Play Life - 5 - Reinvent Your Self Through Play

How can you transform work into play?

“To be exposed when you are performing is where your true strength resides.”
– Michael Port

To fulfill your dream you need to grow. You are not stuck being the way you are. You can literally invent a new version of your Self through play. Young humans do it every day. But this is where it gets sticky because in the Industrial Age people were told that work is the way we achieve our goals. “Put your head down and work” is really bad advice!

Play brings out our most essential, most human, qualities like curiosity, creativity, resourcefulness, resilience, self-expression, collaboration, an exploration. This is the stuff that fulfilled dreams are made of! You can play your way to success.

“Play Safe” Body Belief: “It is not safe for me to play. I must work!”

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