Center for Coaching Mastery 50-50 Special Edition

Earn your PCC Certification at your convenience (mostly)

BIG NEWS! The ICF (International Coach Federation) has made a significant rule change for 2021 regarding Accredited Coach Certification Programs.

The total hours of training for an ICF accredited program is: 125 Training hours + 10 Mentor hours. In the past, the rule was that 80% of the training needed to be live training while 20% could be self-directed training.

To give students and coach training programs more flexibility during this global pandemic situation, until 12/31/ 2021 they have made a special allowance such that 50% of the training hours can be self-directed.

You still need to take the classes and put the time in! BUT 50% of it on your schedule.

This is perfect for us because all of our Center for Coaching Mastery programs are available in both live teleclass format and self-directed learning! Our school was made for this situation.

The 50/50 Special Edition provides you with everything you need to earn your Professional Coach Certification (ICF PCC):

  • 62.5 Live Training Hours,
  • 10 Live Mentor Coaching hours,
  • 84.5 Hours of Self-Directed Courses (12 hours Optional)
  • Certification Recording Critique
  • 24 Total Hours Self Directed Business Building Programs (that you can do whenever you are ready)

Going back to the important point that you still need to put the time into learning, we have come up with a super fun way for you to complete your self-directed (but not ALONE) learning.

It’s called: Self Study With a Buddy!

Training Option Comparison Table

Click on program titles for details about each program.

Program 2021-50/50 Special Complete LIVE CfCM
Investment $3995 $9500

Choice of ONE – 24 Hour Class:

 All included.

Inner Freedom Method            Starts May 4th

Play Life
Starts Sept. 14th

World Power Method
Starts Sept. 14th


Next Live Teleclass
Inner Freedom

May 4 – July 27 Tuesdays
2-4 PM or 8-10 PM ET

All three are included as Live Teleclasses with LIVE Lifetime access

Choice of ONE – 12 Hour Class:

   All included.

Advanced Communication  February 24 – March 31

Coaching Super Powers
May 5th – June 9th

Proficiencies Coaching
June 16th – July 28th

Advanced Communication  Oct. 21st – Dec. 8th 


 Next Live Teleclass                Coaching Superpowers

May 5th – June 9th Wednesdays
2-4 PM or 8-10 PM ET

All three are included as Live Teleclasses with LIVE Lifetime access
Mentor Coaching Group
12 hours
* see note 1

Live Teleclass ~ 1 included

Sept 15th – October 20

2-4 PM or 8-10 PM ET

Live Teleclass ~ 1 included

6 Coaching Practicum
5 hrs each


2 observe ~ 4 participate
* see note 2

Live Teleclass
Many 2021 dates available
Live teleclass ~ Up to 6 Participation and unlimited Observation included.
Up to 3 Deep Dive Calls – 1.5 hrs each Live Teleclass
Fridays 12 – 1:30 PM ET
Many 2021 dates available
Live Teleclass ~ 5 included
Choice of TWO : All included.

Play Life Method
24 hours

World Power Method
24 hours

Inner Freedom Method
24 hours

Self Study with Buddy All three are included as Live Teleclasses with LIVE Lifetime access
Choice of TWO : All included.

Coaching Super Powers
12 hours

Proficiencies Coaching
12 hours

Advanced Communication
12 hours

Self Study with Buddy All three are included as Live Teleclasses with LIVE Lifetime access
Certification Recording Critique; needed for certification 1 included + 1 re-try 1 included + 1 re-try
BIG Freedom Membership
Grow your coaching business ecosystem
+ $3,995 for 1 year 1 Year Included



Mentor Group is limited to 10 participants.
The 12 hours include:
7 Mentor Coaching Hours
3 Coaching Ethics Curriculum
2 Curriculum

* Practicum Participation is limited to 5 participants
The 5 hours include:
1 Mentor coaching
4 Curriculum

Self Study With a Buddy

The most important action on the path of learning is practice! We build a lot of practice time and co-creative conversations into our live teleclasses. We want to give you a fun way to accomplish this during a self-study experience. You can invite one friend to participate in the self-study class with you at no additional cost!! Choose a friend who is into personal growth or has a leadership position. The class playbook will explain the conversation topics and how to conduct your practice coaching sessions together.

As you prepare to begin each class you invite your friend to join as a free CoachVille member; just let us know and we will add them to the self-study class roster at no charge!

You can invite the same friend for each class or – we recommend – invite a different friend for each one.

At retail prices, this is a $2,575 dollar value!!

The Center for Coaching Mastery

You can become a very good Life Coach very quickly in this rigorous and fast-paced program. You will learn methods, skills and techniques that you can use to coach a wide variety of players; that’s what we call the person being coached!

Our core philisophy is that life is meant to be played… NOT worked. AND that the purpose of coaching is to guide your player in pursuit of their dreams.

Life coaching includes personal growth, business, leadership, executive, health and just about any human endeavor that you can think of!

You can learn more about the Complete Coach Training program here.  This 2020/2021 50-50 version is the same content and philosphy.

Next Step… Talk with Coach Deanna!


The next step toward registration is to talk with Coach Deanna our new student advisor. She can answer all of your questions and help you figure out if this program is a good fit for you.

AND… She can also customize the program for you by switching around which classes you will do live and which ones you will do via Self Study With A Buddy.

By phone: 866-548-6516 (Call any time 24 / 7) and she will call you back if she is not available when you call!