Environments of YOU using Pattern Language and other techniques. By shifting pattern language you change the world. By changing your players world you create environments for sustainable success.

World Power Method Coaching

Amplify the 9 Environments of You (TM)

The World Power Method is a powerful 9-step process where you will amplify the “9 Environments of YOU TM” with  Power Patterns for the player and their vision of greatness and transform their world into a personal success academy.

Transform their mindset
 the world around them is an obstacle to be overcome or tolerated
To: The world can be designed as an academy that ENSURES their success

The Environment Always Wins – this is the provocative mantra of this life-changing program.You will learn how to get the environment on your players’ team to inspire Personal Evolution. If you are coaching the player but NOT redesigning their environment, you are only doing half the job!

You will learn how to co- create power patterns with your player and then replicate the pattern in each of the 9 Environments.  This is a fun and highly creative process. You will also learn how to identify and shift pattern language dissonance in each environment.

Advanced Communication for Coaches

Connect Like A Coach.

Advanced communication is when you have total trust in your ability to speak powerfully in the moment; even when you don’t know what you are about to say.

Transform your mindset
 Communication is a natural process for coaches
To: There are distinctions in language that can vastly improve your coaching skill

Learn 75 communication concepts and distinctions from Thomas Leonard’s Coaching System: 15 Ultimate Outcomes, 15 Communication Style Points, 15 Frameworks, 15 Clarifiers and 15 Deliverables.  This is the comprehensive coaching communication toolkit you have been looking for!

Inner Freedom Method Coaching (not required for certification, but highly recommended!)

Play with Fear and you can do anything.

The Inner Freedom ™ Method is a powerful 9-step process where you identify unconscious patterns of fear and transform them into a powerful source of energy.

Transform your players’ mindset
the unconscious mind and emotions are dark and mysterious and must be avoided
To:fear is a teacher and the unconscious mind is a vast resource of wisdom and power

With the Inner Freedom Method you learn how to approach fear with the spirit of play; to explore it with curiosity.  This brings deep understanding to the survival patterns that are no longer serving you. With expanded awareness we can transform resistance into positive energy, joyful self expression and deep confidence.
Practicum Participation (each practicum is 5 hours)

Same as Level 1

Also in Level 2

  • The Certification Process
  1. Provide one 30-minute recording from an actual coaching session (using our easy recording system)
  2. One of our ICF certified coaches will listen to the session and provide a score card with written feedback
    You must receive a score of 4.5 out of 9 on Core Competencies

Bonus Curriculum

Self-Study Library – Over 1,000 hours!

Our comprehensive coach training and business training audio library contains over 1,000 of recorded programs.  Including Corporate Coaching, Teleclass Leader Training, Super Small Business Coaching, Higher Ground Leadership and much more.

Power of Groups – Group Coaching Self Study Program (30 hours)

Group Coaching is THE best way to build a highly leveraged coaching business. Learn the 15 Proficiencies of Group Coaching as well as the different options for designing your groups and essential business concepts.

Certification Options

Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Program

Rigorous, fast-paced, SUPER FUN coach training for anyone who wants a fast track to masterful coaching.
Become a transformational results coach and earn the CoachVille Professional Certified Coach (CVPCC).
(You can also apply for your ICF PCC with this program!) {The Gold Standard in Professional Coaching

The program is based on the Coaching  Methods developed by Master Coach Dave Buck, the Certified Coach Proficiencies developed by the late Thomas J. Leonard – the founding father of professional coaching – and life changing business building programs.

*This course qualifies for 125 ICF Core Competency CCEUs
Investment: Teleclass: $9,500 – Call for current tuition specials and payment plan options.

Learn more about the Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Program
Call 866-548-5416 for application conversation

Center for Coaching Mastery Starter Program

Everything you need to get started as a Professional Coach
and earn the CoachVille Associate Certified Coach (CVACC).
(You can also apply for your ICF ACC with this program!)

Program includes:
Basic Coaching Super Powers, Proficiency Coaching, Play Two Win Method
1 Observer Practicum, 3 Participant Practicum, Mentor Coaching Group
and the Step Up and Stand Out Business Self Study program.

*This course qualifies for 60 ICF Core Competency CCEUs
Then if you love it, (and we know you will), YOU CAN upgrade to the Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Program!
Investment: Teleclass: $4,275 – Call for current tuition specials and payment plan options.

Learn more about the Center for Coaching Mastery Starter Program
Call 866-548-5416 for application conversation


ICF CCEU Training Catalog – a la carte classes

Detailed List – Click here

You can enroll in any of our coach training programs individually to earn Continuing Coach Education Units needed to maintain your ICF Certification; Or to accumulate hours to apply for your Portfolio Application.