Super Reserve Checklist

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1. Circle the Y if the statement is completely true. Circle N if the statement is not completely true.
2. Add up the number of Y's in each section.
3. Add up the number of Y's in all sections for the Total Score. Scoring key is at the end.
4. If the statement doesn't apply to you, please change it so that it does, or replace it with a different one that fits within that category.

1. Home & Comfort
Y N 1. My house has extra room/space that I do not need to use very often.
Y N 2. I have twice as much empty available storage as I am currently using.
Y N 3. I
always have plenty of clean, pressed clothes; I never 'run out.'
Y N 4. I have the coziest sheets, comforter and bedding.
Y N 5. I am physically touched enough to feel satiated.
Y N 6. My home is
always clean and orderly.
Y N 7. My home's heating and air conditioning system always maintains the perfect temperature.
Y N 8. I have more than enough silverware, dishes, glasses, mugs, cooking utensils and kitchen equipment.
Y N 9. I have a favorite place in my home where I can go to, relax, think and just be.
Y N 10. There is no place in my home that I do not like.
___ Score (Number of Y's)

2. Car/Vehicles
Y N 1 I have high quality (10 gauge) jumper cables in the trunk of my car.
Y N 2. I have AAA Plus or similar roadside assistance service.
Y N 3. I have a cell phone in my car or that I carry with me when I drive.
Y N 4. I have an extra $100 in $10 bills hidden in my car, just in case.
Y N 5. I always fill up before the gas gauge falls below 1/4 tank.
Y N 6. My car's battery is extremely strong and powerful.

Y N 7. My car's engine is powerful enough to get me out of harm's way immediately.
Y N 8. My car has antilock brakes and air bags.
Y N 9. My car/vehicle is rated as "safe" in collision-impact studies.
Y N 10. I have flares, a blanket, extra water, a spare tire and snow chains in my car.
___ Score (Number of Y's)

3. Financial
Y N 1. I have $25,000 in a savings/money market fund for which I have no need of/plans.
Y N 2. I pay my bills early.
Y N 3. I have most of my bills paid automatically by electronic transfer or credit card.
Y N 4. I have arranged with my bank to be able to do wire transfers via the telephone (vs. in person or by fax).
Y N 5. I have $500 in cash available at home at all times.
Y N 6. I have no credit card or other installment debt, other than a first mortgage or business loan.
Y N 7. I invest at least 5% a year into experiences, books, classes or environments which will help me earn more.
Y N 8. At least 25% of my income each year comes from passive sources.
Y N 9. I work for a company/clients/self where I am fully compensated for the value I deliver.
Y N 10. I am clearly on a track to reach financial independence within the next 10-20 years.
___ Score (Number of Y's)

4. Safety
Y N 1. I know what I will do if I am threatened, mugged or attacked.
Y N 2. I simply never walk or drive anywhere that makes me nervous in any way.
Y N 3. I always act
immediately to disengage myself from people who will bore, irritate or consume me.
Y N 4. I have smoke detectors in every part of the house where they are needed.
Y N 5. I have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, car, garage and bedroom.
Y N 6. I
always use seatbelts.
Y N 7. My home has an alarm system, deadbolts or other safety equipment.
Y N 8. I have a remote entry system (called a fob) to lock/unlock my car doors from a distance.
Y N 9. I do not lose sleep over my investments.
Y N 10. I do not engage in unprotected sex (unless in a monogamous relationship).
___ Score (Number of Y's)

5. Energy/Vitality
Note: Please check with your physician first.
Y N 1. I know my cholesterol counts and they are in the healthful range.
Y N 2. I get plenty of sleep each night; I am not tired.
Y N 3. I eat more than enough fresh, healthful foods.
Y N 4. I drink 8 glasses of filtered water each day.
Y N 5. I exercise at least three times per week.
Y N 6. I have eliminated the sources of stress in my life.
Y N 7. I take at least 4 vacations a year, which completely refresh/energize/nourish me.
Y N 8. I have something to look forward to each morning.
Y N 9. I have something to look forward to each evening.
Y N 10. I do not use caffeine or drugs.
___ Score (Number of Y's)

6. Opportunity
Y N 1. I am online/have access to the Internet.
Y N 2. I have my own web page or website.
Y N 3. I have
much more confidence than I need. I am not held back by fear.
Y N 4. I have at least 2-3 years' worth of interesting work activities, projects, jobs lined up.
Y N 5. I
always ask for (and get) more than I actually need in any business or work situation, before I need it.
Y N 6. I have developed a highly tuned, consistent and accurate sense of good judgment; I am rarely surprised.
Y N 7. I have developed a special knowledge, skill-set or ability which is in high demand; my future appears very secure.
Y N 8. I am part of a company, group, school or industry which contributes greatly to my ability to succeed.
Y N 9. I have become an investor -- I invest my time/money into several things which may take a while to pay off.
Y N 10. I can take the kernel of an idea and 'pop' it to become a really successful one.
___ Score (Number of Y's)

