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CoachVille: Great Coaching Will Transform Our World The CoachVille Manifesto Calling All Game Changing Leaders

1) Great Coaching Will Transform Our World.CVMan-OurWorld-FingerPaint-450-png

Great coaching is the transformational art of helping another person play better and create results that matter to them.

Great coaching touches us profoundly because it appeals to our fundamental desire to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of our fellow humans.

To contribute to the unfolding greatness of another person fulfills our deep need for belonging. When more humans are deeply fulfilled in the experience of belonging, our world is better.

Coaching is often thought of as an intervention for people with problems, but solving people “problems” never changed the world. Together we can transform our world from a problem we need to solve to a creative pursuit of the deep personal transformation that accelerates world changing results.

2) Great Coaching Will Transform Our Organizations.Great Coaching Can Transform Our Organizations

To be a game changing leader in our world you have to break the mold of Industrial Age thinking and Management Science Principles of Command, Control and Compliance.

People hate to be managed but they love to be coached. The BEST way to lead a company or community of great individual players is by using the Coach Approach Principles of Connect, Collaborate and Contribute.

Great coaching will change companies, communities and causes when each individual is coached - through support and challenge - to fully engage their talents toward a shared purpose. When people in organizations are engaged, our world is better.

Organizations often treat individuals (you and me!) as workers; as replaceable cogs in the wheel of production. But we cannot be easily replaced! Together we can transform our organizations from places of work to winning teams in a game worth playing.

3) Great Coaching Will Transform Our RelationshipsGreat Coaching Will Transform Our Relationships

Coaching is an advanced form of relating with profound possibilities. It is co-created and based in shared purpose, trust, and judgment-free awareness. Great coaching is non-hierarchical because the Coach and Player are equals in pursuit of a shared vision.

Coaching is personal: to coach someone, you have to really know them. To be coached by someone you must be willing to be known, including your hopes and dreams, unique skills and abilities, doubts and fears.

Because our experience of life occurs mostly in our relationships with others, anyone can improve their quality of life by learning how to coach and be coached.
When people relate profoundly, our world is better.

Many forms of sharing information as in books, recordings or large group conference calls are labeled “coaching”; but coaching is so much more than telling people what to do and how to do it. Together we can transform our relationships from role-based hierarchies to profound connections of trust and partnership.

4) Great Coaching Will Transform Our LivesGreat Coaching Will Transform Our Lives

Life is a game and we are all players. We believe that the BEST way to live an inspired life of purpose and possibility comes to life when the Spirit of PLAY is combined with great coaching.

With a coach by our side we see possibilities more clearly, we step boldly into the risks required to play big, we take creative actions, we learn from the inevitable setbacks and we become the person we always dreamed we could be.

With a coach we share life-changing conversations that lead to bigger and better play because together we create bigger and better results. When people play together, our world is better.

The “do-it-yourself” mentality is championed as the path to freedom but the truth is we are more free with a great coach beside us than we are when playing alone. Together we can transform our lives from playing a small game of solitaire to playing BIG in our World… together.

4 Paths… Infinite Possibilities


CoachVille Welcome Letter

People LOVE to be Coached!

Hi there! Coach Dave here.DaveCircle265-v3-png
Welcome to CoachVille.

Our BIG GAME at CoachVille:

Provide you with the excellent coach training and awesome community support that you need to become a GREAT Coach!

You may have a dream to become a thriving professional Coach.
Or you may have a plan to use the Coach-Approach to thrive as a manager, leader, entrepreneur, professional, teacher or parent.

If you have the desire to be a positive influence in the lives of others…
We want you on our team!

Join us in our “Dynamic Duo” of Purpose:
The Pursuit of Human Greatness
The Pursuit of Coaching Mastery

Our definition of REAL coaching is this:

The CRAFT of ENGAGING an individual
in pursuit of getting good at something
to seek the best in themselves
and to win on their own terms
by providing personalized support and challenge
all in service of the Pursuit of Human Greatness.

Game ON! Let’s Play.

Coach Dave Buck, MCC, MBA

ps. Coaching is NOT an intervention for people with problems!

CoachVille Success Story of the Week

CalvinChenCircle-pngMy client just called me a coaching “God”. Let me explain (ha!). We had an Inner Freedom experience focused on his tendency to reject business deals prematurely to not waste time. We found some very powerful pattern language he was using. And when the switch flipped — he went from “I’ll do whatever it takes to survive” to “I know I have it in me to do whatever it takes to SUCCEED, that’s just who I am, that’s how I roll” .. and he just kept looping that pattern language over and over.. you can hear the difference in his tone. Prior to the session he was very intellectual and mind-driven, self-admittedly disconnected from his body and feelings and he came out of the session feeling INTEGRATED and ALIVE.. he was tickled that he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as he kept with this PLAY BIG intention new pattern language. Calvin Chen, Los Angeles CA; Professional Coach

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Thought Leaders Endorse CoachVille

MichaelPortCircle-png"I would not be where I am today without CoachVille and Dave Buck. I started coaching with Dave when I was living above my brother-in-law's garage and didn't have two nickels to rub together. Now, I own one of the most successful businesses in my industry. Simply put, I would not be where I am today without Dave. The ability to coach my team has been instrumental in my success and Dave taught me how to do it. Not only will he coach you to higher levels of performance but Dave will teach you how to coach your team -- the key ingredient in entrepreneurial success."

- Michael Port, NY Times Bestselling Author of 5 books including Book Yourself Solid

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