Deep Dive: Who is the Universe asking you to Become?

Who is the universe asking you to become?

Right now, in this moment, life is happening and asking you to be you in a big way, or a quiet way, or in a more courageous or authentic way. Are you answering the call? Or are you tethered to the past? Ar eyou living your life, or are you merely showing up? Are you forward thinking? Are you growth minded? Have you settled into who you’ve become this last decade? There is so much to learn from where we’ve been and where we are now. Becoming aware allows us to see what is next so much more clearly.

This is a traditional Deep Dive 1.5 call followed by an amazing CoachVille tradition,  Integrity Day.

You are welcome to join the first 1.5 hours of the call only, or can you stay for the second portion also.

What is a Deep Dive Call?

It is an amazing provocative discussion about the idea of who we need to become to live an amazing and joyful life, in the moment right now.

All of our calls are complimentary; you can join from anywhere in the world. If you are calling in from out of the country, please visit Maestro Conferencing for your options for joining us without long distance fees.

Each call is a stand-alone exploration into one of our tools, skills, superpowers or component of a method. We dive deep, come from curiousity and discuss the idea from many angles.

You do NOT have to be a coach to join us; you only have to come ready to converse about life-changing paradigms and mindset shifts.

All of the calls are free to participate, without obligation! They are not sales calls; they are life changing conversations.

What is Integrity Day?

What is Integrity Day!

What is Integrity Day?

An Integrity Day will follow the Deep Dive call, if you would like to join us.

During Intergrity Day we meet every hour and commit to taking action, then we all go out and make things happen. If you are challenged, or feel resistance or blocks you can partner with a fellow participant for reciprocal coaching.

Together, we play better.

Register Here:

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Join The Year of Becoming 21 Day Challenge

Challenge Details

The Challenge is for  21 days beginning on December 10th and ending on December 31st.

It will be held in a private Facebook group with resources, audios and playsheets on

It is self directed with TEAM CoachVille support from alumni, instructors, leadership and current students.

Why join The Year of Becoming 21 Day Challenge?

Because if you really play, you may have amazing results!

You will see the rightenss and wonder of your last decade, even in the challenging days.

You will honor who you’ve become so you see a clear path to what is next in 2020 and beyond.

Discover your hidden superpowers and strengths.

Bring understanding and compassion to your past.

Bring the Spirit of Play back to your life. Your creativity, resoursefulness ad resiliency will thrive.

Create a plan in a powerful community of profoud beloning with people in the pursuit of human greatness.

Acknowledge how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown in the past decade.

Release some tolerations. 

Make space for what is next.

Count Down to 2020!