7. Space/Time
Y N 1. I always arrive 10 minutes early to every appointment.
Y N 2. I
always promise less than I am certain I can deliver.
Y N 3. I
never get talked into doing things.
Y N 4. I end the day quietly.
Y N 5. I
always let other cars 'in' when I'm driving.
Y N 6. I have a virtual or local assistant who immediately handles what I need help with.
Y N 7. I do not speed when driving.
Y N 8. I
always maintain extra time (1-2 hours a day) in my schedule; I never fully book.
Y N 9.
Nothing is distracting, draining, exhausting or stressing me, period.
Y N 10. I can
easily let opportunities pass me by; I am not Pavlovian (meaning automatic reaction).
___ Score (Number of Y's)

8. Calamity Protection
Y N 1. I have a small 12-volt, automatically charging flashlight plugged into the cigarette lighter in my car.
Y N 2. I backup my computer's hard drive at least once a week and store the back up away from the computer.
Y N 3. I additionally back up my computer's hard drive once monthly and store the backup at least 10 miles away.
Y N 4. I have a second ISP that I can tap into immediately in case the first one is busy/down.
Y N 5. I have safely listed/stored all of my credit card numbers and 800 numbers to call in case of loss.
Y N 6. I have a photocopy of my driver's license, passport, social security card and birth certificate, stored safely offsite or in a safety deposit bank.
Y N 7. I have a will and my attorney and one other person has the most current copy of it.
Y N 8. I have ample medical insurance.
Y N 9. I have ample car, home and liability insurance.
Y N 10. If something happens to me, my family will not suffer financially.
___ Score (Number of Y's)

9. Supplies & Equipment
Y N 1. I have six month's supply of toilet paper stored in my home.
Y N 2. I have enough postage stamps to last for a year.
Y N 3. I have enough laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softener to last for a year.
Y N 4. I have two year's worth of vacuum cleaner bags.
Y N 5. I have 30 days' worth of underwear.
Y N 6. I have a 56K , ISDN, cable or satellite dish modem.
Y N 7. My computer has an extra gigabyte of hard drive storage that is not being used.
Y N 8. I routinely buy the model with more features than I think I'll actually need.
Y N 9. I buy only the quality/grade of tools and equipment which make me
a lot more effective; not just more effective.
Y N 10. I use an ergonomic computer keyboard.
___ Score (Number of Y's)

10. Relationships
Y N 1. My children show me an incredible amount of love.
Y N 2. My spouse is always
showing (vs. just telling) me how much he/she cares.
Y N 3. I have an super-sharp attorney who I can immediate turn to for help with any matter.
Y N 4. I treat everyone with the same positive, respectful and loving manner: spouse, clients, clerks, acquaintances.
Y N 5. I have
no relationships with people who repeatedly disappoint, frustrate or disrespect me.
Y N 6. I know at least 50 different types of professionals well enough to ask for help.
Y N 7. There is someone who I can turn to and talk about/ask for help regarding
anything without fear.
Y N 8. I know at least 5 people who are very successful and who I can ask for advice.
Y N 9. My emotional needs are
more than met by my family, friends and colleagues.
Y N 10. I have a relationship with Nature, God or a force outside of myself.
___ Score (Number of Y's)

___ Total Score (Number of Y's; maximum of 100)

Oops! Almost forgot. This is the Super Reserve Index, so it only makes sense that you reach 110 out of 100, right? Here are 10 more. Now you'll have a Super Reserve!
Y N 1. Before I go to bed at night, I prepare for the morning (water in the tea kettle, clothes ready, etc.).
Y N 2. I have 3 extra sets of house and car keys and have placed each set where I can easily get to them if needed.
Y N 3. I keep my car's windshield washing fluid at least 1/2 full at all times.
Y N 4. I buy the larger sizes of supplies and goods because I like having extra, even if I don't need them right away.
Y N 5. I have a tech support contract for my computer, so I can instantly call for assistance.
Y N 6. When working on a project, I
always have a backup plan if something goes wrong; I am "insured."
Y N 7. I only work with people who believe in double-checking, over communicating and doing perfect work.
Y N 8. The
moment I sense a potential problem, I address it completely so that it will not become one.
Y N 9. The
moment something breaks, I take at least 30 minutes to upgrade/strengthen everything related to it.
Y N 10. I am never, never, never, a sneak. I am completely forthright and communicate everything, even when not ethically "necessary."
___ Score (Number of Y's)

Scoring Key:
110. You can't get any better than a score of 110.
100-109. Incredible. Very well done. I bet your life has changed a lot since starting this program. Way to go!
90-99. Congratulations. You have a Super Reserve. Feels great, doesn't it?
80-89. You are well on your way to establishing a Super Reserve. Keep going.
70-79. You have areas of Super Reserve, but will need to reach 85-95 before you feel the real benefits.
60-69. You have more Reserve than the average person, that's for sure. Get 10 more points in the next month.
50-59. You are now more than halfway to having a Super Reserve. Believe me, it gets a
lot better.
40-49. This is a challenging area because you're on the verge of getting on the
Super Reserve track.
30-39. You have some Reserve, but there is probably something in your life which is preventing a higher score.
20-29. This is where most people score when first taking this test. Identify the next 10 points you want.
10-19. It's important to decide if building a Super Reserve is important to you. If so, your score will rise fairly quickly.
0-9. Congratulations. You are honest. That's an excellent beginning.

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